The Truth about Jimmy..

Discussion in 'Fan Zone' started by alsmith, Nov 10, 2012.

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    Jimmy did a great job coaching using fear, just as H.S. coaches use today and college coaches use today, because the players have no choice in the matter, but in the NFL that will not work with the NFL players anymore, as for players just release them and another team will be glad to pick them up and play and pay them.

    Remember, for those who have forgotten, Jimmy the great, he did not want QB Troy as the QB, he wanted QB Walsh from Miami as his QB, and Jimmy the great, he did not want RB Emmitt, he said he was to small and slow, he wanted to draft a LB that was drafted just ahead of his pick, ahead of him and Jimmy had to be talked into taking Emmitt.

    So as for how great he was, yes he was a very good coach but he also proved in Miami that his coaching style and his system does not and will not work in this Free Agent area, known as today's NFL, that is and was the reason he QUIT coaching, he knew it then and now because players would not take the abuse that he shovel out, as he even said he was too hard on the players and the players today, forget about it.

    Why do you think Jimmy would not come back to coaching, he has enough ego of him in him, not to want to destroy his image, remember he a legend in his own mind, and yes he did win here and thank you Jimmy and Jerry for the SB wins together but your ego Jimmy got in your own way and it still shows today, is that enough credit for him..

    Jimmy you did something that people should never do,,, you disrespected your boss, instead of saying we build this team, as so for you and the players that was signed, and to give the man that sign those big checks as the owner and GM and scouts that took those trips and people that worked hard to put all that info together for you and coaches,

    Jimmy you totally disrespected the man who took a chance on you, Jerry was told not to because of Jimmy big ego, other teams would not touch him because of that, but Jimmy you totally disrespect him the owner in a bar in front of friends and other coaches, by the way I would have FIRED your a-s-s too.

    Remember with Jimmy its all or none, and he has more than enough of him for everyone..
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    There is some truth to what you wrote, but Jerry did not take a chance on Jimmy, Jimmy was in high demand in the NFL and would have had other opportunities in the NFL as a headcoach if Jerry did not hire him.

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    I'm very grateful that someone started another thread about this. :rolleyes:
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    I'm glad we got Jimmy the great. Jerry wouldn't be able to claim " How about them three SBs" to this day.
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    If life were black and white your words would be spot on. But it is not.

    The fact so often missed is Jimmy treated different players in different manners. He studied psychology and continually was reading books on the subject to find the motivational tool designed for each individual.

    The asthma field player would have been cut anyway. But the public humiliation after uttering that comment was a tool Jimmy used to scare the fringe players that all teams have.

    He took Haley into the restroom during halftime of the Denver Bronco road game in 92 and flushed the toilet and told him this is where his career was headed if Haley didn't stop jacking around.

    True field generals would still be awe inspiring no matter what the rules.

    To suggest a motivated Jimmy Johnson couldn't scare the crap out of players on this team ignores that true leaders inspire in many way.

    Parcels came in and scared the crapola out of the players when he got here.

    The salary cap was in place then.

    This team does not have a true leader in management.

    They surely don't as a head coach.

    Huckleberry Jones can run a business. But that doesn't mean he can structure a team where men will give everything they have for him because of fear or respect or both.

    There is no way to soft soap the fact that this team is rudderless. No matter how many prose are written about the leadership filled with smart sounding excuses.


    As a last note the Aikman story was semi true. But what is left out of that story is this.

    Jimmy had a problem. The 1990 season did not end well. The team under achieved in his mind and part of that was his relationship with Aikman. Troy was making noises about being traded. He did not like Jimmy's style.

    Jimmy threw an end of the season party at his house. It may have been mandatory. Hambricks would have missed that party.

    Aikman showed and was intent on leaving early. (This is the story Troy told, not Jimmy)

    Like most parties the guests were asked to toss their coats on the bed in a spare bedroom. Aikman did so.

    He hung around and finally felt he stayed long enough, so he retrieved his coat. But his car keys were missing.

    He mentioned this to Jimmy who helped him look for them.

    People began to leave and Jimmy kept excusing himself to say goodbye to his guests. He promised Troy he'd help him find the keys when everyone left.

    Once the party was cleared out Troy approached him. He felt uncomfortable being alone with Jimmy since he distrusted him.

    Jimmy said they should have a beer and chat. So they did.

    Jimmy opened up to Troy that he needed him to be a leader and the team would not win without him.

    They patched up their differences that afternoon and the rest became history.

    The end of this story is once they became sympatico Jimmy pulled Troy's keys from his pocket. He had them all along.

    Frankly any story about Jimmy not being able to handle the players today is ridiculous to me.
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    Great coach at the perfect time for his style of coaching and to fully utilize his best abilities.

    You can't scare or bully the majority of the players in this league anymore due to the cap and such. That tactic simply wouldn't work.

