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Discussion in 'Draft Zone' started by TheCount, Feb 18, 2011.

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    How I believe the first 10 picks play out:
    1. Panthers - A.J. Green (WR) - Offensive Playmaker they need badly.
    2. Broncos - D'Quan Bowers (DE) - Going back to the 4-3, Bowers fits.
    3. Bills - Nick Fairley (DE) - They need defensive difference makers.
    4. Bengals - Marcell Dareus (DT) - Firm up their interior Dline
    5. Cardinals - Von Miller (OLB) - I think they go after Kolb/McNabb to fill their QB need.
    6. Browns - Robert Quinn (OLB) - Browns want an elite pass rusher.
    7. 49ers - Cam Newton (QB) - They'd be thrilled to have him.
    8. Titans - Blaine Gabbert (QB) - Need a new QB to match their new front office.
    9. Cowboys - Patrick Peterson (FS) - We get him and he starts at FS from day 1.
    10. Redskins - Cameron Jordan (DE) - He's going to help their D, no doubt.

    I've posted many times about why I think Peterson isn't going to be a Top 3 selection like many predict, I think the soonest he comes into play is with the Browns at #6.

    So here we go.

    Round 1: Patrick Peterson // FS // LSU
    I think our staff loves the guy and I think we have a very real shot at him. As I said, he could be our starting FS from day one. Ball moves back to CB depth.

    Round 2: Danny Watkins // OG // Baylor
    A lot has been made of how old this guy is, but if you want a football player and a stand up character guy that will give you 100% on every play, this is your man, that's even before the talent. He's 26 this year and turns 27 in November, but I think he's an immediate starter as well. If he gives you 5 excellent years and then 2 or 3 solid years, that's a damn good career.

    Round 3: Kenrick Ellis // DE // Hampton
    I'll take credit for being hip to Ellis before he started blowing up, and I'll also accept the fact that he's got some character concerns. I think Ellis' main issues are based in immaturity, not criminality. Smoking weed to the point of getting suspended is immature, as is fighting. Selling drugs or stabbing someone in a bar fight, now that's criminal. Ellis has oddles of talent, in the Texas vs The Nation game he had moments of utter dominance.

    Round 4: James Carpenter // OT // Alabama
    Rising up the charts now, but I think he'd be an excellent RT for us. Has LT experience so in a pinch, could move there but obviously would prefer Free to stay where he's at. Has the size and length to anchor our right side for years to come.

    Round 5: Kendric Burney // CB // North Carolina
    The guy is short, no doubt about that but he is ready, willing and able to do anything you ask him to on the field. At 180 lbs, he's pretty solid for 5'9" and if he runs well he could go higher, but he could certainly help our CB depth. He will be a bit of a liability in run support, but not for lack of trying.

    Round 6: Denarius Moore // WR // Tennessee
    I hadn't really heard much about Moore, but I caught him while watching the Texas vs The Nation game and the kid can play. He could have been the game's MVP if he hadn't missed one or two catches. He's got good enough size at 6' 190 lbs.

    Round 7: Allen Bradford // RB // Southern California
    The idea of drafting a RB (or FB, or Kicker) with anything but a late 7th round pick this year makes me sick to my stomach. But being that this is just that, seeing as it's a pick from the Chargers, I guess I could be convinced. Bradford 5'11" - 235 lbs, in other words, he's a battering ram. When given the opportunity he produced for USC and he can do the same here as a short yardage specialist. Of course, this means we cut Barber.

    "And thats the bottom line!" - Stone Cold Steve Austin
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    I'm on board. I would love that draft. :bow:
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    I do nto think either of those QB's are going top 10. i Cam has the physical tools but this year QB crop is blah.

    I can see Cam sneaking in there if a team wants to take that big of a risk but I bet the 49ers are going to be a little gun shy of Cam coming from a spread type offense.

    No way i see both those QB's going top 10
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    i think just about everyone who posts on this board would love peterson. the only people who wouldnt have already decided to hate the guy because he WON'T be a cowboy :p:

    but pre combine any mock with us getting him without having to trade up just doesnt seem realistic IMO. it's just a gut, hunch or dream by the poster. Doesn't mean im not on board with the pick even if he was going to play FS we have a massive hole there and this guys got playmaker written all over him ed reed style. A day 1 starter save us 40+ mill on a huff or weddle that we could use on CB FA that used to play for ryan ;)
  5. TheCount

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    Anything is possible.

    It's possible we'll have to trade up, but I don't usually mock with trades.
  6. Cowboy Brian

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    It'd take 8 miracles for Peterson to fall to us at #9
  7. RS12

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    Peterson wont happen. Most intriguing pick is Bradford. Problem is the guy is fragile. Not good for a back like that.
  8. TheCount

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    In the 7th round, I don't really care who we draft, and Peterson is certainly a possibility. It may take a trade up, but he'll be within reach.
  9. johnnyd

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    makes sense and you cant really it's way to difficult to predict and usually not realistic . people think just because the points match it's a no
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    I don't anticipate Peterson will be at all amenable to playing FS. He's playing for his second contract, and if there's a rookie cap this becomes a more dire priority. FS money isn't CB money and he and his representative are well aware of it. The only way he entertains playing safety is if he fails consistently at corner.
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    Somebody's going to take a QB in the top 10. I don't think two of them go, but it's not out of the realm of possibility.

    Still, if Peterson's there at 6-7, teams will try to move for him. Teams can afford to drop behind us at 9 and still have a shot at Quinn/Von Miller and/or one of those QBs.

    As for the picks, though, given your assumptions, I like them.

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