TheCount's Post-Season Hangover Mock

Discussion in 'Draft Zone' started by TheCount, Jan 5, 2012.

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    Key Free Agents w/ Contract Estimates:

    Cliff Avril, OLB (25) - 5 Years / 44 Million / 18m Guaranteed
    My estimate is based on Lamar Woodley's deal with a few tweaks. At just 25, Avril would be smart to have his next deal expire before he's on the wrong side of 30, that way he can cash in one one more large deal before a smaller, short-term deal to close out his career. This may seem like a lot, but we are probably looking at 5 or so mil a year for Spencer (if you can believe that) if we resign him, so for 4 mil more, we get a proven pass rusher.

    Ben Grubbs, OG (27) - 6 Years / 42 Million / 16m Guaranteed
    This estimate is based on Davin Joseph's deal from last year, which is to say a very talented guard with 2 deals left in his career. Nicks is the dream here, but we can save 1-2 mil per year on Grubbs vs Nicks (in my estimation), and we're going to use that money for the next FA.

    Terrell Thomas, CB (26) - 2 Years / 6.5 Million / 3m Guaranteed
    This estimate is based on Brent Grimes' deal with the Falcons last year. Thomas is coming off a knee injury and there will be a lot of questions about how he can bounce back. With these type of injuries, one year may not be enough to make a full recovery, so he opts for a 2 year deal so try and raise his stock back up and still be well under 30 to cash in.

    To read my thoughts on these players as far as their play, you can visit my previous thread on 5 Upcoming Free Agents I Covet.

    The Draft

    1st Round #14 - David DeCastro, G, Stanford
    Protect the franchise, Tony Romo. This team is rebuilding, it's not a dirty word, you can use it. It should be built from the inside out, ignore the shiny objects in your side-view mirror.

    2nd Round #45 - Chase Minnifield, CB, Virginia
    Some says he's a better college player than Ras-I Dowling was, so there's a chance he sneaks up but even with Terrell Thomas coming in, don't let that keep you from bringing in a CB with 1st round tallent.

    3rd Round #83 - Ben Jones, C, Georgia
    Smart, consistent, nasty and a face only a mother could love. I'd be pleased as punch to see him in Dallas.

    4th Round #114 - Derek Wolfe, DE, Cincinnati
    Pass rushing DE that may have some problems against the run. Can be a situational guy early, hopefully bulks up enough to be more effective as an anchor.

    5th Round #145 - Chris Rainey, WR/RB/KR/PR, Florida
    Rainey is Mr. Everything, but what he would bring to the Cowboys is explosiveness and versatility. Plenty of special teams experience, and blazing speed. I won't compare him to Sproles because Sproles is thicker, but he's the kind of guy that can make guys miss, and if he's somehow matched up on a LB, you can say goodnight.

    6th Round #176 - Korey Williams, ILB, Southern Miss
    Before tearing his ACL (This would make 3 ILB's with former ACL injuries, now that I think about it... probably not a good thing), Williams was off to a sizzling start - 23 tackles, 1 sack, 3 picks (with 1 returned for TD) and a couple of passes defended... all in just 4 games.

    6th Round #TBD - Miles Burris, OLB, San Diego State
    Situational pass rusher that has a nonstop motor and his fair share of athleticism. He's not an every-down guy, but at the very least he can play special teams and give us a guy to rotate in. Has the frame to add a bit of bulk while retaining his quickness. 17.5 sacks in the last 2 years, and he's played some decent teams like TCU, Michigan and Boise.

    7th Round #207 - Hebron Fangupo, NT, BYU
    A very, large man at 6'1" 330lbs with a lot of raw strength that currently plays the 5 technique (DE) in BYU's 3-4 defense. Obviously playing out of position, mostly because he was a late arrival after transferring from USC just last year.

    Thoughts welcome, of course.
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    Korey Williams transferred to Sachse High School after Katrina. While he is a good athlete, he was nothing but trouble when he was there. Started fights, bad attitude, etc.

