The trade that will happen

Discussion in 'Fantasy Sports Zone' started by Nors, Jul 23, 2008.

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    We are going to bring in a higher end young QB that has 3-5 years NFL tenure that can push or supplant Brad Johnson.

    Dan Orlovsky is a name to watch for in preseason. He can be the next Matt Schaub/Jake Delehomme with a big preseason.
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    Guess or Source?
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    Is he related to Ty Law?

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    I could have SWORN you were going to say Ricky Santos....whew....
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    I'm more concerned about backup QB than I am about backup WRs. I wouldn't mind a trade if the right player were available.
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    dont know what your seeing, this guy played for the detriot lions,
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    Nors is a northeast guy and Orlovsky is a jobber from UConn.

    Not worth trading for.
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    Is this like the trade that was brining Ty Law to Dallas?
  10. dallasfaniac

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    Ladies and Gentlemen, the next Schaub/Delhomme.

    Career Stats
    7 of 17 - 63 yds - 0 TDs - 0 INTS - 1 sack - 1 fumble - 1 fumble lost - 51.8 QB Rating.
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    Dan Orlovsky QB Detroit Lions
    Height: 6'5' Weight: 230 DOB: 8/18/1983 Age: 24
    Jul. 14, 2008 - 10:43 a.m. ET

    Dan Orlovsky is currently ahead of Drew Stanton as the Lions' second-string quarterback, according to the Detroit News.

    This could be based on experience in the organization, but Stanton's progress has been questioned all off-season. Stanton is more talented and should be given every opportunity to pass Orlovsky in training camp, but he's struggled in practice as a pro.

    Source: Detroit News
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    As soon as I saw the thread starter, I said "Dan Orlovsky".

    Nors. Glad to see that hasn't changed.
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    No :laugh2:
  14. Nors

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    Or the next AJ Feeley
  17. Nors

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    The guy played at Uconn and is a talent, very Matt Schaub like and a player that could come in and play should Romo goes down.

    It's season over with Brad Johnson - JMO. I'l like to Groom another young QB to push Tony some. Detroit has the "Stanton" project to support and apparantly Stanton can't beat him out so Detroit will likely Move him to make Stanton #2.
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    State of the Team: Quarterback

    Detroit has Combined a New Quarterbacks Coach with a Returning Trio of QBs

    By Chrissie Wywrot
    July 14, 2008

    Kitna has personal goals heading into
    2008 that he feels coincide with
    Detroit's team goals for the season.
    (Photo: G. Smith)

    ALLEN PARK, Mich. -- A couple of months after Head Coach Rod Marinelli was hired in January of 2006, the Detroit Lions signed free agent quarterbacks Jon Kitna and Josh McCown (now with the Miami Dolphins) and Kitna ultimately took the reigns as the starting quarterback.

    In his two years with the franchise, Kitna has pieced together the most productive seasons of his career, starting all 32 games and throwing for 4,208 and 4,068 yards, respectively.

    But even though he became just the ninth quarterback in NFL history to accomplish back-to-back 4,000-yard seasons, Kitna wants more than personal statistics throughout his career as a Lion.

    “I think you have to have personal goals, but all my personal goals come along with the team stuff,” he said. “To make a Pro Bowl, your team has to do well. At quarterback, it’s all about wins and losses. You can have great numbers, but if you’re not winning, that’s not going to help you. I want my completion percentage to be above 65-percent this year, I want to have at least a 2-to-1 touchdown-to-interception ratio this year.

    “Those are all goals that all fit within the team goal. If you’re 2-to-1 touchdown-to-interceptions and you have about a 65-percent completion percentage and you make the Pro Bowl, more than likely your team has done pretty well.”


    Obviously Kitna would like to see his team take that next step in Marinelli’s third season as head coach, but – if that happens – it will be along with some changes made to his position.

    Both of Kitna’s seasons in Detroit were played under Mike Martz so now, with the promotion of Jim Colletto to offensive coordinator, there will be a different role for Kitna to play at the quarterback position.

    The quarterback position will have different
    responsibilities under Colletto, one of which
    is having more control in changing plays at
    the line of scrimmage. (Photo: G. Smith)

    “It’s a lot of the same plays; it’s not really new plays or anything like that,” said Kitna. “In the NFL, there are just not a lot of things out there – it’s not like one team’s running a whole bunch of good plays and you don’t know what they are. With the way film is, everybody understands what all the plays are that can get run – there (are just) different ways of calling them.

    “The thing for us is just learning the mechanics of how we’re going to make those plays happen: the procedure things at the line of scrimmage, how to call the plays in the huddle, the cadence, the code words that we’re going to use and things like that – all of that is different.”

    Under Colletto, the primary changes to the quarterback position will be the ability to call plays at the line of scrimmage and a higher number of three- and five-step drops (for the past two seasons, the majority of QB drops have been seven steps).

    The changes will put more control in the hands of the quarterback, making things much different than they were the past two seasons when Martz would map out every play down to the check-down.

