The worse it gets, the closer we are

Discussion in 'Fan Zone' started by erod, Jun 28, 2013.

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    So I get off the plane after a week in the sublime 70-degree SoCal air, and get hit in the face with a shovel of 104 Fahrenheit. Texas summer is here. It's ugly, uncomfortable, and relentless. It creeps it's way into every day, making each seem like two. Dog days of Marmaduke proportion.

    But I love it. This annual summer dance with a blast furnace.
    Extreme heat means we're extremely close to the first day of training camp, which means we have real football stuff to talk about while we're waiting for the real football season to begin the weekend after Labor Day.
    No more inventing topics out of thin air to make baseball season move along more quickly, thank you. Enough with basketball and hockey, two supremely inferior sports, and time for baseball to step aside into its proper role of second fiddle.
    New defense. New playcaller. New blocking scheme. New rookies, including the greatest of all time apparently...JJ Wilcox. New hope, new optimism, new season. 0-0 just like everybody else, Super Bowl-bound no doubt. We got better while everybody else got worse, the common homer cry. 16-0, baby.
    Just 23 days until Oxnard is abuzz and we start holding our collective breath over injuries. A mere 37 until the Hall of Fame game, which will follow the shortest HoF speech in history, delivered by Larry Allen. "Football was cool. Thanks everybody. Peace out."
    First time I've really been optimistic about this team in a long time. It's coming together, quietly and in the right way this time. 11-5 is my guess, but that's for later.
    Meanwhile, I'm sweating my ever-lovin' knickers off. Geez, it's a scorcher out there. Is Romo's cyst thingy all cleared up?
    I often wonder what this time of year feels like to the oblivious among us, who take no interest in the NFL. Gotta be brutal, with nothing in particular to get excited about.
    The more brutal, the more nigh upon us. You can almost smell it. Bring on the heat.
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    You left SoCal just in time a major heatwave has just arrived. The average valley temps are expected to reach 103-108 this weekend. Fortunately I live at the beach we'll probably get no hotter than low to mid 80's.
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    Dogs days have begun for sure.

    I find summers in North Texas not nearly as bad as they were in New Orleans or Houston, or even parts of non-beach eastern North Carolina. But that's just me.
    I mean in Dallas today, the humidity is 31%. All those other places routinely see humidity 2-3 times that.
    I went out at lunch time and walked for 30 minutes and did not break a sweat.

    You're dead on though about football being right around the corner!
    And yes, call me naive, but I'm also with you on being optimistic.
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    I love hot weather growing up in Albuquerque, NM. I live in Utah now and the temp is 101 and I like it.

    And, I also have a good feeling about this year's team. If fans would realize that it takes all 53 players to come together instead of just bashing one guy, they might have some hope also, but, I doubt's seems to be their nature of being pessimistic about anything and everything.

    And, erod, I really like reading your posts! You are very good at conveying your thoughts in writing.

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    Thanks, and I was born in Albuquerque. Makes Breaking Bad even more fun to watch.

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