These Colt fans are getting flamed bad...

Discussion in 'Fan Zone' started by smarta5150, Nov 15, 2006.

  1. smarta5150

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  3. smarta5150

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    I dont understand this...

    These guys are saying Freeny will have 2-3 sacks. The guy has 1.5 in 9 games. So he might double this in 1 game when he had 9 games to do it?

    Bob Sanders will eat our children? Umm. I personally think WRs are more afraid of Roy Willams than Bob Sanders. lol
  4. Tuna Helper

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    I must be honest with you. I don't even know who Bob Sanders is!

  5. orangecrush

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    Don't worry,Freeny runs himself out of half the plays but he is a great pass rusher on passing downs.

    Sanders is the safety i was talking about when i didn't know his name in another thread.Dont know if he is playing or not but watch the guy play,he is a beast.They call him the hitman and he packs a punch.Ask any Pats fan when he returned in that game 2 weeks ago.Half the plays,he was knocking out NE's rb's in the backfield and then he was 30 yards down feild picking off Brady.WOW................Reminds me of Lynch about 10 years ago except way better speed and range.Trust me,i love Roy but he has nothing on this kid.

    Go Romo Go!!!!!!!!!!!!
  6. CaptainQuint

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    Bob Sanders is Indy's 5'8" Toy Safety.
    Bob has a 'small person' complex.
    He was out of action until the game in New England, but should play in Dallas, until he's run over, and permanently flattened, by MBIII...unless Julius flattens him first.
  7. Tuna Helper

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    Sorry, I do watch some Indy games casually as I clip my toenails on Sundays. I still don't even remember hearing Sanders' name.

    I watch a lot of NFL football, but I've never heard of the guy.
  8. orangecrush

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    They were talking about him the week he returned against the Pats and what a difference he made in his return on ESPN.Madden even commented in the game that Sanders was unreal and Parcell's when asked about him today said he was a great player ,fabulous or something like that.Brady was talking about Sanders today too in his PC.All Pro last year and was in the probowl in only his second season.I know,i was hoping the broncs would draft him.

    Go Romo Go!!!!!
  9. SilverStarCowboy

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    Noway would any NFL Franchise take Sanders over Roy....that is simply farsical and ludacruis.
  10. Future

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  11. Tuna Helper

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    He could be related to Colonel Sanders for all I know. Now I'm hungry for some chicken.
  12. big dog cowboy

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    Sanders was the starting FS for the AFC in the pro bowl last Feb.
  13. EGG

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    I don't see Colts games often either, but being a Fantasy Footballer I do know about Sanders from past years,,, he's a playmaker no doubt. And it's not a stretch to think big-time pass rushers would fare well against this offensive line,,,, with Bledsoe at the helm at least. Flozell has trouble with speedsters and that epitomizes Freeney's game,,, It would be nice to think Flozell would step up to this challenge, but I would still advise Romo to LOOK OUT!!! :eek:
  14. dozin_theknick

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    If Flo was blocking him I might worry, but teams have learned not to match him up with a big LT. His sack numbers have declined because teams are using TE's on him. Expect the Cowboys to do the same.
  15. jrumann59

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    Well I watched the Washington game against the colts and Freeney while disruptive wasn't totally owning Samuels and Samuels is having the same speed rush problems.
  16. Tuna Helper

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    I watched Freeney play a lot, and he has regressed this year. He seems to blow right by the QB.

    The Panthers have decent pass rushers also, and we managed to keep them in check in their own house. This one is in our house. I like our chances against a front 7 that consists of nothing but LBs.
  17. Rampage

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    what is with all of the Bob "i wanna be deion thats why i wear number 21" Sanders man-love? this guy[​IMG]
  18. HighTechDave

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    sounds like a "Talk Show" guy
  19. CrazyCowboy

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    They deserve it.......Go Cowboys!
  20. AmericasTeam31

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    They are about as bad as Redskins fans. They don't talk about how or why, they feel that because they say it, it will happen.

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