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The Voice Shake-Up: Cee Lo Green Confirms Exit

Discussion in 'Off-topic Zone' started by WoodysGirl, Feb 19, 2014.

  1. WoodysGirl

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    In an interview set to air on Wednesday’s Ellen DeGeneres Show, the musician/mentor confirmed that he won’t be returning to NBC’s hit singing competition next fall.

    “I’m not coming back at all,” he told DeGeneres, adding, “I’m going to continue my relationship with NBC. I have a television show development deal with them as well and hopefully some other talk show opportunities for later in the year. But yeah, I’m going to miss The Voice, too.”

    The Voice returns with its sixth season on Feb. 24 with original judges Blake Shelton and Adam Levine once again being joined by spring replacements Shakira and Usher.

    More: http://tv.yahoo.com/news/voice-shake-cee-lo-green-confirms-exit-140121436.html
  2. dexternjack

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    That is for the better, he is a creepy, little man who drugs(allegedly) women. Usher is a lot better mentor than him. I am pretty sure this wasn't "his" decision.
  3. KJJ

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    Cee Lo Green and Jamie Dukes must have been separated at birth.

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