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Discussion in 'Draft Zone' started by TheCount, Mar 26, 2012.

  1. TheCount

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    Round 1 Pick 14 - David DeCastro OG Stanford (6-5 316)
    Still makes the most sense to me. The only reservation is his position, not his skill, which everyone acknowledges is blue chip.

    Round 2 Pick 45 - Dwayne Allen TE Clemson (6-3 255)
    We obviously have interest at bringing in another quality TE, so the idea that we draft yet another 2nd round TE isn't so outlandish, even if I don't like it.

    Round 3 Pick 81 - Alameda Ta'amu DT Washington (6-3 348)
    I really wanted to love Poe, but Ta'amu may be better right now, even without the athletic upside.

    Round 4 Pick 112 - Philip Blake C Baylor (6-2 311)
    Where there's smoke, there's fire. We've been checking him out, and he makes sense and fits the mold of the type of linemen we've been targeting.

    Round 5 Pick 143 - Jarius Wright WR Arkansas (5-10 182)
    We need more receiver depth and an explosive returner, Wright fits the bill.

    Round 5 Comp - Frank Alexander OLB Oklahoma (6-4 270)
    Not an obvious choice to play opposite Ware, but I think he'll be a steal for someone. Size to play the run, great motor and has shown pass rush ability.

    Round 6 Pick 174 - Miles Burris ILB/OLB San Diego State (6-2 250)
    Terrific athlete with prime agility numbers and can play special teams. Will replace Butler, who will probably walk at the end of the year.

    Round 7 Pick 204 - Dale Moss WR South Dakota State (6'3" 213)
    Moss had a 4.4 40, 41.5" vert, 10'10" broad and a 6.32 in 3 cone. The catch? He's only played a year of football, as basketball was his sport of choice until last year. Raw would be an understatement. Even still, he managed 61 catches, 949 yards and 6 TD's while averaging 15.6 yards per reception.


    Comments and random musings are always welcome! :D
  2. Zaxor

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    sorry buddy but I don't like any of it

    not one little bit
  3. casmith07

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    I'm completely the opposite of Zaxor. Don't know much about the last pick but otherwise the top 5 are great.
  4. NeonDeion21

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    Love it. I think I would select Orson Charles, Vinny Curry, or Bruce Irvin in the 2nd but I am nit picking. Great job.
  5. MidEastBeastL337

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    Give me Harrison Smith > Dwayne Allen and I would absolutely love for this to happen. May have to trade back into the third for Blake though. And if Jarius isn't available, i,'d love to see us draft Terrance Ganaway and have him compete with Tanner for the third spot as a powrrback

    Btw I love the last pick! He has some major upside with that kind of athleticism!!
  6. xwalker

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    I like most of it.

    DeCastro is a no-brainer if available.

    I'm ok with TE in the 2nd if he has really high upside.

    Not sure that Ta'amu is what the Cowboys are looking for in the DL. I think they want more passrushers, i.e. the Calais Campbell type. Even if they move Rat to DE, I think they may be satisfied with Lissemore and Brent at NT.

    I love the Blake and Burris picks and Alexander is good value in the 5th.

    Two WRs and no CB? Not even Chris Greenwood in the 7th?

    I would be dissapointed if they pass up both McClellin and Irving in the 2nd/3rd.
  7. Woods

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    I like the 1st and 5th round picks. Sorry, but otherwise, not my favorite mock.
  8. Sasquatch

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    Looks pretty good to me. What others players do you think will be on the board in the 2nd and 3rd when we choose?
  9. TheCount

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    I noticed the lack of CB myself, and I do think we'll draft one at some point in the draft, this particular mock just didn't play out that way. In this mock, I'd expect us to sign some priority FA's to fill that role.

    as far as DE, I would take TE in the 2nd, so that's where I'd expect one. Perhaps Kendall Reyes, Crick, or Kheeston Randall.

    Charles scares me, not because of his arrest but because he may be athletically limited to go with his lack of ideal size. I did originally have Curry as that 2nd round pick by the way and I love Irvin, just not sure I'd take him in the 2nd and I expect him to be gone by pick 81.

