The Trends: A story of Jerry Jones, The Garrett's, Parcells, Gruden, Lovie & Monte.

Discussion in 'Fan Zone' started by AKATheRake, Jan 22, 2013.

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    Ever think maybe Garrett is tired of everything? Wouldn't most coaches be with all of this ownership meddling. Changing your process to success? There will be some denying the meddling because it is a GM's job to work on personnel changes, but it's still ownership meddling with a GM title.

    Ever think maybe Jerry and Red have made an agreement already or are near finalizing one like Parcells and Jerry did in the past?

    Remember the timing on that decision? Remember how Parcells was a part in hiring the new HC to replace him?

    Interviewing assitant coaches is important but the HC, especially with our personnel structure, should be looking at players. Isn't that how Jerry said we were structured? Right?

    That's why this is awkward. Jason Garrett now sitting in a hotel interviewing assistants and not evaluating players?

    Defensively, the 2 new prominent coaches (Kiffin, Marinelli) have either worked for and/or with Lovie Smith in the past and have very strong relationships with him.

    Offensively, Callahan with Gruden obviously. But when you look at who we may be interested for OC, Hue Jackson and Tice both come up. Those are 2 guys with huge Lovie Smith relationships.

    Now I'm not trying to brew up rumours, but Caldwell is going to be with the Ravens and Greg Roman from the 49er's isn't going to take a lateral move. I also can't see him being a HC target for Jerry and neither are obviously going to be our new OC.

    Thus, why wait this long to decide who is going to be the OC? Especially if Callahan is already the OC? Why hasn't Garrett and Jerry still not concluded who is going to be calling the offensive plays? Jason's words exactly.

    Why all of a sudden do we hear squat from Jason Garrett until today? The reports of him having to get rid of his brother was right. The reports of Rob Ryan going to be a firing target were right. The Monte Kiffin and Rod Marinelli reports have been dead on right. Apparently the reports on us having a new offensive player caller have been right because Jason has just confirmed he will not be calling the plays.

    None of these changes are Jason Garrett changes, they are all coaching personnel and system changes made by GM Jerry Jones that all point in the direction of staff and philosphy. Staff and philosophy that 2 men in the recent past have utilized. J

    on Gruden and Lovie Smith. If you remove Callahan from the equation, more so Lovie Smith. If you keep Callahan in the equation, Jon Gruden.

    When you look at all of this, how do you conclude this being Jason Garrett's process? His process/plan has totally been dismantled and suddenly there's this new philosphy, defensive coaching staff and speculative offensive coaching staff that seem to be collectively coming together. The moves do mesh with the speculative ones.

    But Jerry is ring mastering who will all work well together and they are all agreeing to come here to work for Jason Garrett? With Jerry creating this whole coaching staff and systematic philosophy himself? Really?

    Yeah, I heard Monte Kiffin saying Garrett's a great guy, he didn't say coach. Also how it's a great opportunity to work for the Jones family but not this great GM or system. Monte made absolutely no concessions about either of these guys football pedigree and it is very common for a coordinator to mention working under a great coach and/or system.

    There's definitely outside people and there's definitely 1 particular outside visionary with football pedigree telling Jerry this is the collage of coaching talent available that would work with a specific system and successful philosophy. Jason Garrett is not looking to be the next SB Tampa Bay Buccaneer's/Raiders or the Chicago Bears of this last decade. It's not his philosphy and it's not what his vision ever would be. He was going to try and be what the Cowboys used to be with modern talent sprinkled in with some Nick Saban. Yeah, obviously the ability to create more turnovers is a philosophy he would agree with, any coach would and that's all Garrett has been able to say about the systematic and coaching changes. Not even that monte Kiffin is indeed that coach to help us do that. Most coaches making that choice would say that.

    From the way it looks at this point, Garrett would just be a figure head and these coaches are not his guys. Only Wade Wilson, maybe Callahan, but they either worked for Gruden or Lovie in the past anyways. It's not Garrett's philosphy and therefore he would have very little impact moving forward. Whether he is on his way out will not hurt this team any worse at this point, this is my opinion of course and others are entitled to theirs.

    I really don't think Jason Garrett's job is secure and I don't believe as much as I'm hearing on this board that he will definitely be back as our Head Coach once the season begins. There's too much indicating that there are other possibilities.

    Of course I may be wrong but this guys being puppeted more than any other HC that has worked under Jerry with due respect to Campo in that respect. I don't think Red's weak enough to drink this Kool Aid but I do think he respects this organization enough, as it has employed him and members of his family. Therefore he may have already cut a fair deal with Jerry considering his current circumstances and the respect he has for the organization. He may already be generously acting as the assertive professional that he is, while helping this team throughout it's next transition, knowing he won't be the HC. Like Parcells did.

    Despite Jerry's style.

