There's a crazy man out there on a secret hiring spree

Discussion in 'Fan Zone' started by erod, Jan 10, 2013.

  1. erod

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    How do you tell a man with dementia that he has dementia? Will he remember when you walk away?

    And add a late mid-life crisis to boot.

    If Ed Werder isn't pulling sources out of his posterior file cabinet, we are told we may well be on the verge of a 72-year-old OC and a 61-year-old DC, to go along with our 70-year-old GM. Jerry's seeking peers that know a good Lawrence Welk sing-a-long when they hear one.

    Jason Garrett must feel like the boat guy in "Cocoon".

    Jerry's acting very strange right now, even for him. He's citing the Chicago and Seattle games as defensive blunders, when they were clearly the fault of the offense and special teams. He's wandering about in his jet plane, rushing to hire a guy nobody's rushing to hire right now. Where's he at? What's he doing? He loves that we're asking, of course.

    Sure, Monte Kiffen might do a swell job. He might also fall asleep during the 6 o'clock news. Not sure where he is health wise, even if he is a lifer of the football world. He's a 4-3 guy - which makes yours truly happy - but he plays the corners soft and his safeties gotta be playmakers, not exactly what we've got in our corral.

    I can see rushing to lock down a guy like Lovie Smith or Ray Horton, names that are hot tickets right now at the NFL coaching job fair, but not Kiffen. Perhaps Lovie already said 'no', and Jerry's panicking over losing a shot at the Tampa 2. He watched the Bears beat him twice with it recently at the Death Star, so that must be the magic bean.

    Maybe it's designed to lure Gruden out of the press box, now or next year, or maybe it's simply a way of getting a guy who DOESN'T want Garrett's job, as opposed to Rob Ryan, who likely had his resume on him at all times in case Jason fell off a cliff.

    All conjecture and speculation of the most flimsy nature, I admit, but thanks for playing along.

    This much I do believe strongly...Jerry is flat PO'ed. He's stuck. He's antsy. He's desperate. And he's out of any real good options. Years of ineptitude have raided the cupboard of cap space and good stories to tell us and the media. The repo man wants his GM job back, and he's banging on the front door.

    Garrett, meanwhile, has been virtually neutered. He'd better figure a way to maintain the cred he built with the roster late last year, because Jerry is acting a fool, and ain't asking Garrett's thoughts, so it appears. Perhaps Garrett is just as much behind all this, but history isn't going to argue that for him.

    There is a symmetry among the three: Jerry works with his boys, Kiffen the same, and Garrett with his brothers. Football nepotism in 3D. Perhaps Norv's daughter can work for Charlotte.

    Where this goes, nobody knows. We're so beaten and branded from 16 years of let-down, we kind of just stare blankly straight ahead anymore.

    OK, bring it on. Whatever. Let's do it. 4-3. Tampa 2. Our boy Norv. Rock and roll. Super Bowl.

    On we go.
  2. Reverend Conehead

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    This is scary. 4 and 12 anyone?
  3. dexternjack

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    I almost had to stop reading after "Jason Garrett must feel like the boat guy in "Cocoon".

    Just now getting up off the floor :lmao2:
  4. 187beatdown

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    As long as we have Romo we are never going to go 4-12.

    BEMYDADJERRY Active Member

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  6. Clove

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    Jerry has no clue as to what he's doing. He just likes being relevant. We have no identity.

    Hire old Qbs, reach for a qB in 2nd rnd, get baseball players to be NFL Qbs, trade the entire draft (twice) for receivers instead of quarterbacks. Find udfa to be your franchise QB, hire Bill, run bill out, hire coordinator before hiring coach, tell coordinator he'll be next coach. Hire coordinator with zero experience, he fails, so he's promoted.

    In with Ryan, out with Ryan, I mean, WTH is going on with this nut?
  7. arglebargle

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    It's not so much that it's speculation, just that it's base speculation.

    PAINFROMUKRAINE Well-Known Member

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    Your posts over the last few days have made me piss my pants due to the laughter. Keep up the good work. :lmao2:
  9. dupree89

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    E ROD RULES!!!!

    I dont pretend to know the ins and outs of what players match up in what systems...and some others shouldnt pretend to either.

    But for those of you that do understand it.....a question.

    From what I am reading, we invested more in our CBs than we needed to for the Tampa this accurate?

    Now, I understand at that time the team didnt know Ryan wouldnt be here...but isnt it a little easier to get a def. coord to match your strengths rather than trying to fit current players into a particular defense? Again, I am asking. Trying to learn something.
  10. erod

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    I'd love to hear that you can press your corners in that defense, too. Surely, you can.

    I also do think Garrett would like this hire. A seasoned, sturdy, winning guy in charge of the defense that he can trust implicitly that won't be looking for the first head coaching job available. Rob campaigned constantly for a HC job.
  11. erod

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    This is getting too much play. Ronde Barber and Dwight Smith were excellent corners that played for Kiffen in Tampa when they won the Super Bowl. Jennings and Tillman are Chicago's excellent corners, and their safeties are average at best.
  12. DenCWBY

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    I have worked with people who have dementia and with all due respect to JJ, I really think he's showing significant signs of heading in that direction. I obviously would not wish it on anyone but he's really having difficulty with detail memory and his thoughts (making sense) just from that latest interview muchless those int he past.
    The sad part is that even if his closest most trusted family members or friends tried to reason with him about his mistakes, he could acknowledge and forget in the same conversation. Denentia also comes with paranoia so when you try to take the car keys or the reins to the team in this case, they may understand in one moment and freak out on everyone the next. Also close family members like Stephan who see the signs are usually sypathetic and tend to turn the other cheek for pride. There is medication to slow it down but no cure. Dementia patience are very guarded with their daily activities that go along with that they are used to doing. If this is the case, I assume alot of decisions with his businesses are going on without his acknowlegement through family and associates however people with this disease gravitate to what they know and communicate with generalizations, since they struggle with detailed memory which looks to be evident.
    Ok I hope this is not the case and I'm actually starting to feel sorry for the guy. These moves/decisions are just not how you run a football organization but most of us have already exhausted that point.
    Prayers to JJ.
  13. Bigdog

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    I see what Jerry is doing. He is trying to go after the DE from from S. Carolina (Clooney) in the 2014 draft. I was hoping for Capers when the Pack get knock out of the playoffs.
  14. Arkyvarminter

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    This is a good post but Jerry has been doing this for 16 years. He's just not a good GM and when he decides to do something, its like he doesn't put much thought into it, he just does it....
  15. erod

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    Never accused him of thought, just blind, reactionary, ego-driven, hypocritical guesswork.
  16. The Natural

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    And how exactly do you see Jerry securing the #1 pick in the 2014 draft?

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