***The Super Duper Swag Johnny Football teen beat thread***

Discussion in 'Draft Zone' started by IAmLegend, May 27, 2013.

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    Yep he has massive hands for his size. I believe Gus Johnson said during the Cotton Bowl that they're like 10.5 inches, which is just a little bigger than mine and I'm 6'5 with pretty big hands. Pretty crazy. Plus, like you said, the size 15 shoes. Sounds like he's due for a growth spurt. I didn't finish growing until 22, I'm sure he could still grow another inch or two in the next couple years.
  2. IAmLegend

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    I think Jerry has stars in his eyes when he thinks about Johnny Football in a Cowboys jersey. He can just see the jerseys flying off the rack and how he'll be the hero for drafting the player that all the fans want him to. That's why I think this is a realistic possibility.

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    Drew was a much, much better passer IMO. I mean, Manziel could improve a great deal in the next few years and perhaps that might be a better comparison but as of now, I think Drew Brees was a much better passer when he came out.
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    Totally agree but if Jerry got in position to pick either JFB or Bridgewater, it has to be Bridgewater, no brainer IMO.
  5. IAmLegend

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    No doubt. Bridgewater is in a class of his own. If he has another great year, I see him being the first pick overall in next years draft, even over Clowney.
  6. IAmLegend

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    Yea Drew was a much better passer coming out of Purdue. He could light it up in college. He fell to the 2nd round based purely on his size and lack of arm strength. If he was 6'3 instead of 6'0, he likely would've been a top 5 pick.
  7. IAmLegend

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    Next year's QB class should be a really good one if underclassmen come out. Early list of top 7 QB's for next years draft are:

    1. Teddy Bridgewater
    2. Johnny Manziel (if he declares)
    3. Tajh Boyd
    4. David Fales
    5. Brett Hundley (if he declares)
    6. Aaron Murray
    7. Logan Thomas
    8. A.J. McCarron
  8. Hardline

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    I would rather have Teddy Football or Tajh Football over Johnny Football.
  9. KB1122

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    "By unnecessary fan and media scrutiny," do you mean reasonable competition for the starting job? B/C I would welcome that kind of unnecessary fan and media scrutiny.
  10. IAmLegend

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  11. Future

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    How is it ridiculous to compare a Heisman trophy winner scrambling QB, to another Heisman trophy winner scrambling QB?

    He's a better passer sure, but Manziel's game is still largely predicated on his ability to run, just like Tebow's. And while he has a better arm, he doesn't have the NFL size of Tebow.

    I'm not saying Manziel is going to suck, but he has some red flags, just like Tebow.
  12. brymatt94

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    [​IMG] Its rare that I'm given a chance to use this.
  13. Letemburn

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    Ehhh..give me Teddy Bridgewater instead. Been watching him ever since louisville started recruiting him. I guess I'm a little bias being a louisville fan, but I see more of a nfl qb in teddy then Johnny football.
  14. ghst187

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    Disagree totally. IMO, I think Manziel's game will translate well to the NFL. Drew Brees has done okay with less than adequate height and without half the scrambling ability Johnny has. Manziel is a very intelligence QB also. He makes the reads, he has precision in his passes. I see potential to become Steve Young, (although he was vastly overrated he was still pretty darned good and I would've taken him if we didn't have Aikman.) Frankly, I'm hoping A&M drops off a little because if Manziel improves on things like arm strength, pocket awareness, and a few other more minor things, he's going to go top 2 picks and we'll have no shot at him if we were willing to take a QB at all. I seriously think he may be a star as a pro. Unless he regresses or just falls off a cliff, don't see how he makes it out of the top 5. He wasn't just the best player in college last year, he was the best player in college the last couple years. I would LOVE to see him in Dallas but doubt it happens. Jerry would like him cuz he will put butts in seats. Exciting player.
  15. T-RO

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    I suspect Manziel's game would translate, but I'm not sure his body will. Wispy, isn't he?

    I say that while I concede: He's managed to stay healthy despite playing against lots of future NFL players in the SEC.

    But dang that guy is more fun to watch than anyone in the sport in quite some time.

    He's like RGIII. You would want to build/customize your offense around him to suit what he does well.
  16. Letemburn

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    Hes only played one season in college...? Where is this extra year you speak of coming from? :p:

    EDIT: I think i see what you meant, lol sorry. Saying that out of everyone, he was the best player to play the past few years? I disagree. I dont think he looked to be a better QB then say...Andrew Luck? Its kind of late, i could probably think of a bit more if i wasnt so tired lol.

    I honestly feel Teddy Bridgewater will be the better NFL qb. The way he moves in the pocket, and his awareness when in the pocket is just amazing. Teddy has the feet to scramble and get away also (not manziel fast, but fast enough), its just he wants to be a pocket QB. He knows that is whats going to get him to the next level.

    Teddy is an amazing talent with GREAT footwork who can make all the throws, and IMO can do more then what you see on tape (scrambling, if needed). Once hes proven (which im not sure he hasnt) to be a great pocket QB, i think you may see a bit more scrambling and running from him. Hes a smart kid, he'll learn when its best for him to take off and run and when to stay in the pocket.
  17. DFWJC

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    The Heisman trophy winner Manziel reminds me most of just may be Charlie Ward

    But Johnny Football can spin it, so he does remind me some of a shorter RG3
  18. Cowboy Brian

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    Unless he falls in the draft it's not doable.
  19. Lodeus

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    That's how I feel.
  20. IAmLegend

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    Eric Crouch? They're almost identical is size and speed. Manziel's more elusive though. And a much better passer.

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