    Garrett will need Jerry's recommendation and regardless of what we may or may not think of Jerry, his opinion does mean something in the NFL and college ranks. Huge something.

    I truly think Jerry is going to bring in Lovie Smith or Jon Gruden, despite him saying he won't coach this year. We've heard a lot of coaching candidates go back on their word this season.

    I may be wrong, that's fair, but there's definitely more smoke leading to a fire than a lot of loyal fans have been admitting to.

    I think Jerry has already or is making a strong push to lure either Jon Gruden or Lovie Smith as his next head coach. All of these new components are integral parts of the football environments they have historically worked with. They do cater to their football philosphies and that's why I think Garrett is on his way elsewhere.

    Do you believe Garrett is definitely going to be Cowboys HC this coming season? Or is there a decent chance it's someone else on the horizon?
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    Nothing really surprises me with the falseface. Jason had to know what he was getting into when he signed up.
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    i believe i seriously screwed up in another life to have to continue to read this over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over again.
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    At least the OP was a thoughtful post about the football team and not just another post griping about other posters.
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    You lost me at "have to."
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    Call me crazy but I think there may be something to this.
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    So you're saying there's a method to the old man's madness.
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    Listen to Garrett today. It sounds like he doesn't even know what they're going to do on the offensive side of the ball.

    Now apparently Callahan is going to call the plays and implement variations of his WCO.

    I just can`t see an NFL football HC running a coaching staff and the players like this unless the guys a care taker at this point.

    If this is not a Jon Gruden staff I don`t know what is.
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    That was a well, thought out post. I agree that these moves don't make much sense. Jerry is either stacking the deck to give Garrett one last season to win or something is in the works now.

    I don't know what to make of it right now, but something is amiss.
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    I`m saying his madness leads to Jon Gruden if Callahan is now calling the offense and dictating it`s system.

    If hue Jackson or Tice come, which it sounds like it`s Callahan anyways, then this all leads to Lovie Smith.

    Jason Garrett`s only self hires at this point are Wade wilson and Callahan who have worked for either Lovie or Gruden anyways.

    Robinson has just been reported as safe regardless of who the OC is. Jerry or new OC`s guy at that point. Makes sense because been one of the best at what he does wherever he`s been anyways.

    I do feel bad for Garrett, but he`s better off ending this as it is inevitable. He should try and make a deal with Jerry and resign, if he hasn`t already.

    Jerry obviously has someone else in mind.
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    Jerry may have underestimated how hard it is to get someone to quit a $5 million per year job. ;)
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    I'll give Jerry one thing in all this. He's managed yet again to steal the spotlight in super bowl week while still posting the usual mediocre results. The man is a magician.
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    Well it's your fault in this if you read the whole thing.
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    i didn't have to. i've read it all before.
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    You forgot the important fact that Lacewell said that they tried it Garrett's way and it didn't work. Under what premise are people arguing Garrett had no control, when Jerry is pretty much revamping the entire staff?

    That would indicate they gave JG enough time to get things done and he sank the ship.
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    Why? He started to run the ball right after Wade was fired... Wade wasn't interfering with his play-calling then. Jason had no problems taking the Head Coaching position at Dallas. He had no problems getting credit for the success of the 2007 offense when Tony Sparano was calling the plays.

    Jason had no problems waiting in line for the HC position with the Cowboys, instead of taking the Ravens and Atlanta job.
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    You're right. Same. Way he got it is basically he same way he may be coming out of it.

    But he did apply for HC then and he did get hired prior to the HC then.

    His old man is one of our long time better scouts too. Jason was a player for us too.

    Been a long term relationship.
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    I read the first line and that is about it. any accurate reporting out of Valley Ranch says that the Cowboys do everything by committee so JG is heavily involved in all aspects of coaching this team. To say that JJ is dictating to JG who is going to be hired is a blatant. So as far of as the OP is concerned his premise is based on bad/faulty information which renders his whole post false.
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    More like your whole post is just an opinionated statement with not much backing it.

    So basically you`re under the belief that all these decisions are Jason Garrett decisions and that Jerry Jones has not mandated any of these changes.

    I guess the multiple reports and videos of Jerry Jones outright saying he`s going to make Valley Ranch uncomfortable and changes are to come are figments of everyones imagination.

    So it was Jason Garrett that fired Rob Ryan I guess. It wa Jason Garrett who wanted to fire his own brother too. Oh that`s right, Jason Garrett does not want to call the offensive plays also. It`s also Jason garrett`s decision to stay in a hotel and interview assistants for Bill Callahan`s offense as opposed to evaluating college talent while at the senior bowl. Right.

    Buddy, go read and inform yourself prior to judging whats accurate or not before making a hollow opinon based statement that is clearly innacurate about my post. There`s a lot of information that my post was based off of.

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