The theory that Garretts offense restricts Romo

Discussion in 'Fan Zone' started by Hoov, Sep 20, 2013.

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    I know there are many posters who beleive that Garretts offense/playbook/playcalling/offensive philosphy etc, etc is horendus and that Romo is an elite QB that is hampered or hindered by Garrett.

    I can agree that the Dallas Cowboys Offense has looked like something is OFF for a while now. To be honest, I dont know exactly what the problem is and I dont think any of us really know much of what is discussed in the weekly meetings and gameplanning sessions. And i dont think any of us really know definitively a whole lot about the playbook - we are left to analyze the game film and make speculations - some of which may be accurate but there is also a whole lot that we cant know because there is a lot of information is not available to us.

    I am not taking sides either way here as to if Garretts Offense is good or bad for tony romo.

    But one thing i have to wonder - if Garrett is such a bad head coach and bad play caller - wouldnt Romo have tried to get out of dallas when his contract was up instead of signing an extension that keeps him playing under Garrett's system ?

    I'm just not sure that the answer to the cowboys offensive woes is as simple as Garretts system sucks.
  2. noshame

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    Isn't this partly Romo's offense for crying out loud? I ordered the coaches film starting this week and I am going to count how many times a receiver has a step on a DB and Tony pulls the ball down, some will be amazed.
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  3. 17yearsandcounting

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    What has changed from the past two seasons of slow paced slog?

    He has $100 million reasons to be here, a sexy wife who works in the metroplex, kids, a house, friends, an established lifestyle.
  4. PA Cowboy Fan

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    I thought once T.O. left this offense was supposed to be Romo friendly.
  5. blackbull

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    Romo is scared to stay in the pocket and look dead into the fire and throw a strike. It's clear if you watch the games multiple times. God bless dvr. Chiefs were sending people from everywhere and Romo was getting rid of the ball faster than he had to. That's why we saw the ground balls one. Garrett's plays aren't the best but Romo is the problem. He wants to escape the pocket too much.
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  6. Aven8

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    He's been running for his life for 3-4 years now, and had his second rib injury in the first dang game! What do you want him to do?
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  7. 17yearsandcounting

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    Yeah, we drafted Frederick...and Romo is still getting completely unblocked guys up the gut a la last season, and the season before, and the season before, and the season before.
  8. Chocolate Lab

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    Conversely, with Tony getting a huge new contract and more power at Valley Ranch this year, do you think Jerry would have assigned a new playcaller if Romo had told him how happy he was with Garrett?
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  9. Aven8

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    We know Fred is smart so hopefully he learned real fast. Not sure there were too many 350lb NT's that moved like a gazelle in the Big 10. I wanted Poe so bad and the majority of the draftniks on here thought he would be a major bust! Could you imagine him now at the 3 technique? Scary.

    I do think our line is better finally, and will hopefully stay healthy all year. On the TD to Dez he could have signed autographs back there he had so much time!
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  10. Hoov

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    That is something to factor in here, and its possible that Romo did push for Jerry to take play calling duties from Garrett. But if that IS the case then one would have to let go of the arguement that Garrett is holding Romo back - at least from this point on.
  11. 17yearsandcounting

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    Is it not the same group of plays? The same dire tempo? Who brought that to the team?
  12. Hoov

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    Well then the original question of why romo would stay in dallas instead of try to play for another team. There are plenty of teams desperate for a good QB who probably would have paid similar to what the cowboys paid him. And players move around all the time in sports, he can afford 2 homes in different cities.
  13. blackbull

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    He could've went elsewhere to play. Save the excuses. He gets paid to look into the eye of the storm. It's too late to say he didn't sign up for this.
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  14. TwentyOne

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    Romo is interessted in a coaching career after his pro days. He made this clear. Thats why he wanted to be more involved in gameplaning.

    His best chance to get into coaching is here in Dallas because he has the best connections here and JJ is his buddy (kind of).
  15. EGG

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    I really don't know what to think, but at times it looks like Romo has become too cautious.
  16. ConstantReboot

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    He isn't escaping the pocket. His getting rid of the ball faster. Romo scrambling to get away from the rush is no longer part of this offense. Thats because its not part of Garrett's playbook. Its not Romo. Its Garrett and his playbook has to go in order for us to make improvements to this offense.
  17. roy31

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    Am I the only one that noticed that it looks like Tony's ribs are restricting him?
  18. CATCH17

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    Garrett's offensive system has wasted several seasons.

    If he is here long term it would be wise to bring in a coordinator with a better system.

    We dont want Callahans system either.
  19. zack

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    Would it kill Garrett/Callahan to put a sprint out package in to get him moving outside the pocket? Even when he was getting killed Garrett hardly did this. The problem is that this offense really doesn't cater to the players strengths.
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  20. Risen Star

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    No offense to the room, but you have to consider the source. You're talking about irrational fans.

    Take a look at Romo's numbers at the end of every year. Know that he's done a lot of that with complete slop up front. Frankly, I think it's amazing how productive the head coach and QB have been without an NFL caliber offensive line.

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