    Maybe something has changed since he's been in college, but from what I remember, this would be a no go.
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    So you want to pay big money to a 4-3 DE that plays next to Suh and in a wide 9 defense coming off the best year ever to switch to a 3-4 OLB where he has never played, never dropped back into coverage, and in the wide 9 defense the DE isn't asked as much to stop the run like a SOLB is in a 3-4. No thanks. I would be ok if it wasn't for the amount of $$$$ you want to pay him. But I don't see Jerry paying a play that money to play a position he has never played before.

    Also brining in a CB off a ACL injury, no thanks. I would rather spend that money on Ross or Carr.

    I do like your draft, very nice mock.
  4. TheCount

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    For the first 3 years of Avril's collegiate career, he played OLB, so yeah, he's dropped into coverage and he has experience playing LB. Even on the Lions he's done it at DE. He played just as well this year as he played last year. If you want to knock him for taking advantage of playing next to a great player, that's your prerogative. I don't consider that a negative. We should move Ratliff to DE anyway and Avril can play next to him, problem solved!

    The money is inconsequential as long as it doesn't cripple us, and it won't.

    If run defense is such a priority, then we should just resign Spencer. He plays the run well.

    Thomas is better than both Carr and Ross (when healthy), so yeah, it's a gamble there. I didn't expect anyone to love that signing, which is why I have us drafting a CB in the 2nd round as well. It's a low risk, high reward gamble that could pay off.

    Thanks for the comment though, I like hearing other takes on players I may be interested it.
  5. jnday

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    Like the mock . One of the better ones that I have seen .
  6. dallasfaniac

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    Rainey had been listed as a 6th/7th rounder but 5th seems about right for someone that is such a threat with the ball in his hands in multiple phases of the game, not to mention blocking punts.
  7. MarionBarberThe4th

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    2-3 better linemen and 2 cb's who know what they're doing. It puts a lot on Avrils shoulders but it'd be a nice haul.
  8. robert70x7

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    Williams is also asking for another year because of his injury. If he gets it, he'll be at least a 4th rounder I would think for 2013.

    Great picks though, touches all the areas we need.
  9. Bigdog

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    love this mock especially the first four picks.
  10. BrAinPaiNt

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    Whether people like the FAs and mock or not I appreciate the time and thought that went into it.

    Even if the numbers would be hire this year to sign these guys depending on the number of teams looking at them...I still like the idea that you went back to similar players a year ago and got some base numbers for a comparison. Very nice touch.
  11. TheCount

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    Thanks, actually looking at the numbers now I'm almost certain the top tier FA's will be seeing major pay days this off season. That was, after all, the point of the rookie cap, wasn't it?
  12. Gaede

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    Good mock, Count, like it alot.
  13. supercowboy8

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    Count I'm starting to get on board with you about Avril but it still depends on the money

  14. MichaelWinicki

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    Very well done Count!

    Obviously a great deal of time and thought went into it.

    The only minor gripe I have is that you have Wolfe going in the 4th round.

    I think the kid will end up possibly going as early as the late 2nd round.
  15. TheCount

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    Thanks. Trust me, I'm with you. I was having a heck of a time trying to pin where he'd go, some of the draft sites I trust had him as low as the 6th round, but that didn't seem right given his production so I bumped him up a few rounds. It's still early so who really knows with any of these guys?
  16. Tobal

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    I like the Thomas signing
  17. cobra

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    Is the Center from Georgia any good?

    I have concern about the ability to evaluate a center who is playing next to a 1st round guard. Think that maybe the guard makes the center look better.

    (Of course, the same can be said for DeCastro & Martin at Stanford)
  18. supercowboy8

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    Ben Jones is a great center, he is #2 on my list. Also he isn't playing next to a first round OG. Cordy Glenn is playing LT at Georgia but is projected to be a OG in the NFL and also Glenn has moved down into the 2nd round.
  19. casmith07

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    I like it except for the Terrell Thomas signing. He's 200 lbs at only 6 feet tall...and coming off an ACL tear?

    I'd rather spend a little more coin and get Finnegan.
  20. casmith07

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    He was named to Georgia's All-Decade Team for the last 10 years.

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