the Versatile Quinton Saulsberry

Discussion in 'Draft Zone' started by supercowboy8, Mar 29, 2012.

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    A four-year starter, Saulsberry wasn't highly recruited out of high school, choosing Mississippi State over Memphis. After redshirting in 2007 as a defensive lineman, he transitioned to the offensive side of the ball and earned the starting right tackle job as a redshirt freshman, starting every game in 2008. Saulsberry moved inside to left guard in 2009 as a sophomore, starting all 12 games. He again started every game in 2010 as a junior, starting at right guard (10 starts), center (2 starts) and left guard (1 start). Saulsberry again showed off his versatility in 2011, starting all 13 games at right guard (9 starts) and center (4 starts).

    Saulsberry lacks ideal size and strength and isn?t overpowering, but he makes up for it with his tenacious playing style and feisty, competitive attitude ? takes pride in finishing his blocks. He is a sticky blocker who looks natural pulling and blocking in motion. Saulsberry is versatile with the skill-set and experience to help out at guard, but his size and frame projects him best to center for most teams ? reminiscent of a poor man?s Rodney Hudson and is the best interior line prospect in this class that no one seems to be talking about.

    Seems to be the type of player Garret and Dallas likes late, can play all the spots on the OL if needed and could develop into a starter.

    right guard (19 starts), left guard (13 starts), right tackle (12 starts) and center (6 starts).
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    I love Saulsberry. He's one of my favourite guys in this draft.

    Watch Brockers youtube video vs. Mississippi St. and focus on Saulsberry, G #55. He does great against Brockers.
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    a guy that can play four out of five positions is really nice to have.
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    He'll be a nice pick up in the fifth (or maybe even with the extra fourth rounder). I'm not too high on the other centers.
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    Yeah, this is what I was thinking. Looks like a perfect choice for our extra fourth.
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    There's no way he's ever taking a snap at tackle in the NFL, but he is a very underrated player.
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    I don't think he will ever be a starter at OT. But he could develop into a starter at either OG or center spot. Then if your in a pinch during a game and need a OT he could slide to RT.
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    Yeah, maybe. He's just a little short and slow to have on the outside. Arm length is decent enough. Bottom line, I wouldn't factor his experience at RT into a decision to draft him.

    I've seen most of his games. Guy is football smart and tough. I like him a lot.

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