The Wulf Den: Senior Bowl Reflections

Discussion in 'Fan Zone' started by Wulfman, Jan 26, 2013.

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    I agree he has a very high ceiling. But it troubles me how often during the season he disapeared in games against low class O lines
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    I'll have to go back and look at some game film, but I'm wondering if it's a case of him having a limited number of pass rush moves early on because of his extreme inexperience. He showed both and inside and an outside move yesterday, as well as a bull rush that pushed the OT back into the QB and forced a quick incompletion. I'm thinking a kid with that ability learning from Ware about how to use his hands and vary his moves could be very nasty.
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    Thanks for the great post as usual.
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    ansah w/ marinelli is very intriguing.
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    Excellent post......keep up the good work!:bow:
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  8. acheman

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    Though I wouldn't mind working in Kyle Long in the 4th or 5th round, and I liked what I saw of LBer Vince Williams of FSU and maybe a trade to fit in Khaled Holmes possibly in the 3rd or 4th as well.
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    I would have liked to see Ansah go up against a half decent tackle tbh. Wagner freaking sucked.
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    Outstanding job. Thanks!
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    You gotta love the guys we can get our hands on the the 3rd and 4th rounds. The trenches really look solid and deep. Thats good news for us being thats were we need the help.
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    He went up against both Fisher and Johnson at different times in the game as well. He beat Fisher on a dipped shoulder speed move to disrupt the timing of a pass play, and bull-rushed Johnson before sliding off the tackle to get in on a tackle on a running play.

    Fisher is going to be a top 10 pick, in all likelihood, and Johnson likely will be a mid-to-late first rounder as well. That's about all you can expect from the guy.

    Have to agree about Wagner, btw.
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    Great recap.....A few thoughts....Ansah is going to be one of those guys that goes under the mentioned, boom or bust pick....but, it only takes one team to fall in love with him.....issue for him in college was actually conditioning....and teams are going to have to be 100% sure that he can hold up in a more demanding does no good to have one of your best players on the sideline on key downs.....if he can show that his conditioning can be fixed, you have him high on your board....if you think that he won't ever be able to be a full time player due to his medical, you don't put him on your board.

    Warford - won't make it out of the 2nd round...might even go at the late end of the 1st.....he is a mauler and is so quick on his feet considering how much weight that he carries.....he's one of those guys that "if" you can get him in the 2nd, you have no problem passing on either the kid from Alabama or UNC.

    Fisher - love the kid....2nd best OT in the draft....if he somehow slipped to 18, i would have no issue with him.....Mayock thinks that he'll be a top 12 guy.

    Johnson - seems like he could be the bottom of 1st or top of 2nd round guy....has the tools.

    Long - depends on if he is viewed as an OG or OT....IMO - i agree with the OP that his best work would be in a phone booth (inside at OG).

    i would love to see us go DL and OL in the top 2 rounds and look for a S in the 3rd or 4th round......i'd like to see us take a smaller, fast, RB with some wiggle in the mold of J Rodgers or D Sproles too....not an every down guy, but some one that brings energy when on the that felix is gone, we have a spot to invest a middle to late round pick on a RB that couldn't do it every down, but is more of a specialty guy that creates a mismatch when used properly.
  14. Wulfman

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    Nice thoughts, kjcmeb.

    Honestly, I don't think Ansah's conditioning is going to be a problem at all. He was a track guy initially at BYU (ran a 10.9 sec 100m from what I understand) and a lot of that training is for burst speed, not the kind of endurance you need to go at a high level for 60 minutes of football. Change the training regimen, and he'll be fine. Also, the reports I've seen say that, off the field, he not only works hard, but takes coaching well. The Cowboys will find out more in their interviews, but I don't think he'll even last to the Cowboys' pick at this point.

    I'm inclined to agree about Warford after his performance last week. He'll likely be taken with the 10-15th pick in the second round, assuming his interviews and workouts go well, with a chance to go slightly higher. I don't think he gets into the first simply because there are three other interior O-linemen rated ahead of him (Chance Warmack, Jonathan Cooper, and Barrett Jones), and the position isn't regarded as highly in terms of importance and value as most other positions.

    The Cowboys taking a safety in the third or fourth wouldn't surprise me, but for all intents and purposes they already have a fourth round rookie at the position. Matt Johnson never saw the field last year because of his injuries and late start, and many on the coaching staff really think he's going to be a player. I think they'll try to pick up a reasonably priced veteran as insurance against Barry Church not being 100% and roll with that. Not saying it's a good thing, or that they won't jump on a guy if he slides to them in the draft...but if they didn't take one, I wouldn't be surprised either.

