***The Super Duper Swag Johnny Football teen beat thread***

Discussion in 'Draft Zone' started by IAmLegend, May 27, 2013.

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    Curious to see how he performs this year.
  2. DFWJC

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    Teams with top 8-12 QBs are not trading up to spend a high 1st round picks on a QB.

    The one case that I can think of off hand where a team that already had a very good or great QB used a 1st rounder was when Rodgers fell all the way down to Green Bay. Then Rodgers sat for a few years. But that was late in the 1st.
    I guess if Dallas was picking late in the 1st round they could maybe take him if he dropped that far. Then again, if we're picking late in the 1st, the team had a very good year.
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    ABQCOWBOY Moderator Staff Member

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    Steve Young was a much, much better passer then is Manziel, coming out of BYU. Much better.
  4. Cogan

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    Before this team even dreams of drafting a QB, they need to build the offensive/defensive lines. Doug Free tied with King Dunlap with 7 holding penalties last season. The man needs replaced & early in the 2014 draft. The Browns have had their problems, but if you look at how they've built one of the best offensive lines in football completely through the draft, Jerry could do worse than to follow their model. They have two 1st rounders, a high 2nd rounder, a 3rd rounder, & 5th rounder as starters. The Jones boys gave lip service this draft with Frederick, but that's ONE OL the entire 3 day event, including UDFAs.
  5. Lodeus

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    Looks like he got kicked out of the Manning camp because of partying too late.
  6. erod

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    Johnny Lohan strikes again.
  7. IAmLegend

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    Yea he needs to learn how to control himself off the field. He keeps making headlines for all the wrong reasons. He's young and dumb, but that excuse can only be used for so long. It's time for him to man up and handle his responsibilities. A great start would be to get rid of Twitter. It does him no good.
  8. TheFinisher

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    There's 0 chance we draft Manziel. You don't draft a QB round 1 an offseason removed from giving your current QB a 6 year 100 million dollar extension.

    ABQCOWBOY Moderator Staff Member

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    I don't necessarily agree with this. I think the chances are much better that we do draft Manziel now. I never thought Manziel, based on what I have seen to date, was a 1st round pick. Now that he has had some issues and his stock is apparently falling, it's possible that the Cowboys might consider drafting Manziel in a lower round. I can absolutely see that being more of a possibility then the team using a 1st round pick on a player like Manziel.
  10. IAmLegend

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    If we finish 8-8 again, Jason Garrett is fired and we hire Kevin Sumlin from A&M who then drafts his former QB to groom for a couple years. Possible scenario?

  11. Hoofbite

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    You're going to trade up and draft a QB to sit on the bench for half of his rookie contract?

    I would say impossible but I have to keep in mind that Jerry drinks regularly. 99.9% not happening.
  12. Rogah

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    I think he's one of the best, most exciting college QBs I've seen in quite some time. But I just don't see him as a top pro prospect. He's got that great little juke move that confuses college defenders left and right. It's hilarious. Unfortunately for him, that same move will get him killed in the NFL.
  13. RS12

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    Roger Staubach thinks Johnny Manziel can be successful in NFL

    It makes sense that Roger Staubach would be partial to mobile, gun-slingin' quarterbacks because that's how he approached the game both as a Heisman Trophy winner at the Naval Academy and a future Hall of Famer with the Cowboys. It helps explain why he thinks Tony Romocan win a championship, and it also sheds some light on why he's so high on Johnny Manziel's NFL future.

    "I love watching him play," Staubach told Yahoo.com's Frank Schwab. "There's just something about him. He's exciting to watch. You don't have to be 6-5. Drew Brees proved that, and we see it with Russell Wilson. It really about instincts and arm strength. Size, it's being shown, is not imperative if you have those qualities. ..

    "If you take the 32 NFL quarterbacks in just shorts, throwing to targets, you won't be able to say 'This guy is better than this guy,' Staubach continued. "They've got to have that feel, and can make the right play. It's that ability to understand what's happening and make those eight or nine plays that make a difference in a game. Figuring out if a guy has that inside of him is the challenge for NFL scouts."

    From the perspective of mid-September, NFL personnel folks seem to be mixed on Manziel's NFL potential. He's undersized and doesn't have the strongest arm. Then there are the off-field issues. Still, the Texas A&M quarterback has a knack for playing his best when facing the country's top programs.

  14. Cowboy Brian

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    If Manziel hits the Clausen hype of people believing he isn't cut out for the NFL and falls I wouldn't doubt Jerry pulls the trigger on drafting him as early as the late first. If it works out and Johnny Football stayed in Texas and became the next franchise QB of the Dallas Cowboys Jerry would likely have the hottest selling jersey in the league for the foreseeable future, the team would receive even more media coverage and every game would sellout in a heartbeat, plus dozens of high level marketing deals would be easily obtained.... The Dallas Cowboys drafting Johnny Manziel is good for business, and Jerry is a businessman. Plus with Romo there would be very little pressure for Manziel to start early on.
  15. IAmLegend

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    Didn't say I think it will happen or that I wanted it to happen. Just curious if people think it's a realistic possibility. For the record, I hope it doesn't happen. I don't want him on this team. And the more I watch him play, the more I realize how amazing his O-Line is and how many times he's bailed out by his WR Mike Evans by just throwing it up and letting him do all the work and go get it.
  16. RS12

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  17. dart

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    Jonny football is lucky he did not lose the game against Ark plus is lucky he has 6'7" TE - that throw he made to this guy was between 3 defenders - plus there were other throws very questionable

    If Jerry drafts this idiot I am done with the cowboys
  18. tm1119

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    Lol, wow did he do something personal to you or something? He's just a kid playing football, stop taking it so serious. Plus its a 6'5 WR that he threw it up to, and its not a bad Idea if it works every time. That's just good awareness and taking advantage of the weapons you have.
  19. Rogah

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    There's nothing better for business than winning. If Jerry drafted a player to increase jersey sales, then he would be the biggest idiot on the planet.
  20. ghst187

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    he's nothing like Tebow,..and as for translating...he doesn't wilt in the big games or in the biggest moments or in the 4th quarter...so his game should translate well.
    To frame it another way, if Geno Smith can win a single game in the NFL, Manziel should win 10.

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