TheCount's Pre-Combine Scenario Mock: Safety First

Discussion in 'Draft Zone' started by TheCount, Feb 20, 2013.

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    Got tired of mocking Warmack/Cooper/etc. at #1, so I thought it might be fun to start doing scenario mocks.

    In this scenario, we take Vacarro because he's BPA due to our boards. So what happens after that?

    18. Kenny Vacarro, FS, Texas
    Vacarro is the given in this scenario, but I actually do think there's a lot to like about him, particularly his versatility, size and aggression. The key to Seattle's secondary is Earl Thomas, who basically erases the drawbacks of having large, physical corners and a 230 lb strong safety.

    47. Menelik Watson, RT, Florida State
    He's raw, but the guy is athlethic and has tons of upside. I want an OG early, like a lot of people, but hard to pass up a tackle in favor of a guard. If Free is staying at least another year, then that gives us some time to season Watson.

    80. Jamie Collins, OLB, Southern Mississippi
    Collins is just the type of SAM LB you look for in the 4-3 - stout enough to stand up in the run but athletic enough to chase down plays from behind and drop back without looking like a wounded buffalo.

    111. Alvin Bailey, OG, Arkansas
    Bailey, at this point, is pretty good value. He's not Warmack in terms of power or Cooper in terms of athleticism, but he's got some experience pulling and plays with good power.

    144. Jawan Jamison, RB, Rutgers
    Jamison suffered from running behind a terrible line, but when he gets a little bit of space, he's a problem. It'd be nice to have the luxury of getting a complimentary back to Murray, but what we really need is a back that can take over incase he gets injured again.

    175. Terry Hawthorne, CB, Illinois
    Good size, aggression and production. Illinois thought enough of his hands to give him some offensive plays at receiver. Not the type of guy to stand around a pile which makes him ideal for special teams, which is what he'll have to excel at to stick.


    So, the immediate problem is no DL help. I'm not happy about it either, but I'm not so sure that once we miss out on the top guys, the team won't sit it out. Whenever they've brought stuff up like this to Jerry in the past, he always said they shy away when they aren't sure a guy in the draft is better than what they have. This may become even more likely if we resign Spencer.

    Thoughts welcome, of course. Tell me how much you hate it. ;)
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    No offense, but yuck!
  3. tm1119

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    Not gonna lie, I pretty much hate it.

    I don't hate Vaccaro, but I don't think hes head and shoulders above guys like Cyprien, Thomas or Swearinger. Much better value picks to be made at 18, but I understand you were trying to shake it up with your 1st round pick here.

    Watson is just too raw for my liking with our team. Theres plenty of teams that can afford to gamble and wait, but we need immediate impact starters on the line. I think he will struggle in the beginning of his career.

    Collins is ok I guess, but wouldn't be my 1st choice at OLB in the 3rd

    I like the Jamison and Bailey picks
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    I think we need to come up with at least 1 DL.
  5. Gaede

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    I love that you tried something different...

    That being said, there's just several players in here I don't like. Namely, Vaccaro--doesn't make enough plays as someone with his skill should; Watson--we already have him on the roster and have put many years of development into him (Parnell); and Jamison, I think, is JAG
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    The point of this mock seemed to be what might happen if we go safety in the first. If I couldn't have Warmack, Cooper, Floyd, or Richardson I would love to have Vaccaro. People seem to bash him because he doesn't "lay the wood" but I would rather a ball hawking centerfielder.
  7. TheCount

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    Yup, Vacarro was a given here. the fact that Mark Barron went so high was surprising to me last year and I'm not so sure how far off Vacarro is in terms of talent but the assumption in this scenario is that we went safety at #18. If the name is what bothers you, feel free to replace it with your favorite safety. ;)

    As far as DL, like I said, it was hard to justify taking one once you got out of the first 3 rounds and I didn't want to take one just to take one, but I hear ya.
  8. JerryFan

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    I can comment on Terry Hawthorne. He never played a snap on O. The plan was to play him there he just can't stay healthy. If he could stay healthy the guy has all the talent in the world. He is a good kick and punt returner also. He has elite athletic abilities for any level of football. He has never played a entire season without injury and specifically foot injuries.
  9. TheCount

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    Good info, thanks.

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