    At RB, the guy you want them to take to be the change of pace back is already on the roster in Lance Dunbar. The RB they need IMHO is someone who can step in and carry the ball 20-25 times per game if (and when) Murray gets hurt. I think they were hoping Tanner would develop into that guy, and he still might. But he didn't really pick up some of the nuances of the position last year--like blitz pick-up--and he's not going to see the field like that. A guy like Mike Gillislee might not make it out of the 3rd round after his performance last week, but there were some other guys there like Johnathan Franklin from UCLA and Kenjon Barner from Oregon that have fourth round grades on them. And considering the Cowboys love to take high potential, currently injured players, don't be surprised to see Marcus Lattimore from South Carolina get a long look if he's still on the board in the fourth.
  15. kjcmeb

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    Good Point on the safety position.....I tend to forget about Johnson....I know that some people have high hopes for him....I guess that I look at him as fighting for a roster spot at best next year....In terms of Church, I love his game....But, I am worried about him coming back from that type of injury.....So, a veteran insurance policy would be a good thing to have for camp.

    As for Dunbar, flashes it from time to time...With Felix looking like he lost his burst, I wonder why Dunbar didn't get more chances when Murray was out......So, I am not 100% sold on him either.

    Net - let's get more players on the field to compete for the S and RB positions....May the best players stick regardless of salary or round drafted.
  16. Wulfman

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    Dunbar got more and more looks as the season went on, but I don't really see him as a guy that could step in and start for 2-3 games and be viable, even with an improved O-line. As a change of pace, though, I think we'll see him make some plays next season.

    I'm all for that.
  17. Bluefin

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    If Larry Warford does well in interviews and workouts, it won't surprise me to see him come off the board late in round one in place of Barrett Jones.

    Jones is dealing with an injury and will likely drop much like Peter Konz did a year ago.

    Looking past these top rated prospects, the G who has piqued my interest is Arkansas red shirt junior Alvin Bailey, an early entrant.

    Bailey appears no better than a 4th rounder at this early juncture and I expect his stock to rise moving forward.

    Any thoughts on him or some of the other projected later round guys?
  18. Wulfman

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    Bailey is my #4 ranked G (I count Jones as a C in my rankings), and I currently have a late 3rd rank on him. If they go a different direction in the first two rounds, he'd certainly be a quality alternative in the third.

    As for some other guards that should go in the mid-late rounds, here are three of particular interest for one reason or another:

    G Blaize Foltz from TCU (6-3, 329) - On a very inconsistent O-line this year, Foltz was by far the best and most consistent. He's an excellent pass protector, and shows the footwork to be able to shift and pick up blitzers. He hasn't shown the raw strength to dominate in the run game, and is likely a RG prospect only because of it (needing to line up next to a bigger RT). He had a lingering ankle injury early in the season, but improved towards the end as it got healthy. Currently has a late 6th-7th round grade on him.

    G Travis Bond from North Carolina (6-7, 330) - As you might expect from his stature, is a road-grader. Biggest problem with his size is that he has to really bend his frame and concentrate to play low. He has gotten better each and every season, and has a fairly impressive record of pancake blocks, as you might expect. Also a RG, and again, late 6th-7th round grade.

    G Earl Watford from JMU (6-4, 300) - Smaller school prospect who was the best to be had in the CAA. Member of the All-CAA team, was an All-American, and a team captain, and was the first player from the conference in 6 years to be invited to play in the East-West Shrine Game (and the first ever from his school). Guy is a LG, and a natural leader. His blocking technique is very crisp, and he gave up only one sack on the season. Will likely be seen as the "right type of guy". I currently have a 5th round grade on him, but he could easily climb into the fourth.

    I was really watching for something from a center, and the only one who was even really on the radar was Schwenke. But he's more of a technician, zone-blocking guy. Has high effort, and some position flexibility, although he's a little undersized to play G regularly, in my opinion. High motor guy, though. Has a low 4th-5th round grade on him, and could climb into the top half of the 4th with good interviews and workouts.

    The others were pretty pitiful and disappointing. In particular, I was hoping to see Braxston Cave show up considering he anchored the line for the Irish last year. But he didn't have a good week by all of the accounts I saw, and was consistently beaten by various DTs in the Senior Bowl. I originally had a 4th-5th round grade on him, but unless he really impresses in workouts and interviews, I could see him sliding into the 6th.

    I'll likely have other guys that I like as I watch more film, but those are some guys I'm looking at that are somewhat under the radar.
  19. Jay

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    Sio Moore is the real deal. Was glad to see him getting positive reviews. As a season ticket holder at UConn, it's been a pleasure watching him in a Huskies uniform. I would jump for joy if we could land him.
  20. Bluefin

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    Alvin Bailey seems to be flying under the radar right now, all the talk is focused on the 1st and 2nd round guys.

    I'd love Bailey in round 3 if we go defense earlier.

    What about Tennessee T/G Dallas Thomas, whom I look at as a G, is he round two material or will the arm length issue ding his value?

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