The Wulf Den: Senior Bowl Reflections

Discussion in 'Fan Zone' started by Wulfman, Jan 26, 2013.

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    I have him rated as a late 2nd, early 3rd. If his position drills show that the arm length isn't an issue, he could rise to the middle of the second round, as he has some built-in position flexibility. Unfortunately for him, I agree that his best position as a pro is at G. He doesn't really have the mass to play RT, and the short arms would be a huge liability against speed rushers on the left side, IMHO. Has decent footwork, so as a G who can be called on to pull in the running game, he should be more than serviceable.
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    Great post Wulfie - much obliged.
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    Ditto ---Thanks Wulf
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    I noticed Cave did not play well against USC. I am wondering if he is injured or something. He really looked sad at the Senior Bowl practices. For most of the season he had beena very good center.
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    I am not much for athleticism alone. remember Jason williams. he was 250. ran a 4.3. side line to side line. didn't have a lick of football knowledge. give me football players. who cares if they are a freak athelticiaclly. you don't draft those type of guys in the first or second. you draft football players in the first and second.

    leave the freaks for 5th round on down.

  6. TheKey

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    Good post, but Patton wasn't even targeted during the game. He proved all week in practice his ability to get open.
  7. jterrell

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    nice analysis.

    only big issue is with Long. that kid was terrible. too tall and lanky for interior OL and too terrible of foot to play outside. he is a long snapper or nothing imho.
    if his last name was Jones he'd never have even gotten an invite.

    draft stuff.

    cyprien is easily round 3.

    warford is round 2 but if he is there in 3 that's an awesome pick.

    i think ansah goes high. he has ware like potential to me. he looks amazing out in space. kid is just crazy athletic. can definitely play OLB in a 3-4.

    i think the Eagles would love that kid as a SOLB.
  8. Wulfman

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    I'm guessing that you're referring to Ansah. If you watched him play in that game, you know that comparing him to Jason Williams is like comparing filet to ground chuck. It's not the physical attributes that makes him a's what he does with them on the football field.
  9. Wulfman

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    You are correct, he got open plenty in practice. When gametime rolled around, he was nowhere to be found. Was it because he wasn't targeted, or that, in a game situation against better corners, he couldn't get open?

    Don't get me wrong, I like Patton. But I was expecting a bit more from him, and he wasn't the only one. I was disappointed with Terrance Williams from Baylor as well, considering the expectations. Not saying they can't play...I expect both to have good careers in the NFL...but their games did not match up to the practice or the hype.
  10. Wulfman

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    Long is definitely a boom or bust proposition. He showed some good plays in the game and can be taught better knee bend to play the inside. If he can, his arm length could be a real asset. But you're right about his footwork not being sufficient for playing tackle, and he's a definite risk vs. reward pick. I've seen a number of places rating him as high as a late second, early third round prospect. But because he's at least a two-year project and has that trouble at Florida State on his record, I'd likely only take a flyer on him in the later rounds.
  11. Bluefin

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    He really took me by surprise during Senior Bowl week.

    I believe the new scheme is also a good fit for Ezekiel Ansah.

    Monte Kiffin's system is about having the DL attack up the field on the snap while reading things on the way rather than reading and reacting.

    That should be easier for a raw prospect to learn, IMO, when compared to Rob Ryan's enormous playbook.
  12. Wulfman

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    That makes two of us. When he pushed Johnson right back into the QB's lap, I had to pause my TV and go back to make a note about who it was...and it wasn't the only time he did it. I had him as 6th-7th round prospect going into the week, but I'm going to have to go back and watch some more tape. Could be that he'll be able to move up at least into the middle rounds. If he doesn't, could end up being a steal.

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