The way I see the rest of this season going for us...

Discussion in 'Fan Zone' started by Galian Beast, Nov 23, 2005.

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    #1 I think the Denver game is the biggest game of the season. This game is redemption time for the lose against Seattle. I think we redeemed ourself after the Oakland game by beating Philly the first time, and I think we redeemed ourself against Washington by coming back and beating Philly the second time.

    Had we beat Seattle, people would definitely be calling US the best team in the NFC. Beating Denver, might gain us that same praise. Although at this point Chicago and Seattle are still going to get the nod, despite both of them lacking offense and defense respectively.

    #2 Terrell Owens. If he is released today or tomorrow, I think we have a real shot at getting him. It would make sense, and it would send us to the super bowl. I'm not the biggest fan of his, but I won't ignore what he can open up in our offense. Our offense lacks consistency enough to win a super bowl right now, and Owens would simply push us over the hump. Lining up in a 3 wr, 1 te, 1 back formation would be huge. Simply too many weapons to even bring pressure on bledsoe. We would have the best offense in the NFL, and with that probably the best defense. I think Parcells would finally allow us to be aggressive rather than conservative.

    #3 I think we can beat New York. Especially if their injury woes keep them down. Especially if we get T.O. The next two games Denver and New York are the biggest games remaining in the season.

    #4 If we win the next 2 games, we're definitely go to win the division, especially if Seattle beats New York. Either way we benefit from this. If Seattle loses we could find it easier to get homefield advantage throughout the playoffs. If New York loses against Seattle and against us we'll probably win the division.

    #5 The last 4 games of the season are FAIRLY easy. Kansas City has offense, but no defense, and I think their running back will struggle in the long run. I know we can beat Washington. Carolina might be hard, but St.Louis without Bulger? Even if we go 2-2 in the last 4 games, but beat New York and Denver we'll finish 11-5. And if New York loses to both us and Seattle, that would give us the division right there.

    Us compared to New York
    We play - They play
    Denver - Seattle (tough opponents)
    New York - Dallas (same game)
    Philadelphia - St. Louis (Starting QB done for the year)
    Kansas City - Kansas City (same opponents)
    Washington - Washington (same opponents)
    Carolina - Oakland (the difference maker in our schedules)

    I think we can go to the playoffs without owens, but it would be SO much easier with him.
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    IMO, NO way the Denver game is the biggest of the season.

    Yhea it would be nice to win it, but no question the NY Giant game will be the biggest game.

    Whether we win or lose against Denver most likely the Giant game will determine the NFC East.
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    Winning or losing in Denver will show more than just the lead in the NFC East. It will prove how good our team really is. And it the biggest test since Seattle. Which we failed, despite owning them.

    I would group the the games together though. Seattle/New York, New York/Dallas, Denver/Dallas.

    Its really just going to get easier for both teams after this.

    If we can go 9-3 and New York goes 7-5, with a 2 win advantage in the tie breaker, which i think puts us 3 games ahead of the Giants technically, We could go 11-5, and still beat them. Meaning we just need to beat Washington and St. Louis. Which are pretty easy games.
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    I actually think next weeks game is the biggest of the season. Even if we fall against Denver, beating the Giants in their house and sweeping them for the year would give us the tie breaker in the division.

    But.... Winning tomorrow could catapult this team. They stand to gain/lose alot of confidence from what happens againts Denver. Could be the turning point either way.
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    TO is not being released, so we wont(thank god) be signing him

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