There is QB controversy

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    My favorite throw was the first out. It took 32 minutes to get there and a real CB would have had an easy pick 6.
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    Couldn't believe how long it took the ball to get there.
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    Thought he did a really good job,” Cowboys head coach Jason Garrett said. “Thought he handled himself very well. Poised and composed. There were not many game situations that came up that he didn’t handle well. They did a few different things to him defensively and he recognized them, made some big plays. The touchdown was a big play and he really did a nice job on that play, recognizing the Cover 0 blitz and getting it to the right guy. That’s really what he’s shown us in all the opportunities he’s gotten up to this point. So it was good to see him take that to the game

    Rush completed nine of his 18 passes for 87 yards and a touchdown score. Although it was against backups, Rush looked like an NFL quarterback during his limited action in the Cowboys’ opener.

    Against the Rams, Rush gave the Cowboys life. After a sluggish performance with Kellen Moore in the game, the Cowboys looked to have a jump in their step with number 7 behind center. The confident undrafted rookie completed nine of his eleven passes — hitting his first eight before his first incompletion — for over 100 yards and a score. He marched the Cowboys down the field and hit freakishly athletic tight end Rico Gathers for six on a beautiful dime from 25-yards out.

    I know, I know. It’s just a preseason game against non-starters. But, Cooper Rush just seems to take the offense to a level that Kellen Moore doesn’t. He plays with a noticeable swagger that rubs off on his teammates, and his dimes look a lot prettier than the six-year veteran’s.
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    Rush, the undrafted rookie quarterback out of Central Michigan, had the most impressive quarterback performance of the night against the Los Angeles Rams on Saturday. He completed 9-of-11 passes for 104 yards with a touchdown and a 136.4 passer rating.

    That’s a significant improvement from his Hall of Fame game stat line when he went 9-of-18 passing for 87 yards with at touchdown and an 82.4 passer rating.

    “I was really impressed with Cooper,” quarterbacks coach Wade Wilson said. “He was seeing the field extremely well, making good decisions, throwing the ball accurately. He’s had an ability to step his game up into games over what he does in practice, which is a good trait.”

    The most impressive throw by Rush happened in the third quarter when he hit tight end Rico Gathers down the left seam for a 25-yard touchdown. That was the only TD on the night for the Cowboys.

    “It was fantastic,” Wilson said. “And the best thing about it was his eye discipline. He got the safety to move away from Rico, looked him off, and then made a perfect throw to Rico.”

    Rush certainly had a more impressive showing than veterans Kellen Moore and Luke McCown, as each had more incompletions than completions
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    Moore is linehans homie. Bet he stays at number #2.

    Sometimes it's not what you know or what you can do but who you have the goods on
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    A controversy between Moore and Rush implies Moore beings something to the table.

    Moore showed up for this gun fight with a kazoo.
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    I watched the Cowboys network broadcast of the game. BEFORE the game the announcers said one of Rush's college teammates said , " he is better in games than he is in practice". Wilson's comments seem to verify that. I have been in Moore's defense on this board, but Rush needs to be on the 53. Even if Moore isn't.
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    Hey nice avatar. I'm sure objectivity isn't your ministry.
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    Practice squad, he should be #2. Teams will let you dink and dunk all day. To win after four quarters, you gotta make a few plays downfield.
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    I agree, he is sean payton in training.
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    I agree and I don't know why this is so hard especially for media. It seems every time a QB flashes there is this automatic kick-back of he will still be PS player or he is not ready. blah blah. Dak proved last year some players just get it sooner. In salary cap area that should be embraced. If I am cowboys, I created a battle for 2nd string QB. Make it intense. See who comes out on top. What are they afraid of?
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    I am beginning to think that Floaty is Kellen Moore in disguised.
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    I gave you a like for this in the other thread.
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    Your point still is legit, but just for clarification Rush was not drafted.
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    this is a very valid point, and guess whom scouts, leading up to the draft compared Rush to? None other than Kellen Moore!

    I do already like Rush kid better. Cooper has elite anticipation and vision and he seems one step ahead of the defense w/his anticipation.

    As far as arm strength...neither Moore or Cooper have much.
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    I don't want to carry 3 QBs.

    Nobody will claim Moore but they probably won't cut him.

    Rush looked better but upside seems limited.

    The draft profile on Rush listed his NFL comparison as Kellen Moore.
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    I was laughing at the end of the half because of that. That would have been a great situational practice play. Alas, we weren't going to be able to execute it.
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