News: Theticket: Goose-Murray is the Cowboys MVP

Discussion in 'News Zone' started by cowboyjoe, Nov 30, 2011.

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    Romo is the MVP easily.. it's not even close.
  3. ddh33

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    I don't this year you could make the case Murray is the MVP. At the very least Murray has been co MVP with Romo. As well as Romo has played he didn't start playing great until the emergence of Murray. Before that he was really up and down. He really needed a back he could depend not only as an every down back but as a reciever.
  5. Keystone_Heavy

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    I'm going to make a case for an unlikely canidate. Mr. Bailey.

    • Game tieing 48 yd field goal to send the 49ers game into OT and game winner in OT
    • Went 6/6 and scored every point in a 18-16 win over Washington.
    • Game winneer in OT in rematch vs Washington
    • Game winner as time expired against Miami
    • Tied for NFL lead in points scored and points/game
    • Leads NFL in FG% and second in FG made.
    Just food for thought.
  6. Wood

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    without Murray...Romo is either throwing pick-6 the other way or on IR. Murray transformed the Cowboys season...he is their MVP. Romo has been solid and finally playing within the system.
  7. CCBoy

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    Hey, a good thread here....:starspin
  8. CoCo

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    The knock against a kicker of course is that they are completely dependent on the rest of the team to put them in position to impact. Everyone gets that. No man is an island but maybe kickers even moreso.

    That said...

    The impact Bailey has had is unbelievable as you listed above and it's somewhat easily overlooked. This season and team look very different if he falls short in even half those 4 games. We'd be 5-6 and people would be all over (fill in the blank) with how horribly wrong this team was headed.
  9. jterrell

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    It is entirely too early to be picking any MVPs.

    Either do it at mid-season or the end. not sure why it would be discussed now.

    Murray may well end up that guy. But Bailey and Romo and Ware are all strong candidates. Heck it could be Laurent Robinson if he continues to score TDs weekly.

    Murray may not even be the best rookie. Bailey has been outstanding and Tyron Smith is severely improved over the last month.
  10. BIGDen

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    "Solid"? "Finally playing within the system"? Do you even watch the games? You must really think Romo is phenomenal if he has had the kind of success he's had and not been playing within the system all these years. The guy is the 4th highest rated QB in the NFL (behind only Brady, Brees and Rodgers) despite having played much of the season with broken ribs. He has led his team to 1st place in the division and had 4 fourth quarter comebacks this season. Yeah that's pretty solid.
  11. Wood

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    My point is that "pre-murray" Romo was a mess (ie see Jets & Detroit games). Since Murray has emerged....Romo is getting more space to throw into. You put Felix Jones back in there....and I promise you....were still talking about whether Dallas moves on from Romo after the season. Thats why Murray is MVP....he changed the game overnight for Dallas.
  12. BIGDen

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    I totally agree that Murray has had a big impact on the team. Having a running back like Murray/running game has helped Romo like it would help any QB. I just think that saying Romo was a mess pre-Murray and has just been solid since is ridiculous. He had a couple of really bad moments and more great/heroic moments (even while injured). Overall, like he has been throughout his career, Romo has been very, very good. His mistakes are totally outweighed by all the great plays he makes for this team.
  13. roughneck266

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    I vote Murray/ Romo Co MVPs. Romo wouldnt be getting these good games without Murray and Vice versa. If you dont have both phases the defenses can just key on one aspect of the offense, much like they did before Murray had his coming out party.
  14. Teague31

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    Team MVP's

    Offense- Romo/Murray
    Defense- Ware/Lee
    ST- Bailey
  15. tyke1doe

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    I agree. I think Murray being reliable allows Romo (Garrett) to take less chances in the passing game. That's not to minimize Romo's impact. If he's not quarterback, the Cowboys aren't leading the NFC East. I just think Murray allows Romo to "relax" and "not press" as much.

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