    Additionally, Colletto is looking to use far fewer offensive plays than the Lions have the past two seasons so the team will be more precise and be more intricate with what they are doing.

    “When you’re going to do what we’re going to do – the style that we’re going to run our offense – you have to have variation to how you call things,” said Kitna. “Obviously you play the same teams over and over (and) they get used to what they hear. So you have to have different things to call.”


    Heading into training camp, Kitna is the starting quarterback, but there are two other players who are fighting for playing time as well.

    Fourth-year quarterback Dan Orlovsky and second-year quarterback Drew Stanton have been working hard throughout the season to better their skills and prepare for an opportunity leading up to the regular season.

    (L-R) Orlovsky, Kitna and Stanton all have the same
    engrained desire to lead and to win.

    “What I’ve been focusing on the past few years is the preseason,” said Orlovsky. “I know this preseason is the most important in my career, being the last year of my contract and being in the situation we are at the position.

    “I know it’s a huge preseason for me and that’s my mindset going home (before training camp) is really just preparing my body and my mind to have the best possible preseason I can have for my future and for whatever role I’m going to play in this organization.”

    Both Orlovsky and Stanton are relatively unknown from an on-the-field standpoint in Detroit.

    Orlovsky has had playing opportunities during the preseason, but wasn’t able to play past the first preseason game of 2007 after he suffered a sprained toe. Stanton was placed on the Reserve/Injured list during training camp with a knee injury, so he has yet to play in an NFL game.

    “To get the opportunity to come out here and be amongst my teammates on the field (is exciting),” said Stanton at the outset of the offseason program. “(I get to) do what I’m here to do and that’s play football.

    “I’m really excited about the opportunity and (excited) to learn from Jon and Dan and just get used to throwing to these guys and learning the system.”


    Loeffler enters his first season as an NFL
    coach after six years at the University of
    Michigan. (Photo: G. Smith)

    While Kitna is slated as the starter heading into training camp, the preseason will be important for both Orlovsky and Stanton because – currently – no second or third roles have been determined.

    Both quarterbacks have put in significant time throughout the offseason in the weight room and on the field with newly-named quarterbacks coach Scot Loeffler to perfect their techniques heading into training camp.

    “(Loeffler is) young, he’s energetic, and the biggest thing is: he knows his stuff,” said Orlovsky. “So you’re instantly gaining respect for him and you know you can learn from him. It’s been good. I think he’s going to have a bright career.”

    Stanton is particularly pleased with Loeffler’s emphasis on technique.

    “The great thing about Scot is he’s so detailed – even down to how he wants us to be able to hand the ball off in our run courses and stuff like that – to be consistent and precise,” said Stanton. “I’m really excited about that aspect of his teaching: how he expects so much and perfection in everything that we do.”

    As a first-year NFL coach, Loeffler sees one common factor amongst all three of Detroit’s quarterbacks: a drive to succeed.

    “I really enjoy all three,” he said. “I think they’ve got great leadership skills. (All three of them have) got the fundamentals and talent to be great NFL players. Their work ethic and their passion to become great is outstanding and they’re everything I envisioned pro quarterbacks being. They want to be great pros.”


    Regardless of who ends up in what role, this will be a significant season for Kitna, Orlovsky and Stanton.

    Stanton is ready to participate on the practice field for the duration of the season and hopes that will translate into playing time on Sundays.

    “You appreciate his toughness; his passion to become great and he’s a quarterback that’s got really great arm strength and also has the ability to move,” said Loeffler. “We’ll see. His next year or so is going to be really big for his development in my opinion.”

    Orlovsky is hoping this will be a pivotal year in his NFL career in which he can prove himself from an on-the-field standpoint.

    “I think it’s tough to (gauge growth as a quarterback without playing in a live game),” said Orlovsky. “Everyone looks good in shorts. It’s a 16-week season so a lot of guys can come up, play well for two or three weeks and plummet. Then a lot of guys can struggle and rise. It’s just trying to maintain consistency over 16 weeks. You can tell if a guy has potential.

    “I can say to myself, ‘I really think I can play’ but until I have the chance to do it and then do it consistently, it’s just talk.”

    For Kitna, this is a year he is looking to succeed from a team standpoint. After last year’s brush with the playoffs, the team and the City of Detroit are hungry to reach that ultimate goal and Kitna wants to help the Lions deliver.
    “I think the beginning of last year is really who we were,” said Kitna.

    “Unfortunately, we just (hadn’t) learned how to play in the playoff push yet. So, now, having been through that, hopefully we learned some lessons and I think every guy that we added has been to the playoffs, free agent-wise, and that’s a big deal.”
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    yeah but Nors, this guy has hardly no NFL experience, and remember that Jerry Jones said that if the Cowboys get a QB in preseason, it will be a veteran with some experience.

    I just dont see it, I think its Chris Simms.

    At least we have heard that from espn etc, do you have the source that shows the cowboys are interested in him Nors, i just dont see it.
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    Is this guy as good as Bledsoe?

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