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    How much money were they offering....Now a days the lowest paid NFLplayer makes way more than the highest paid CFL player....I heard Ricky was only gonna make like 75,000
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    I can't remember... but it was a whole, whole lot for the canadian football league. Clearly more than he expected Dallas to give him as the #1 pick overall.

    Not much for nowdays... but more than usual for back then. The Argonauts owner thought he would bring instant respectability to the CFL... but instead the opposite happened and the CFL brought Ismail's reputation down.

    Everyone was saying that to be the best, you want to compete against the best... and that was, is and always will be the NFL. He eventually played here of course... but somehow I just don't think his NFL career was what it should've been because he spent the first 5 or so years up North.

    I remember everything was Rocket this and Rocket that when he was at Notre Dame... then once he went to Canada, it was like he fell off the face of the football Earth. At least here in the states. By the time he came back... the "Ismail Mania" was over and all the endorsements opportunities he would've had were gone.

    It was like Tiger Woods deciding to play tennis for a lot of money. He just got left behind in the sporting world and was out of the publics conciousness for half a decade.

    As a Cowboy fan, I would've loved to see what Jimmy Johnson could've done with him on that early 90's team we had.
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    Its funny how instead of playing for the Cowboys in the glory days he played for them when theywere going 5-11
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    5 mil ayear!!!!
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    At the time the owner of the Argonauts offered him about TWICE what he would have made in the NFL. For a little guy who had to consider that he was always one injury away from retirment, its something to consider. I agree he dropped off the face of the earth. Also, JJ made it clear that Rocket would be doing a lot of special teams and that he would probably be at best the #3 WR, maybe #2. Rocket wanted to prove he was a #1 WR, not just a kick and punt returner. So there reasons for what he did. I for one never thought he would last as long in the pros as he did- I thought he was too small and would take too many hits.
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    And that was before the salary cap and such as well. Pretty BIG money.
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    The trade was over-hyped and boiled down to one player: Emmitt Smith. Without him the Cowboys wouldn't have won three Superbowls. Herschel was a great running back, but the Cowboys' offensive line fit Emmitt Smith perfectly and vice versa. Emmitt and Norv turned those guys pro-bowlers. Pup and Woody were important, but Dallas would have drafted a cornerback regardless and James Washington and Thomas Everett were solid enough.

    If Minnesota's coaches and management could have pushed their egos out of the way they would have used Herschel Walker correctly and gone deep into the playoffs.
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    The year was 1991.

    The Cowboys came into the RFK with a 6-5 record. The Redskins were 11-0 and talking about an undefeated season.

    Jimmy Johnson knew the Skins had the better team, but he threw caution to the wind. He executed on-side kicks. He authored a successful Hail Mary pass before the end of half, giving the Cowboys a 14-7 lead. He continued to throw to Michael Irvin, who was covered by the great Darrell Green.

    Then when Aikman went out with an injured knee, Johnson did not alter his game-plan with Steve Beuerlin. He kept on attacking the Skins.

    John Madden remarked that it was the best coaching job he had ever seen.

    The Cowboys won the remainder of their games to go 11-5. They beat Chicago at Soldier Field in a wild card game and then got hammered by the Lions 34-6 in the divisional playoff game.

    Johnson was hot because his secondary got torched. He vowed that would never happen again, and that led to the drafting of Darren Woodson and Kevin Smith and the additions of Thomas Everett, a ball-hawking safety from the Pittsburgh Steelers, and James Washington, formerly of the LA Rams.

    The next year, the Cowboys won the Super Bowl.
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    With respect to the Rocket deal, I think Rocket was already going to the CFL before the Cowboys acquired the No. 1 overall pick. I think that's the reason the Pats agreed to the trade.

    It wasn't a sure thing that Rocket was going to excel in the NFL. There were still questions about his height and whether he was a refined wide receiver. And some doubted whether a kick-return specialist should go No. 1 overall.