    To each his own, glad you found a few players you liked.

    As I said earlier, I'd love to grab Kendall Reyes at 45 if he's there. Otherwise, if we pass on DeCastro in the 1st then I love Amini Silatolu. Also like Shea McClellin, Vinny Curry, Josh Robinson, Jared Crick and if we trade down a little bit, Bruce Irvin and Ben Jones.

    The 3rd, I think, might be where we surprise and take that player that doesn't seem like a need. Something we do just about every in the mid rounds. So maybe (RB) LaMichael James, (WR) Greg Childs or (QB) Brock Osweiler? If not, it would be a prime spot to grab a CB like Dwight Bentley, Trumaine Johnson or maybe (OG) Brandon Washington if we don't take a guard earlier.

    I would love it if we could find a way to make Michigan's Mike Martin work in our D, I absolutely love that kid.
  10. RS12

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    You know I recall Alexander shoving Riley Reiff around pretty good in their Bowl game. I think you may be on to something there. Also better go back and add your comp pick at 135.
  11. TheCount

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    Yeah I just saw that, score another one for Adam! :laugh2:

    As far as Alexander, yeah, from what I saw of him, I'm really surprised to see some sites say he may be around late in the draft and to read the questions about his explosiveness. He looked darn good to me.
  12. AsthmaField

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    Absolutely love it.

    If you put Vinny Curry in the second instead of Allen, I would love it even more.
  13. CowboyFan74

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    I love all of it except taking two wr's...

    We need a CB in there...
  14. tm1119

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    Hate the Ta'amu pick. He's nothing more than a big body. Give me a good CB in the 3rd instead of him and I wouldn't have a problem with this draft.
  15. MichaelWinicki

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    No corners...

    No safety...

  16. Risen Star

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    I'd sign off on that right now and call it an offseason.
  17. xwalker

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    RS, could you help me decide between my 2 mock draft ideas:

    Mock A:
    Trade down in the 1st and select the following:
    1 CB Dre Kirkpatrick
    2 CB Janoris Jenkins
    2 CB Josh Robinson
    3 CB Trumaine Johnson
    4 CB Omar Bolden
    5 CB Josh Norman
    6 CB Asa Jackson
    7 CB Cliff Harris
    UDFA CB Coty Sensabaugh
    UDFA CB Chris Greenwood

    I'm hoping to get Minnefield with the supplemental pick and I'm really struggling with the fact that I missed out on Brandon Boykin.

    Mock B:
    Trade 1st, 2nd, 3rd, 4th, 5th, 6th and 7th to move up and select Morris Claiborne.
  18. MichaelWinicki

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    And the explosion starts in... 3... 2...
  19. Bowdown27

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    No way we wait until the third round to go defense
  20. TheCount

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    We didn't wait, we paid Brandon Carr 10m per year. :laugh2:

    As I said, the 2nd round is where I'd address most of the complaints you guys have of the mock, I threw a TE in because we like to throw people for a loop and I want you all to be as angry as I will be if we take one in the 2nd yet again. :laugh2:

    Also, all the people giving Alameda Ta'amu should go back and actually watch him. I was just like you guys. Heck, watch Poe and then watch Ta'amu and you'll be shocked to see that Ta'amu is more explosive, more physically dominant and gives more consistent effort.

    He's got functional, on-field strength, and he knows how to use it. He absolutely crushes pockets, and double team slow him down but they don't stop the onslaught. When he hits linemen, they go backwards.

    Much like Frank Alexander, what I'd read didn't really match up with what I saw.

    As for CB and Safety, see my sig for the safety I want and where. Later in the draft, I had trouble selecting a few of them because they were as limited physically as Church is, and I actually like Church so why not give him the shot. Sensy just got signed so he's not going anywhere, meaning I was only looking at SS.

    If it makes you feel better to imagine a CB at #45, feel free to do so, I'd probably be right there with you.

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