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Discussion in 'Draft Zone' started by RealCowboyfan, Apr 22, 2006.

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    a runningback that could help carry the load or maybe just take over, and a Quarterback that the Cowboys could either mold as a backup or maybe even a starter...

    These players im listing could be in the range for the Dallas Cowboys.

    These are my ranked positions

    1. Omar Jacobs-
    [​IMG]:starspin 3rd Round
    OMAR JACOBS MEASURABLES Height: 6-3 [​IMG] Weight: 232 40-yard dash: 4.84 10-yard dash: 1.64 20-yard shuttle: 4.29 60-yard shuttle: Broad jump: 9-0 225-lb. bench: 3-cone drill: 7.47 Vertical jump: 32 [​IMG] Wonderlic: 18 20-yard dash: 2.81

    Has the ideal height and build. Is an outstanding athlete, strong with big hands. Has a strong arm; makes all the necessary NFL throws. Throws a nice deep ball; shows good zip on out routes and can deliver the ball into tight spots. Shows great accuracy and touch on passes. Leads receivers well; hits them in stride and puts them in position for yards after the catch. Throws a catchable ball; works best with short-to-intermediate routes. Is quick and willing to tuck the ball and run. Has terrific speed as a good open-field runner. Shows fine footwork and gets set quickly. Has good pocket awareness; can sidestep traffic and escape pass rushers. Makes good decisions.

    2. Charlie Whitehurst::
    [​IMG] :starspin 3rd Round
    CHARLIE WHITEHURST MEASURABLES Height: 6-4 [​IMG] Weight: 223 40-yard dash: 4.75 10-yard dash: 1.65 20-yard shuttle: 4.11 60-yard shuttle: Broad jump: 9-4 225-lb. bench: 3-cone drill: 7.00 Vertical jump: 33 Wonderlic: 31 20-yard dash: 2.74

    Is tall and sturdy. Sees over offensive linemen and easily spots receivers in open passing windows. Shows the strong arm to make every NFL pass with a high release point. Consistently completes downfield passes and deep-out routes. Is efficient when rolling left or right. Shows nice touch and precision on underneath routes. Sells the run well on play-action fakes. If given time, can pick apart a defense.

    3. Brodie Croyle
    [​IMG] :starspin 3rd Round
    BRODIE CROYLE MEASURABLES Height: 6-2 [​IMG] Weight: 205 40-yard dash: 4.90 10-yard dash: 1.65 20-yard shuttle: 4.25 60-yard shuttle: Broad jump: 8-8 225-lb. bench: 3-cone drill: 7.34 Vertical jump: 30 [​IMG] Wonderlic: 24 20-yard dash: 2.80
    Is a true pocket passer with a good frame. Has room to add bulk. Shows a strong arm with nice touch. Makes all the NFL throws. Can stretch the field vertically and fit passes into tight spaces. Puts outstanding zip on deep outs. Reads defenses well, and shows a quick release. Shows a fast throwing motion to minimize turnovers. Leads receivers well on intermediate and downfield routes. Makes good decisions. Protects the ball.

    4. Reggie McNeal
    [​IMG]:starspin 5th Round

    REGGIE MCNEAL MEASURABLES Height: 6-2 Weight: 198 40-yard dash: 4.35 10-yard dash: 1.56 20-yard shuttle: 4.25 60-yard shuttle: Broad jump: 10-1 225-lb. bench: 3-cone drill: 6.96 Vertical jump: 32 Wonderlic: 14 20-yard dash: 2.59

    Is the most athletic quarterback in the '06 class. Is a big-time running threat. Shows rare speed, acceleration and agility. Is elusive with good vision; always makes initial defenders miss. Drops back quickly; is difficult to contain in the pocket. Makes plays while throwing on the run, and excels at keeping plays alive. Has the arm strength to make all the NFL throws. Can drive the ball downfield and deliver passes into tight spots. Improved as a decision-maker as a senior; had fewer mental breakdowns, fewer turnovers and more production.