    Jimmy would probably find another way to be pretty effective and still win games but I doubt that he'd ever be anywhere as good as what he once was.

    Which really doesn't matter either way because the guy is never going to coach anyone again, let alone Dallas.
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    So the coach of the NY Giants set a standard that if you were not at a meeting 5 minutes before it started you'd be fined and the team erupted.

    Then they shut the heck up and won several SBs.

    I guess those players are different than the ones Dallas has and the rest of the league.

    If you think Belichik and Shanahan and the head coach pof the 9ers and ravens aren't crack the whip coaches, then continue to believe there is no hope for teaching discipli9ne to this team.
  9. BraveHeartFan

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    There is a hope for disipline. With out a doubt.

    And yest you can fine these guys for being late at meetings and get them to show up on time. Without question.

    But if you want to send a message that a highly paid WR is screwing up and not pulling his weight you're not going to make that guy fear you cutting him or taking his job because the cap penalties simply won't allow it.

    A lot of what Johnson could do by just cutting people won't work now. Could he cut a 3rd string runningback to try and make a point. Sure he could. WOuld it have the impact it used to? Absolutely not.

    You know why? Because that first string guy making millions knows damn well that due to the cap problems he isn't getting cut. That point would be moot as hell as the majority of the league now.

    Completely different game now with all the other things involved. Doesn't mean you can't have disipline or get to guys in other ways, cause you can, but being a guy who makes people afraid of you? Lol. No chance.

    Bill Parcells doesn't make people fear him anymore either and thats one of the biggest reasons he was never as successful as he once had been.

    Still a good coach, who still made a difference, but never the same.
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    Look at how Dez acts when he doesn't get the ball.

    Now sit him for a game.

    Jimmy never cut an important player.

    But he did discipline them.
  11. BraveHeartFan

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    Yeah that one series he made Irvin sit out against Detroit because he missed the flight. Gosh that was serious business there. Probably terrified people to no end. lol
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    At least Jimmy may have...repeat....may have...ben able to stop Jerry from the Roy Williams trade, the T.O. signing, or any other "great" deals that never panned out that Jerry made and / or approved.

    I've mad my negative comments about Jimmy, and I made my positive ones.
    But they both accomplished something for a time that was great and could have been better. But both persons big egos made that come to an abrupt early ending.

    People can guess, have their own opinions one way or another, and no one is right or wrong. All this crap is almost 20 years old now, and means nothing, absolutely nothing, as far as peoples opinion go.

    Be happy and pround of the 3 SB's in 4 years, no matter who you want to give credit to, or blame for the was both for the success and both for the break up.

    And once the salary cap kicked in, and players leaving, aging, no one knows if the success would have continued.

    These past 16 years right now, mean nothing to me too. People will use that as to hate JJ or the team, or think it will continue. Thing is, we don't know that either. I'm just looking forward to beat the Eagles and see where they go from there.
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    Quote (There is some truth to what you wrote, but Jerry did not take a chance on Jimmy, Jimmy was in high demand in the NFL and would have had other opportunities in the NFL as a headcoach if Jerry did not hire him).

    Jimmy was not in great demand as a coach coming out of college, the word around the NFL with GM and Owners, was not to hire him because of his BIG EGO, you could not control him and that the truth..

    As for FEAR people feared Jimmy he treated his players bad, yes some of them love him and he had his favorites but Jimmy treated the players very bad and was very hard on them, he even admits this now, he even left Troy and Micheal at the airport, jimmy even admits this today in interviews,

    That type of coaching is great in college and H.S. and back then, but it will not worked with players today in the NFL.. You can not cut players in this high price era because it will set your team back for years and they know it, but even if you do, they will get paid anyway, so chose your poison..
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    NYC - One thing we do know for sure is that Wade's and Jason's soft ways def dont work with this team.

    Edit - open full quote for full reply
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    I'll concede Jimmy had his faults

    He has a real ego that prevents him from FAIL for 16 seasons and counting. ;)
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    You don't think Belechick uses some element of fear to run his team? All leaders regardless of the indusrty use the "fear of replacement" to keep their people motivated. Without that element individuals start to feel that they are entitled to what they have rather than having earned it.

    Regardless of Jimmy's method, I loved his results. Jason and Jerry, not so much. As it stands now, Jerry will NEVER be in another SB let alone win one. Unfortunately, time is slowly but surely bearing that out.
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    Can you elaborate some more where you heard this? I thought I heard or read that Jimmy was being looked at by some other NFL teams before he was hired by Jerry.
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    He was. He made it up since it sounds good and strengthens his fan spin agenda.
  20. Dodger12

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    Amazing how over the years the facts and history change to fin into people's opinions, agendas and theories. Only on CZ would someone knock down Jimmy Johnson to prop up Jerry. It's sad, really. But people have been sanitized to believe that coaches don't matter because they've been marginalized under Jerry, with the exception of BP.

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