There is QB controversy

Discussion in 'Fan Zone' started by bodi, Aug 12, 2017 at 11:13 PM.

  1. Bullflop

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    If he keeps playing as well as he is now, the FO would be extremely foolish to relegate him to the PS. It's a tough proposition, no doubt. He is already looking like someone that other teams would snap up in a heartbeat if we were to put him there. I think they'd better find a way to put him on the active 53 if he keeps it up. I'm pretty sure he'll see more action before all is said and done. The brass will probably want to see enough to convince them that he's pretty much the real deal beyond a reasonable doubt. It's a good problem to have, though!
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  2. BAT

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    If you mean Luke McNown then I agree. Not only did I want him cut in the 4th, was shocked that Rush did not replace his ace at end of game with chance to still win.
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  3. AmericanCowboy

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    If Garrett and company try to get cute and put him on the ps I wouldn't be shocked.

    Jason has no idea what he is doing so I actually expect them to try and do this.
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  4. Zman5

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    I hope we don't make the same mistake we made in 2007. We cut Matt Moore, who played well in preseason, hoping to get him into the PS. We lost him to the Panthers instead. We cut him and kept Brad "noodle arm" Johnson.

    JG loves vet "noodle arm" QBs as his backups. Probably because he was one.
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  5. Macnalty

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    Just think back about three years to bad QB memories for the cowboys, I would of taken Kellen Moore in some of those games.
  6. The Quest for Six

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    I'd like to see Cooper Rush get some work in the first quarter next week after Dak makes his debut to see how he fares against better competition but I just don't know if Dallas would want an untested rookie as their backup option going into the season as much as I want Kellen Moore replaced as the backup....I just don't see Dallas Carrying three quarterbacks this year on the 53

    PJTHEDOORS Well-Known Member

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    Not like Moore has all this NFL regular season game experience himself. Played in a total of 3 games, with a completion % of 58.7.
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  8. Swanny

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    I thought Moore looked absolutely HORRENDOUS.
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  9. TonyS

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    Maybe CBS will take him for a year like they did for Romo! ;)
  10. JerryJonesMustGo

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    Guys, Cooper Rush's arm is better but not that much better than Moores. Check out the film.
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  11. theranchsucks

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    Something was said last year
  12. noshame

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    Let's not be disparaging pop guns
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    PJTHEDOORS Well-Known Member

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    Not just arm. It's Rush's poise. Moore takes forever to read the defense before he throws it. That is the main problem I have with him.
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  14. zack

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    I know he's your guy, but you can't see the difference? How about when he climbed the ladder near the goal line and barely got the ball 15 yards down the field? Even if he can make the proper reads, he can't make all the throws.
  15. zekecowboy

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    Lets let Cooper Rush play with the second team and find out. Moore does not have a strong enough arm.

  16. Fritsch_the_cat

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    I like Rush, but I'm betting he goes PS and Moore gets the roster spot.
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  17. Plankton

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    Rush looked promising both weeks, but I'd be interested in seeing him make throws outside the numbers. Not sure that he has the arm for it. We already know that Moore can't make those throws.
  18. Sportsbabe

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    As if that Red Devil is going to make the right decision:angry:
  19. Sydla

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  20. Section444

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    I wouldn't even care if the statistics were in Moore's favor, the eye-test tells you that the guy just doesn't have an NFL arm. We had to kneel at the end of the first half because Garrett knew he wouldn't even get the ball to the 20 yard line.

    Now, I know that the Moore supporters (assuming there are any) would probably say that arm strength isn't everything, and they'd be absolutely right, but the guy isn't accurate either.

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