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    All this proves to me is that my season-ending thread stating the fact that in the modern NFL, any team can win the Super Bowl is pretty accurate.

    A team that lost 4 of their 5 last regular season games, fired their OC in the middle of the season, were quarterbacked by a guy widely accepted as a perennial underachiever and below average starting QB, and had no elite offensive nor defensive statistics just won the Super Bowl.

    Welcome to today's NFL. Where any team has a chance. That's just the reality.
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    Look at how their QB played in the playoffs...whole different story.
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    Nothing against Flacco but if Jones didn't get the run back and then the catch and fall down and get up and get in the end zone the Ravens don't win that game. I think Jones should have won MVP with his performance.
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    Flacco was the MVP and he deserved to win the MVP.

    If Flacco didn't throw that TD pass to Jones (where he fell, got up, etc...) then the Ravens lose.

    If Flacco doesn't throw the other 2 TD's, they lose.

    If Jones doesn't score on the kick return, the ravens offense STILL could have gone down the field and scored.
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    Not according to PETA!!!:lmao2:
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    QB didn't choke in games where it counted down the stretch.
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    The problem is that you have to actually make the playoffs to have that chance.

    When you cant make the playoffs for 3 straight seasons, you have no chance at all.
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    When has Flacco been considered below average?
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    Totally agree. We just don't have the players to match, remotely, with the top 6-8 teams. Match our Coaches, DL, OL,Safeties,Special teams, Receivers,RBs,CBs and other positions with the top teams and you can see how far we are from being contenders. The only way we get within striking distance of the playoffs is Romo and Romo alone. I've never been a big Romo fan but do recognize he's the reason year after year that we seem to stay in the race. We all know who is the reason we don't get to the playoffs year after year.
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    I'm sure everyone here will say Flacco got lucky or he has better coach blah blah blah. The guy is a winner. He played very well in these playoffs. The guy wins and that is the only thing that matters. Everyone here will still say Romo is better, but sorry I don't think you can make that argument anymore. I love Romo, but when is enough enough sayin he is better than all these successful QB?
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    I am serious.

    The Cowboys consistently rank in the bottom 20% of teams when it comes to generating turnovers.

    In 2009 and 2011 Romo’s touchdown to interception ratio was top class. Where did that get us?

    The Bears generated 41 turnovers this year.

    How do you recon the season would have looked if Dallas had managed that?

    You seem to forget the many times Romo left the field for the last time with the Cowboys in the lead only to have the defense allow our opponents to score whatever points they need to win the game.

    As for this years injury bug, again when Lee went down in the 6th game (more than a third of the way through the season) they had a total of 5 turnovers.

    For all the top draft picks and expensive free agents that get lavished on the defense, then yes I do expect them to do a lot better.
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    What I remember about previous Raven years (basically the Flacco years) is a team that looks like a contender but always seems to fall apart in the playoffs. It seemed every playoff loss came down to stupid mistakes, bad coaching decisions, missed kicks, bad penalties, etc. Meanwhile, Flacco has always been an average quarterback. He didn't lead the team to wins, he was simply the quarterback of a team that won.

    I don't see any example to be taken from these Ravens. The did what the Giants have done twice recently ... they got hot for a few weeks and won a championship.
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    i agree with you that it is not all or nothing

    of course GMs take input from their coaches on what they need


    in the end the GMs decide how to spend those resources in FA and draft, how to prioritize, which position gets priority, who gets taken at that position, should we trade our 1 and 2 to get a player when there is just as good a player in round 2

    that is the point

    it is on the GMs in real teams because there is a proper hierarchy with people who are held accountable for their performance, their job is on the line

    only in the cowboys organization can we say that RR was fired becasue he wanted all DBs and somehow absolve the GM of responsibility

    distraction at its best
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    If the Playoffs were every game for Joe Flacco he would be an MVP QB.

    In his last 8 playoff games he's thrown at least 2 TDs in all but one playoff game. Has thrown for at least 200 yards all but twice. Has thrown for 300 yards twice. His regular season numbers have been fairly average. He was best in 2010.

    He has had better teams around him with experienced defenses even though they've had injury issues. His 9-4 career playoff record is pretty solid.
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    Comparing Harbaugh to Jimmy is ludicrous. Jimmy pretty much gutted this team and re-built them. The Ravens were a playoff team before Harbaugh got here and since but just couldn't get over the proverbial hump until now. And nobody knows what Garrett could've done in Baltimore with a decent GM and a hands-off owner.

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