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Discussion in 'Fan Zone' started by khiladi, Nov 13, 2013.

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    Another couple of losses on old JG's resume should result in a huge contract extension.

    Remember Jerry extends underperforming people. ;)
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    Ya know one thing I leaned the hard way is one cannot just turn off being a Cowboys fan. When we signed El Dorado I swore I would not root for the boys, would not support em one bit. I found myself watching every game, and even once or twice I cheered when El Dorado did something good.

    I look at this team and think its the same thing. I am not going to worry to much about it. I am not going to let a loss ruin my evening. I still watch and grimace and then forget about it. It hurt watching that crap last sunday. But I also recall Staubachs cowboys getting drilled by the Hapless cardinals or someone like that, Aikmans Cowboys laid about three eggs like that crap sunday night. I dont know if its an aberration or a sign of the times. I expect close to 500 ball from Jones Cowboys. Period. Hes a middle of the road owner and a bad GM. To be a Cowboys fan means accepting mediocrity. Like it or not thats how I see it. At least we are not the Browns and Bengals fans of the 3-4 wins a year catagory.

    THe Boys are Ho-Hum. Good players that can make great plays here or there, but I just dont see any sustained high level play out of anyone.

    So heres to being a Cowboys fan, we are an average team at best and thats as good as it will ever get with jones at the helm. Lets hope it does not get worse.
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  3. khiladi

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    Going by Garrett's track record, expect tenure ship from JJ...
  4. dupree89

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    this website is very therapeutic. My God, I was on here til 2AM or so, chatting with other fine Dallas Cowboy fans. Later at night, this place is a riot. o_O
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    Wow, poor guy, he eventually turned into Kiffin.
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  6. dupree89

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    LOLOL :D
  7. CATCH17

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    If there was a game this Sunday I wouldn't watch it unless it was the last thing to do.

    I'm sick of their crap.
  8. zrinkill

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    Average Zoner - I wish Jerry would get out of the way and let the coaches coach.

    Average Zoner after loss - Why is Jerry not firing everyone ....... Do something Jerry!!!!
  9. dupree89

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    WOW! Is this true?? I thought I was a big fan....covering my house in Cowboys stuff and naming my last cocker spaniel "DALLAS" and this one "COWBOY". But I cant come close to what you did my friend.

    lol You actually moved closer to Dallas so you could go to every home game? That is a good job by you.
    But I must ask, how's the family adjusted???
  10. stasheroo

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    It would be a much shorter period of time for sure.
  11. theebs

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    Hey that's great man. I am glad you feel that way.

    When I first started watching the cowboys they were bad also, 1983. In fact in the entire time I have been a fan we really have only been a great team in 91,92 and 93. From 83-89 it was a pretty average to bad tea and since 96 it has been average to bad with two excellent seasons thrown in.

    I do go to every game and have since I got here, I am just finally at the point that I am not excited anymore. I dislike everything about the new stadium, I am not a fan of Kiffin or this scheme, I can not stand the jones family. The only things I enjoy at this point are a number of the players and hoping they do well and I love listening to the radio much so that I recorded it every week and save them.

    The jones family and the stadium are such a turn off for me at this point that it is hard to overcome and create the enthusiasm I once had because I know they will not change and it will Take pure luck for them to fix this because they refuse to walk away from football operations.
  12. theebs

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    It's true. I packed up and moved here in February of 03, right behind parcells! Lol

    My family has been fine with it, always have people visiting and we go home at least once a year.

    We were going to move somewhere anyway so we decided on here because my girlfriend/wife wanted to go somewhere warm and I wanted to be a season ticket holder.
  13. dupree89

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    I think you perfectly summed up how a lot of people feel.
  14. dupree89

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    you are the very first person that I have ever heard of (regardless of team or sport) that actually had the onions to do this. Amazing. I am going to be sharing this story offline with some friends.
  15. theebs

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    It's no big deal. I think there are a few other people here who have done the exact same thing if I remember correctly.
  16. dupree89

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    by the way, Parcells has a house not too far from me. He owns a home in Saratoga. I never have crossed paths with him, but a buddy of mine did- either this past summer or the summer before. He saw him in a grocery store and engaged in a little talk with him. He told me he tried to sucker Parcells into agreeing with him about how bad Jerry is for the franchise. But Parcells wouldnt bite.
  17. theebs

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    Ha! He said it right out when he left, "it will be like I was never there"

    Btw I am from central New York and Saratoga is am awesome place. I love going to concerts at spac.
  18. BraveHeartFan

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    Yeah I wasnt sure at all how old you were so I didn't know if you'd been watching since the 70's and had become some what spoiled to success. :)

    I certainly can understand where you're at man. I am not trying to bag on you for it. I think my post might have come off somewhat that way. I'm terrible at wording things properly I suppose.

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