News: The Wulf Den: Training Camp Preview

Discussion in 'News Zone' started by Wulfman, Jun 29, 2004.

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    Great recap, Wulf. Appreciate the hard work.
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    Many thanks Wulf for the great job!
  3. Kangaroo

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    Hambone's stats last year game by game

    Hambone had 289 yards rushing in two games against the deadskins that is sad

    WK OPP | RSH YD | RECYD | TD |
    | 1 atl | 14 53 | 16 | 0 |
    | 2 nyg | 23 60 | 0 | 0 |
    | 4 nyj | 24 127 | 6 | 1 |
    | 5 ari | 23 59 | 8 | 0 |
    | 6 phi | 18 46 | 14 | 1 |
    | 7 det | 24 74 | 15 | 1 |
    | 8 tam | 11 25 | 11 | 0 |
    | 9 was | 21 100 | 0 | 2 |
    | 10 buf | 13 33 | 0 | 0 |
    | 11 nwe | 16 41 | 16 | 0 |
    | 12 car | 12 26 | 0 | 0 |
    | 13 mia | 3 2 | 5 | 0 |
    | 14 phi | 17 75 | 6 | 0 |
    | 15 was | 33 189 | 0 | 0 |
    | 16 nyg | 12 36 | 0 | 0 |
    | 17 nor | 11 26 | 2 | 0 |
    | TOTAL | 275 972 | 99 | 5
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    Very nice read.
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    True, regarding the health of the OL, but I have serious reservations about Jones being able to establish the ground game for the Cowboys. Jones is simply not good enough to build the running game on, or around.

    I for one never believed Parcells when he said he thought Jones could contribute just as much to the O as SJ/KJ. But I do think Parcells believed Jones + an extra 1st rd. pick next year = SJ/KJ.

    Time will tell if Parcells as right, plus it's hard to argue w/2 1st rd. picks. But banking on Jones to carry the load is, IMO, a bad bet
  6. Wulfman

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    This was my thinking exactly, Leon. Edwards got a bad rap on some of those calls at the end of last year, but it would only be worse this year. Plus, I think we may have seen the best Mario had to offer.

    Hunter is faster and bigger, so although he'll get beat from time to time by good receivers, he should have the ability to recover for what his instincts lose more often than not. And that extra explosion breaking on the ball should lead to more INTs--which was one of Edwards' weak spots.
  7. TruBlueCowboy

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    I'm not really worried about Hunter either when you think about what Mario Edwards brought. What I'm worried about is if one of our corners goes down. LOL We don't have much depth there. And TNew getting injured would absolutely kill us!
  8. Wulfman

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    As you say, only time will tell. I believe Parcells sees something in this kid, and if he ends up even nearly as good as Curtis Martin we've got a good back on our hands.

    But banking on Jones to establish the run and carry the load is the only option we have, at this point. Jackson or Jones would have, essentially, had us in the same place--waiting to find out if a rookie RB can carry the load for a full 16-game season. And there aren't any veterans out there to come in and give us any better chance than Jones. In fact, the only one I can think would even get a look would be if Eddie George were released. But at this point in his career, he's been averaging about what T-Ham averaged last year, so what's the point.

    Let me throw out something else--we've not seen the best out of ReShard Lee. If he can stay healthy, I think he'll be able to give us the change of pace that T-Ham gave us as an alternative to Emmitt a few years back. It may be wishful thinking, but then, maybe I see something in him like Parcells sees something in Jones...
  9. Mike 1967

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    I have faith in Jones because Parcells picked him.

    If you lined up all the current "Experts" and asked me to stand behind one of would be Parcells.
  10. Wulfman

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    We are going to have to be very lucky with injuries in the defensive backfield this year. There is suffucuent depth if no one gets injured, but we'd get thin very quickly.

    I think Thornton could develop into a nice player, but he needs at least a year to catch up to the speed of the NFL game. I just hope Mitchell is all that was advertised in the slot. If he is, it would eliminate one of the biggest weaknesses of our D from last season.

    I'm not just putting my hopes in Parcells' eye for Hunter, though. We've got roster spots being taken by Jemeel Powell and Andrew Davison, mostly because Parcells "sees" something in them. I certainly hope his vision isn't faulty, because we may need one or both of them.
  11. Brokejumper

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    First of all, great post as usual Wulf.

    Now I am not sure why you don't think JJ can handle the load. It is dangerous to use last year to predict anything, but right now it is the best we have....

    Is he too weak to pound the ball inside, or too slow to go outside?

    Is JJ a toe-dipper?

    Too weak as a reciever?

    Do you see JJ breaking through the line and falling at the feet of the saftey?

    Do you see teams playing the pass all day because they know that even if JJ makes it by the front 7 he is no danger to really hurt them?

    From what I have seen, at it may not be as much as some, JJ meets these levels at first glance and is an improvement over last year. There are a large number or variables that could change his output, but I think as a player we have a much better horse in the stable.
  12. Wulfman

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    Allow me to add one more thing to his list of positives: his character.

    This is a kid who had to leave Notre Dame, and could have done what so many knuckleheads have done and continued their downward spiral of blaming others or getting into even worse trouble. Instead, he transferred to a smaller school, got his act together, and EARNED his way back to Notre Dame.

    If there is one thing that Parcells looks for beyond all others, it is a high-quality person that will bring his lunch pail to work every day. Usually, you have to wait and see about rookies, but I think Parcells was so enamored of him because he already knows what kind of person JJ is.

    Of course, if he was a really good guy that couldn't carry a loaf of bread to the checkout counter, he wouldn't have been drafted. But if Parcells rates his skills as anywhere near K. Jones or S. Jackson, this was an easy decision for him to make once the 1st rounder was thrown into the mix.
  13. big dog cowboy

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    Ye of little faith.
  14. Wulfman

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    No, you misunderstand me. I said I don't just trust PArcells' eyes, meaning that I see some talent and ability there myself. I think Hunter is going to be better than Edwards was by season's end.

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