News: The Wulf Den: Positional Preview - QB

Discussion in 'News Zone' started by Wulfman, Jul 16, 2004.

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    Good analysis of the QB situation. Hutch is still here for only one reason, no one else could fill his free spot if he were cut. He will probably remain until final cut, in case we lose a couple of QBs in pre-season (Heaven forbid). When the final cut comes, he is gone. Quincy is the starter in pre-season but if he does not show improvement (or starts out worse), I do see a chance for Vinny to take the reins. Just remember, if he does take the reins, it will be a temporary thing. Only until Q can get his bearings, or if he can't, until Drew can make a jump start. I don't see a place for Romo, although I like him. But isn't it interesting that the Patriots have also signed a slew of QBs lately. I think they have four now. Maybe Bill and his Protege are thinking there will be a lot of QBs go down this season.

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