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Discussion in 'Draft Zone' started by Crown Royal, Jan 8, 2005.

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    There are two major things that are getting LOTS AND LOTS of play in all circles, that I might be sick over if we go that route.

    1 - Cornerback. You MUST be joking. We have a huge amount of cap space invested in the secondary with Roy and Terence. I understand we need help, but I think the safety position is more important at this point than CB. CB should be addressed either in a later round or via FA (but not at huge cost). Any large contracts paid for the secondary should be for a safety to replace The Woodson.

    Several people have us taking Antrel Rolle. In my opinion, Rolle is overhyped. I am not saying he is bad, but I think his speed may be overrated. Now I have heard speculation of moving him to safety, which I am fine with. I am actually hoping we go after a safety with corner experience (Jimmy Stewart from VT, for instance - I hope I got the name right). However, to spend this pick on a corner would be absolutely laughable, considering the state of the NFL's emphasis on improving passing.

    2 - QB. I see this a little less, but we already have this year's third rounder invested in a QB. I have no reason to believe that the coaching staff does not believe Henson is capable, other than second hand, sourceless reports from ESPN. Parcells has a record of sitting QBs before playing them, and I feel that he has done nothing, other than the Thanksgiving day game, to go away from his original plan.

    After the Henson project is completed, I am all for going after a QB - but not until we know what the future holds there. We have far too many other needs than to focus so intensely on the QB with 2 risky projects.

    I would, however, like to see AT LEAST one of our first two picks used on offense. Since 1990, this team has drafted only 3 offensive players in the first round - Emmitt Smith (1990), Alvin Harper(1991) and David LaFleur(1997?). I do not think it is a coincidence that our offense has been extremely subpar since the late nineties. We MUST obtain offensive talent, and it needs to be via the draft.

    I do understand that we have many defensive woes, but our offense is still in need of retooling, not the normal duct tape fixes we have been using since the exodus of the greats in the late nineties.

    End rant.
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    Let me just say that I agree 100% with 100% of your rant.
    I don't even have anything to add to it.
  3. Avery

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    I agree with everything you say.

    I will add something, though. I feel we can get a very solid CB in round two. With all of these underclassmen coming out, there are going to be some very good CB's that could be available come our pick like Justin Miller.

    I'm still hoping for a tradedown in round one for an additional second or third. We can grab our future FS with one of these picks.
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    I think the Cowboys have to do their due dilligence on the QB posistion in the draft. Where the Cowboys are at the QB spot they need to really look at each spot. With that being said, here is what I look at with our picks

    two first round picks- BPA from Front 7 and WR
    Second round-BPA from front 7, WR, interior line and secondary.
  5. The30YardSlant

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    If we take Alex Smith in the 1st round I will have no complaints.
  6. zagnut

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    I'm pretty much in agreement and think we can get a starting CB or FS at the 2nd rounder, but a CB at 20 would not be expensive. He also would likely be a significantly better quality player than any free agent we could sign for "cheap" (as if there were good cheap free agents).

    2004 Contracts around our picks:
    Kenechi Udeze (#20), signed for 5 years and $8.175 million. First 3 years at $6.718 mil ($2.24 mil/yr).

    Vernon Carey (#19), signed for 4 years and $7.1 mil with an option for a 5th year and a $2.5 mil bonus. First 3 years at $6.285 mil ($2.095 mil/yr).

    Dunta Robinson (#10), signed for 5 years and $10.7 million. First 3 years at $9.667 mil ($3.22 mil/yr).

    Reggie Williams (#9), signed for 5 years and $11.925 million. First 3 years at $10.841 mil ($3.61 mil/yr).

    What cornerback could we get at those dollars for the next 4 to 5 years that would be better than a Marlin Jackson, Carlos Rogers, Corey Webster, Justin Miller, etc?

    Even a solid CB like Anthony Henry is going to cost between $2 and $3 million a year. We have to get these players from the draft or free agency and we need starters next year at CB and FS, not prospects. A 4th rounder is not likely to come in and start, we have no third rounder, so we're going to have to reach a happy place and live with the idea that money will need to be spent and possibly even a first round draft pick too.
  7. zagnut

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    On the offense, what would we spend it on? We have the stud RB. We have the stud TE. We have #2, #3, and #4 options at WR. We have a center. Larry Allen is still good. We drafted a tackle and a guard last year. Given your QB point, you're basically looking for a #1 WR or a maybe a top tackle.

    1. If we don't have a QB, is it really necessary to get a top WR? Is it even necessary the way Parcells runs his offense? He's looking for ball control. A top WR doesn't seem that important to him, though he has been very complimentary of guys like Boldin and Hines Ward. I think Parcells likes Mike Williams a lot (based on rumored conversations they had) and would draft him if the opportunity is there, but I don't get the sense Parcells feels he needs a 1st round WR to win.

    2. If we move Flozell to RT and Jacob Rogers slides in to LT and does well (or Flo stays at LT and Rogers goes to RT), do we still need a tackle? It sounded like we were high on Vernon Carey and Shawn Andrews last year, so it is possible I guess. But how much does an OT change our situation versus a DE, DT or DB

    I don't see a whole lot of holes on offense. Basically, our offense is not going to be Triplets 2 under Parcells. The future of the offense is on Henson's shoulders. If he develops, we will challenge for Super Bowls. If he doesn't develop to at least the level of a steady QB, I don't think it will matter what other positions we draft on offense.

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