They should stop using regions for DVDs/Blu Rays

Discussion in 'Off-topic Zone' started by Reverend Conehead, Dec 8, 2013.

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    I wanted to watch a movie starring one of my favorite French actresses, Catherine Deneuve. Unfortunately, it wasn't available at Amazon in the US or any other American source. So I ordered it from and had it sent to me from France. If I didn't have some computer skills, I would not have been able to watch it. DVDs and Blu-Rays from Europe are coded as “region 2,” which means they're set to refuse to play on DVD players in the United States and Canada (We're region 1) or anywhere else outside region 2.

    Fortunately, there's software you can use to rip the movie to a video file (an AVI, an mkv, an mp4 or whatever) and then create a new DVD without the region BS. If someone has written and uploaded a subtitle file and made it available online, you can even add subtitles that weren't there before. This particular DVD had no subtitles available for it, so I had to do my best to understand the movie without them. I speak French, but not anywhere near as well as a native speaker. I missed some things, but I understood well enough to know what was going on.

    Anyway, I don't feel bad at all for copying a movie I've paid for when I needed to in order to be able to even watch it. There's another tech solution. You could get a DVD/Blu Ray player that plays all regions. However, with that solution you can't add subtitles if they're available online.

    The Motion Picture Association of America throws fits over software that circumvents their region BS and their copy protection schemes. However, there are legitimate reasons for people to use this technology. Copying a DVD in order to be able to watch it or so that you can add subtitles is fair use just like it's fair use to record a TV show so that you can watch it later.

    It's a world market. I think I should be able to order a movie from anywhere in the world and watch it. By the same token, if someone in Russia wants to order the latest Hunger Games movie from the US and watch it, he ought to be able to. He would need to know English since a release here would not have Russian subtitles. You pay for it; you should be able to watch it.

    The stupid region restrictions have existed for years. I'm glad they're being defeated now with technology.
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    Hopefully they should go away as we become more of a global society.
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    Agree, it is obsolete.
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    You are "backing up your data" and not copying it to a hard drive ;)
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    Making a backup copy is another legitimate reason to copy a movie. I own the expensive deluxe edition of a very popular blockbuster that was recently released in 3D. It comes with the 3D Blu Ray disk, a 2D one, and several special features disks. When some kids wanted to watch it, we knew they would take out the disks and get their fingerprints all over them and put lay them in the dust instead of the cases, etc. So they got to use the backup copies while the originals stayed in the safe.
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    What was the title of the movie? I want to see if my local library has it. They have an awesome selection of foreign movies.
  7. Reverend Conehead

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    Ça n'arrive qu'aux autres / It Only Happens to Others

    I'd doubt they'll have it. It seems to be one of her obscure movies. I had such a hard time finding it I ended up having it sent to me from France. If you haven't seen Belle de Jour, it's well worth seeing. It's a bizarre warping of fantasy and reality. It has some sexual content that was considered very racy back in '67 when it was made, but its pretty tame by today's standards. It has some masochistic content. If you've read all this and it doesn't sound like you'll be offended, you'll probably like Belle de Jour. You should have no trouble finding it as it's very famous.

    Repulsion is another really good film with her. I'd bet you can find it. It's in English. In addition to French films, she's done some in English and some in Italian. Repulsion is a psychological drama. There are some disturbing scenes in it. I personally am not offended by disturbing scenes if the story is good, which it is in this film. It was directed by Roman Polanski. Some people won't see it for that reason. Polanski's behavior in his personal life has been less than stellar to put it mildly. I don't approve of him, but I love Catherine Deneuve and want to see all her movies, so I watched it. It was well worth it. It's strange hearing her speak in English instead of French.
  8. Reverend Conehead

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    ... and if you like musicals, see Les Parapluies de Cherbourg / The Umbrellas of Cherbourg.

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