the World's most boriest sport is.....Boxing(Pro)

Discussion in 'Sports Zone' started by BigDGarciaFan, Jul 22, 2013.

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    ITS BORING cause we don't know the boxers anymore, as a matter of fact. too many boxers(mostly from HBO Boxing, and ESPN Friday night fights) in the fight game and its gets in the way of keeping track of other major sports(NFL, NBA, NASCAR, Olympics, etc) what happened to the days of Muhammad Ali, Sugar Ray Leonard, and Marvin Hagler. those days are gone. Boxing was almost saved, but Mayweather officially destroyed it by turning down an offer to fight Pacquiao. so BOXING's DEAD, its DEAD. don't bother watching the Mayweather/Canelo fight. stick with watching your favorite college teams instead.

    here are the boring sports honorable mentions....

    Tennis(non-Olympic non-grand slam)
    Golf(non-major tourneys and skins game only)
    other NCAA Sports(Track, Soccer, Women's volleyball, Softball, etc)
    Motocross(outdoor and Indoor)
    Monster Truck racing
  2. RastaRocket

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    I love boxing, X-games, and golf... It's all preference I guess. I prefer to watch boxing over a UFC match any day. There is still tons of money in boxing so it definitely is not DEAD. You watch arena football don't you? That is way closer to being dead than boxing, just sayin.
  3. dexternjack

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    For me, boxing got boring when the heavy hitters left, i.e. Tyson, Evander, etc, etc. I was never into the lighter weights much. Excluding all of the little, worthless sports, soccer is boring to me. I can almost get into World Cup games, but anything else, forget about it.
  4. BigDGarciaFan

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    I love arena football. cause its an fun interesting sport, and also I support my favorite team from that sport
  5. TheCowboy

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    If UFC is on for free I love watching it. Never got into boxing because, as you mentioned, I don't know anyone in boxing plus you always have to pay for it. I love NASCAR too but I can tell you when ESPN carries the races it seems to be 100x more boring. I love it on FOX. Tennis isn't too boring to me and golf is fine but I wouldn't watch it on TV.
  6. CopenhagenCowboy

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    I agree, boxing has become dull. Too many lousy boxers and too many predictable outcomes.

    And yeah, golf is awful.
  7. WV Cowboy

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    Boxing isn't dull and boring, .. the boxers in the ring make it either exciting or boring.

    And I'm guessing those that find golf boring have never played at a high level.

    Everybody is different, sports that I find boring, others would not.
  8. BigDGarciaFan

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    as for my comment about golf being boring, I was referring to "non-major" tournament golf as boring. Major Tournament Golf is the only golf I can watch on TV
  9. jterrell

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    boxing is unwatchable for me now.
    after watching the ufc i cant stomach boxing. its like watching guys hit each other with two pillows.
    and that's sad because i grew up on it.
    but the overhyped promotions and fixed careers if not actual fights made it horrid to watch and the 175 weight classes for 10 real great fighters at any given time makes it obtuse.

    golf really isnt meant to be a spectator sport.
    playoff holes and major tourneys can be fun to watch but half the time you didnt see a single hole a guy played the first couple days and he ends up the champ.
  10. Yakuza Rich

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    I would not add the Ryder Cup as boring when it comes to golf. It's really golf in its purest form.

    Boxing, when it's done right and has the right mesh of styles, is the most exciting sport in the world. Everybody comes to see the heavyweights, but the heavyweights have been mostly boring for a long time since Larry Holmes showed that if you have a long reach and develop a great jab, you are unbeatable. That followed with Buster Douglas beating the exciting Mike Tyson, then another boring fighter in Lennox Lewis and now the boring Klitschko's.

    What needs to happen is the smaller divisions need to step it up, but most of these guys are no longer getting into boxing and are more interested in MMA, football or basketball.

    I've never been on a skateboard in my life, but I find the Summer X-Games thrilling. I just can't imagine the mentality it takes to do what they do without thinking that one small error I could kill myself.


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