    5. Marcus Vick-
    [​IMG] :starspin 7th Round

    MARCUS VICK MEASURABLES Height: 6-0 Weight: 207 40-yard dash: 4.42 10-yard dash: 1.59 20-yard shuttle: 4.08 60-yard shuttle: Broad jump: 9-9 225-lb. bench: 3-cone drill: 6.94 Vertical jump: 36 Wonderlic: 11 20-yard dash: 2.65

    Has elite speed and mobility. Is a big-play threat when on the run and can change the game in one play. Has a good arm and has consistently improved as a passer. Can make the necessary throws with zip.


    1. LenDale White-
    [​IMG]:starspin 1st Round
    LENDALE WHITE MEASURABLES Height: 6-0 [​IMG] Weight: 244 40-yard dash: 4.60

    White can be an every-down back in a run-dominated, physical offense. If not for the presence of Reggie Bush at Southern California, White might have been college football's No. 1 running back in '05. White is a big, physical north-south runner. He is not overly elusive but has great footwork and enough wiggle the turn short runs into big gains. He never fumbles, either. He has a great nose for the goal line and will push the pile or find a crease and burst through. He never might become a good enough receiver to stay on the field on passing downs, but his physical running on first and second down will limit those third-and-long situations. White should be a mid-Round 1 pick if he runs well in pre-draft workouts. Depending on team needs and a team's preference for a big back, White could surprise and be the second running back selected.

    2. Laurence Maroney-

    [​IMG] :starspin 1st Round
    LAURENCE MARONEY MEASURABLES Height: 6-0 [​IMG] Weight: 215 40-yard dash: 4.47 10-yard dash: 20-yard shuttle: 60-yard shuttle: Broad jump: 10-3 225-lb. bench: 21 3-cone drill: Vertical jump: 35 [​IMG] Wonderlic: 30 20-yard dash:

    Chain-moving back is good at everything. Shows the vision to find creases. Has good one-cut ability. Is a creative runner. Has made plenty of big plays. Can elude in the open field. Has good size and can break tackles. Early-eligible junior ran for 1,000 yards in each of his three seasons against tough Big Ten competition. Runs with strength, but he is not a power back. Doesn't move piles very effectively. Needs work in the passing game, both in pass protection and route running.

    3. Jerious Norwood-
    [​IMG] :starspin 5th or 6th Round
    JERIOUS NORWOOD MEASURABLES Height: 5-11 [​IMG] Weight: 206 40-yard dash: 4.33 10-yard dash: 1.47 20-yard shuttle: 4.25 60-yard shuttle: 11.52 Broad jump: 10-2 225-lb. bench: 18 3-cone drill: 6.81 Vertical jump: 36 [​IMG] Wonderlic: 13 20-yard dash: 2.51

    Is a speed back who plays bigger and more physical than his size would indicate. Hits the hole quickly and explodes through it. Makes defenders miss on the second level. Gets to the edge and is a home-run threat. Runs low, hard and will break tackles. Plays with energy. Is not afraid to lower shoulder and deliver a blow. Fights for yardage after contact. As a receiver, shows good hands and makes tough catches on the run. Has great character and work ethic on and off the field.

    4. Mike Bell-
    [​IMG] :starspin Late Round

    MIKE BELL MEASURABLES Height: 6-0 [​IMG] Weight: 221 40-yard dash: 4.60 10-yard dash: 1.55 20-yard shuttle: 4.21 60-yard shuttle: 11.48 Broad jump: 9-4 225-lb. bench: 19 3-cone drill: 7.16 Vertical jump: 31 [​IMG] Wonderlic: 30 20-yard dash: 2.66

    Has the size of a feature back and the frame to get bigger. Is quick to the hole and can reach the corner. Is a slasher who sees the field well, shows patience, waits for openings and accelerates. Is durable and tough. Is a strong blocker. Is a good receiver. Finds soft spots in zone coverage, and shows good hands. Shows concentration to make tough catches on the run. Works hard.

