The Utilization of Jason Witten

Discussion in 'Fan Zone' started by McLovin, Sep 16, 2013.

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    We use Witten so much against the blitz and it is why our qb efficiency is very low versus the blitz. When you blitz Brees, Sproles or Moore give the Saints a chance for chunk yardage or a score. We don't design our offense to get chunk plays from blitz. Even Murray while not the quickest guy in the world runs a low 4.4 and is very fast with a head of steam. Miles is the fastest guy we have if his hamstrings are right.
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    I agree. They need to have Witten running downfield. Also Romo needs to be forced to look at other options because Witten gets so much attention.
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    This is just a great example of a smart, critical post, OP.
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    Agreed, just tired of catch & get tackled. I want the ball in actuall playmakers hands, guys that at moments notice can take it to the house. Witten can't, but I'm cool with RZ targets.
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    I will say this, I dunno how they've planned on utilizing Hanna and Escobar, but a combined 6 receptions for 36 yards makes me wonder if they're seen as a serious part of the offense... or if they just suck.

    I only mention it after seeing Eifert for Cinci last night. Greshem is a Pro Bowl TE, yet Cinci drafts a TE in the 1st round and doesn't seem to hesitate to use him..
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    So the complaint is Witten is used too much, but Dez Bryant, Miles Austin and Demarco Murrary all have more receptions than Witten does so far this season. And just because Witten catches a lot of passes doesn't mean he was the primary target on the play on every single reception. Romo can go through his progressions and then hit Witten as a last second option. Witten has already broken tackles this year, but the same tired whining comes through that he never breaks tackles.
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    I think you missed the point....Witten had 110 receptions last year. And barely half of those went for a 1st down. The argument here is why dedicate pass plays to a player who is not a consistent chain mover (i.e. Gronk, Graham, Gonzalez). I think since Romo and Witten have been together longer than other receivers - its comfortable. the "security blanket" does not stress defenses. Gronk and Graham's last full season they put up near 100 catches for 1300 yards and double digit TDs and >75% 1st down/rec. That extra 300 yards is near a whole offensive game worth of offense. the double digit TDs is 2x -3x the TDs expected from Witten. A large portion of today's offense should be about maximizing big plays.

    Witten was used perfectly in the NYG game, Miles Austin was not used enough in the KC game (and the Dez goalline 1-1).
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    I didn't miss anything. Witten isn't always the guy whom the pass plays are dedicated. I often see him catching passes when he is not the primary option. And looking at last year, Dez finished the season in 14th(138) in targets. Consider that he started off the year poorly, that means the offense went through Dez for much of the last half of the season and not Witten. Miles was in and out of the lineup(still finished in the top 30 in targets with 118), so having Witten around to take up some slack was a good thing. And Dez and Miles still combined for 18 TDs, so the offense is finding ways to get scores out of them. The offense isn't dedicated to Witten. He does get open and he does catch the ball, but the offense is geared to get big plays to Bryant and Austin.

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