    I think Jerry Jones was trying to talk Rocket out of going to the CFL, but I think the monetary package the CFL was offering was too much to overcome even for Jones.
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    Yeah... I remember. That wasn't the game I was talking about though.

    Unfortunatley, I vividly remember the Detroit playoff game. I thought we'd beat them for sure. Playing Chicago at Soldier Field seemed like the harder game to me. Unfortunately, Wayne Fontes had a great gameplan against us and we simply couldn't stop the short passing game. We stopped Sanders for the most part... but that opened up the passing game so much that we never really stood a chance.

    Thinking back to Thomas Everett... he really was a good safety for us. We could really use someone like him now. In my mind, I kind of forget about some of the role players on those great early 90's teams... but they were some good players too. I think they seemed better than they really were (ala Alvin Harper) because of the great team around them and just plain old fashioned team chemistry... but they were still good players.
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    You may be right... but I really thought we traded for the first overall pick prior to Rocket's commitment to the CFL. It seems like I remember people talking about that being why you don't make trades in the draft too early. I thought that Jimmy and Jerry were really surprised he made the choice to go to the Argonauts and had to scramble to decide who to pick since there wasn't a clear-cut number 1 pick with Ismail out of the picture. They settled for Maryland who, while a safe pick with high character, was far from spectacular and only a fraction of the player that Cortez Kennedy was the previous draft in 1990. Kennedy was picked 3rd overall I think.

    I remember it going like this in 1990:
    1. Jeff George to Indy
    2. Blair Thomas to the Jets
    3. Cortez Kennedy to Seattle
    4. Keith McCants to Tampa
    5. Junior Seau to San Diego

    The 1991 draft went like this:
    1. Russell Maryland to Dallas
    2. Eric Turner to Cleveland
    3. Bruce Pickens to Atlanta
    4. Mike Croel to Denver
    5. Todd Light to the Rams

    With Ismail in Canada, the top of the 1991 draft was one of the weakest in recent memory. Of those top 5... only Maryland did anything of note and he was at best solid. There were some monumental busts out of that first round. Todd Marinovich, Charles McRae, Antone Davis, Pat Harlow, Dan McGwire, Huey Richardson, and Stanley Richard just to name a few.

    Still, 1991 was a good year for Dallas as Jimmy got a whole lot of contributors in that draft.

    Alvin Harper
    Dixon Edwards
    Godfrey Myles (one of my favorite role players)
    Eric Williams
    Leon Lett
    Larry Brown

    Jimmy did miss some though with picks like:
    James Richards
    Curvin Richards
    Bill Musgrave
    Tony Hill
    Kevin Harris
    Darrick Brownlow
    Mike Sullivan
    Damon Mays
    Sean Love
    Tony Boles

    Seventeen picks that year and 7 players who were worth keeping for any length of time. Some were huge picks like Lett, Williams and Brown. Other's were about what were expected like Maryland, Harper, Edwards and Myles. This group showed that while the draft was weak at the top... some very good players could be found later on.

    Overall, it was a good haul for Dallas, but it could've been better I think with 17 picks.
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    That's a great post there Asthma, really shows that the hallowed ground Johnson walketh uponith had a few chuck holes along the way. It's something alot of folks should think about everytime they want to bring up Parcell's failures in drafting offensive lineman. They all miss a larger amount of time than they hit.
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    Yep... they all miss about more than they hit. That's the thing about Jimmy's time here... he just had so many picks. And with Troy, Michael and Emmitt in Dallas and already having Mark Tuinie, Kevin Gogan, Nate Newton, John Gesek, Jim Jeffcoat, et. al., he only needed to find a group of role players.

    Of course he found some very good players like Eric Williams, Leon Lett, Daryl Johnston, Tony Tolbert and brought in key players via plan B like Novacek and Tony Casillas.

    Jimmy and Jerry have to get credit for fleecing the Vikings out of 3 drafts though, so the reason they had all those picks was their own doing. That and that the team he inherited was a bad one and so had top ten picks for the first couple of years.
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    I NEVER get tired of reading about that trade!

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