The top five prospects worth watching in today’s Independence Bowl

Discussion in 'Draft Zone' started by super8, Dec 26, 2011.

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    1. DE Quinton Coples: North Carolina (6-6, 285)

    2. OLB Zach Brown: North Carolina (6-2 230)

    3. WR Dwight Jones: North Carolina (6-4 225)

    4. TE Michael Egnew: Missouri (6-6 245)

    5. DT Dominique Hamilton: Missouri (6-5 305)

    Plays the run much stronger than his frame would indicate. He's got a burst off the snap, plays with leverage and extends his long arms. Has the frame to add 15 to 20 pounds and could get some real looks as a 34 nose or even a five-technique if he stays at 305. Either way, if he can stay healthy he looks like an intriguing 34 prospect because of his ability to win vs. the run. If he continues to improve, certainly looks worthy of a pick and a roster spot.
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    Coples.....looks like tarzan plays like the words of the world famous Mel Kiper
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    I agree. Although, he has seemed to turn up the effort level the past few games.
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    Kinda scary cause he is the type that iintrigues jerruh!

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