TheCount's Division-Title Weekend Mock Draft

Discussion in 'Draft Zone' started by TheCount, Jan 13, 2013.

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    Round 1: Johnathan Hankins, DT, Ohio State
    Just like I was 100% in on DeCastro last year, I'm 100% in on Warmack or Cooper in the first. That being said, I get the feeling we are leaning towards DL. Hankins would play next to Ware, and his job is to facilitiate playmaking, not necessarily to make them himself.

    Round 2: Sylvester Williams, DT, UNC
    Might as well keep a good thing going and nab another DL. In the Tampa, Hankins would be the 1 technique, while Williams played the 3 technique as made famous by Warren Sapp. Ratliff probably isn't going anywhere this year, so Williams probably rotates.

    Round 3: Khaled Holmes, OC, USC
    With the offensive line taking more zone principals, it makes sense to bring Holmes in, as that's what they run at USC. I'm not interested in gambling that Costa will stay healthy the whole year.

    Round 4: Larry Warford, OG, Kentucky
    Warford is a mammoth OG that excels at run blocking. This is a very deep class for guard, so I'm pretty confident that unless the team goes off the reservation again and outsmarts themselves (Think Marten, Brewster, Leary, Arkin, etc.) they should be able to come out with a good one as long as they pounce in the first 4 rounds.

    Round 5: Ryan Nassib, QB, Syracuse
    There's a good chance Nassib ends up in Buffalo, given that Doug Marrone (who just took the HC job there) led the program at Syracuse but I'd love to see him come in and get groomed behind Romo. Smart, well coached kid with a live arm.

    Round 6: Aaron Mellette, WR, Elon
    Mellette is 6'4" 220 and has been extremely productive (24 TD's in the last 2 years). Definitely needs some work on his route running, but I'm looking forward to watching him against better competition as he earned the first ever


    I know we have other holes, like safety, but I don't think they'll do anything there in FA or the draft this year. Sensy is still in the early stages of his contract, they just paid Church and they haven't seen Matt Johnson. Might be a year of evaluation on that front.

    Obviously, my focus here is the trenches. I'm praying to the football gods that Jerry finally sees the light and understands that games are won with the trench players, not just the guys that sell merch.
  2. supercowboy8

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    Warford will go in the 2nd round.

    I really like Kawan Short in the tampa 2 more than I like Hankins or Williams. Also drafting two DTs when we have other major needs isn't the best thing. We need a OG, RT, and safties and a OLB.
  3. TheCount

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    lol, I love how some people are so intent on telling people where a guy will go in a january mock draft. :laugh2:

    I like Short, just don't trust his motor. Also think we need to switch things up a bit and be less orthodox. I don't expect to fill every hole in one offseason and I think it'd be silly to try.
  4. NeonDeion21

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    Some scouts around the league think with a strong senior bowl Nassib could go in the first.
  5. supercowboy8

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    Just like how you are telling people he will go in the 4th. Right now the top draft sites all say 2nd round and that he will have a good combine workout. He may go into the third but i dont see a big powerful OG that can move going in the 4th.

    If your worried about Shorts motor you need to also worry about Hankins and Williams motor.
  6. TheCount

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    I'm not telling anyone anything. It's a mock draft, Relax. It's January.

    And yes, I'm worried about Hankin's and Williams' motor as well. I'm worried about everyone's motor, if that makes you feel any better. :laugh2:
  7. ABQcowboyJR

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    I think warford will go in the second, third guard taken behind warmack and cooper.
  8. xwalker

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    Good draft if Warmack and Cooper are already off the board. If they're available and they pass them up I will not be happy.

    I think that Warford goes in the 3rd or 2nd round.

    I think that the 1-tech will play on the side opposite of Ware.

  9. unionjack8

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    love john hanins. Perfect for that shaded 1 tech. Good burst, can play in the backfield.
    Fitness is my issue, he wears down, condiotioning needs to get better but i'm right on board with that pick.
  10. RS12

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    well Count, I'd be shocked if Nassib got past Buffalo in round 2. I actually kind of like this mock though.
  11. TheCount

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    Yeah, I think you may be right, my mistake.

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