The way too early regular season prediction thread

Discussion in 'Fan Zone' started by Shuff, Mar 20, 2017.

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  3. Vintage

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    We start out 1-2.

    Then, forfeit the remaining games after Hicks blows up Elliott on a blitz launching him into Prescott, breaking both their collarbones.
  4. DandyDon52

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    no wonder your "dejected" lol
  5. dplant22

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    Hate to say it but 8-8 is always a safe bet with this team. Supposedly tougher schedule, another year of bargain bin free agents, and expecting the front office to ace a defensive draft when they have shown little aptitude in drafting defensive players makes me think they regress and 8-8 unfortunately is where I think they will end up again. Now I just hope the Cowboy braintrust and all the glass half full fans on this board prove me wrong.
  6. CCBoy

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    10-6...and they will show up for all games and play their hearts out as a team.
  7. big dog cowboy

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    10-6 worst case scenero.
  8. StarBoyz83

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    That's about what I'm thinking too.
  9. totheleft

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  10. Gameover

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    Dak top 3 in MVP voting

    10-13 sacks for Irving

    Cowboys defense will be better than last seasons defense

    T.Will has a semi breakout year

    Clapper(OU kid) and Collins have good years

    J.Smith injury will be forgotten by week 8

    Carr, Wilcox and Claiborne won't be missed

    Swain will emerge as our best player.. Beautiful player to watch.. Layman don't know about that

    T.Crawford will continue to go unappreciated but very good at his job!

    Heath will quickly become a fan favorite

    Witten will become a bit player by seasons end but will make some clutch catches in the playoffs!

    Brown will be a reliable starter at corner... its in the Brown blood!!!

    Giants current roster is incapable of cracking 10 wins vs next seasons schedule. Book it and lock it

    Redskins have taken a major step back when they were light to begin with.

    Philly could give us a run if they draft the FSU runner

    Cowboys offensive line will be the teams best ever!


    You have a really good team Cowboys fans! Enjoy it
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  11. MileyDancer

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    Well, Garrett has proven he can't put 2 winning seasons in a row together. No team has won the NFC east b2b in quite awhile. Our overrated DC has even less talent to work with. We are going to have a Garrett-Special 8-8.
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  12. Silver N Blue

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  13. Sydla

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    You can tell the roses are really red posts.

    They are the ones that talk about how great we will be but the word "defense" is not uttered once in the post.
  14. Sydla

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    Things working in our favor:

    1) Still have a talented offense
    2) We certainly don't take a back seat to anyone in the division in terms of talent or coaching (And I think Garrett is a JAG but so is every other coach in our division).

    Things working against us:

    1) Garrett's history suggests a blah season.
    2) Recent history is no team has repeated as division champs
    3) Defense, right now, is worse on paper than the one that walked off the field after losing to GB

    I'll go with 10-6, 9-7 for now with the right to change after the draft and camp begins.
  15. big dog cowboy

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    Garrett has proven he can't put 2 losing seasons in a row together also.
  16. robjay04

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    Because there are few to none complete teams in the NFL. Our defense is not the reason we won 13 games, an efficient offense is. I don't believe our defense will be any worse and our offense will be better as Dak progresses becomes a better quarterback.

    We have a quarterback and running back entering their second season. We have a QB and his number one wideout having their first offseason together. There is a lot to be excited about. Sorry you're not.
  17. DFWJC

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    Oline is way better than those three 8-8 teams from 2011-2013.
    The defense cant be worse than those teams (I think one was dead last).
    And Zeke is a beast.

    Theyll top 8-8, the question is by how much.
  18. Aven8

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    I can't decide. On one hand you have JG, but on the other you have Dak and Zeke who aren't the "old team". They know no better. Hopefully they are adverse to falling into the trap we've known from the Romo/Ware teams and expectations.
  19. sean10mm

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    My guess is 10-6.

    Defense will probably still be a weakness barring a great draft and/or some existing guys having breakout seasons.

    OL should still be top 5 in the league and Dak and Zeke will have another year of experience under their belts. That's worth a lot, and by itself puts them in a better position than the team was during their seemingly endless 8-8 seasons under Garrett.

    If everything breaks the right way in drafting and player development the defense could improve over 2016. Conversely, a bad run of injury luck can derail just about any team. I don't really see a sophomore slump in the cards for Dak though, he's not a college gadget play garbageman trying to impersonate an NFL QB like RG3 or Tim Tebow, and he's not a lazy moron POS like Manziel.
  20. jazzcat22

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    Well, I am glad you are so sure about that.

    The conference divisions are on a rotation basis, and that can not be controlled. If it just so happens we play a group that had good years, so be it. But we also had a very good year.
    Our winning does mean something. And not any teams we play this year scares me. Now if they lay out the schedule to be tough, that is different. But the teams themselves. Not scared.
    And not saying we will go 13-3 again. But I will not count it out either. 11-5 and win the division, I am fine with that.

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