The Ten Worst U.S. Cities For Traffic Congestion

Discussion in 'Off-topic Zone' started by Doomsday101, Feb 22, 2013.

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    Dallas if up there, even if it's not top 10.

    A good perk is flex-time and/or telecommute to avoid at least some of rush hour - saves gas, wear-and-tear, and nerves. Moderated a fuel-economy forum and many talked about aggressive drivers seemingly wanting to bully drivers that didn't want to speed. I think in most cases, the truth is drivers simply don't give themselves enough time, then do crazy things on the road. If they are not familiar with the route, they are even crazier.

    As bad as being in an area with lots of traffic is, the silver lining is they probably have lots of jobs. ;)
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    Houston is bigger in terms of surface area. It's the biggest city in that regard in the U.S. I think Austin could be on that list though.
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    I thought Philadelphia would be higher. People actually park IN the street there, both on the sides and in the middle. I mean literally, park their car where other cars are supposed to be driving. I was there last year and there are many highly populated streets where there is a makeshift parking lot smack dab in the middle of the street. It's one of the most insane and ridiculous things I've ever seen.
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    We're neighbors dude, I live on Vintage Place off of Bob-O-Link, where are you?
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    my experience as well. I was going to stay there for a month and decided to try and drive to the Mission Inn Hotel & Spa in Riverside to check out its architecture but I got trapped in traffic while making a stop in Whittier and said screw it and just kept driving until I reached Vegas.
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    I'm over closer to Lakewood Viilage and whole foods. Went to Mi Cosina last night. You're north of me towards mockingbird. We use that park at the end of bob o link but south some parallel to the lake. Also use tietze park on skill an with the kids.
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    small world (thats me you've probably heard cussing & screaming on game day)

    BTW, not a fan of MiCocina, like Matts mucho mas
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    All these Zoners living in Lakewood. Wierd and a little creepy.

  9. Signals

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    Sounds like your neighborhood is primed for Homeland Security to show up and create a crime that makes national news. Kinda like the one in Newtown. JK :p:
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    and they speed up in the rain

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