    5. Quinton Ganther-
    [​IMG]:starspin Late Round
    QUINTON GANTHER MEASURABLES Height: 5-9 [​IMG] Weight: 218 40-yard dash: 4.50 10-yard dash: 1.56 20-yard shuttle: 4.32 60-yard shuttle: Broad jump: 9-11 225-lb. bench: 29 3-cone drill: 7.19 Vertical jump: 35 Wonderlic: 15 20-yard dash: 2.62

    Has size, speed and strength. Shows wiggle to make tacklers miss in the open field, and also will drop shoulder and run over defenders. Shows a good burst. Is a productive inside runner -- doesn't hesitate, and has the strength to push the pile in short-yardage situations. As a receiver, shows reliable hands and the ability to run after the catch.
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    i thought you where talking about qb's, then i see mcneal and some guy named vick. neither of which will be nfl qb's
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    This is what I don't understand... What makes you think Vick and McNeal not Quarterbacks?
    Because everybody else say so?

    Maybe because their sizes?

    Doug Flutie played quarterback and he did it well...
    Michael Vick play quarterback and he's doing it well...
    Anthony Wright play quarterback and he does an adaquete job...

    They did play Quarterback in college... and honestly I thought that Matt Jones made a mistake switching to Wide Receiver... Matt Jones could have been a Ben Rothlisberger...
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    all I have to do is watch them play and I dont need to see anything else...niether one of them is going to be an NFL might get drafted as a WR (McNeal) the other probably isnt going to be drafted at all IMO

    Omar Jacobs isnt a legit prospect either IMO...Brad Smith is going to have to change positions...Brodie Croyle worries me too...he is really smallish and injury prone

    Charlie Whitehurst does intrigue me however

    as for RB, we arnt drafting one to replace JJ or Barber...I could see someone added late or signed as a RFA to challenge for the 3rd spot with Thompson, but they arnt wasting an early pick on a RB

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    Oh man. Talk about Aggie hatred on a stick. He's quoting the War Room about McNeil and you're ignoring the quote.

    Wake up sometime and realize that other people don't think Reggie McNeil is a 7th round draft choice fit only to kiss Longhorn butt..whether he's successful or not is something he will eventually decide, but your prejudice is pretty open here.

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    ghst I agree with your assessment on most of these players with the exception of Jacobs.

    i think he is a major steal in 3 or 4.

    jacobs isn't prone to TO's. The Boise St. game he had 3 TDs and 0 INT's.

    threw 11 picks over 2 seasons where he threw almost passes.

    he routinely had his best games against BCS conference teams.

    i know he has the unorthodox delivery which turns people off but I can live with it.
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    Here is a shock: RealCowboyFan apparently thinks McNeal and Vick could be pro quaterbacks.

    Maybe he should stick to "Caption this" threads because no sensible person would argue that McNeal and Vick were real options at quarterback.
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    I wouldn't mind drafting McNeal late and converting him to WR though.
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    Reggie McNeal would be a great draft pick late.

    He could be a "slash" type player that plays QB, HB, WR, slot. He is, IMO, not a NFL starting QB. He is though, an offensive threat that could play situationally at several positions and provide a new threat to the offense.

    He would probably get 10-20 plays a game on offense. Goal line situations, situational plays, and 5 receiver sets he could be awesome in.
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    In the case of McNeil, it's not a shock.

    The fact is, there is a WIDE SPREAD of opinions about McNeil, from 3rd round to undraftable. At least 3 sources rate him as a first day draft choice, Ourlads rates him as the best QB past the top three.

    The problem is, the naysayers don't want to address the opinion spread and go around like sheep claiming that everyone thinks McNeil is a turkey with a 4.3 40.

    A mid-range opinion may be ESPN the Magazine which in their April 24 issue, compared him to Seneca Wallace and said he had two years to prove he was a quarterback. But, they also rated him as a late Day 1 pick, which is a little high on the McNeil scale.

    Being ranked from 3rd to undraftable is a wide range.. then again, Scott Fifita, one of the darling boys of the Longhorn crowd, is rated by some publications as undraftable too.

    It's one thing to say, "I think McNeil is undraftable", but it's yet another thing to claim the opinion is universal, because it isn't.


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