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Discussion in 'Fan Zone' started by hutch1254, Oct 23, 2013.

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    Just rewatched the game. It was a plodding, defense of struggle that seemed to drag but in the end it was worth it.

    Things I liked:
    • Shutting down Shady. Awesome job.
    • Shutting down DJax. Took out these two guys and forced them to beat us with their lower end talent.
    • I like how Romo isn't looking for Witten all the time lately. Really spreading it.
    • Example of my above sentence...Beasley is the new Witten on 3rd down. Chain mover, really happy for this kid. Catches EVERYTHING.
    • Man coverage on D. Thanks Monte.
    • In the first half the catch Williams made going backwards to the sideline looking into the sun. Tough catch.
    • 2nd Qtr, Sean Lee coming from about 12 yard across the field to take out McCoy for a 2 yard loss...hello second coming of Zach Freakin Thomas in his prime.
    • The Percy Harvin type play we ran with Harris out of the backfield. I'd like to see more of this stuff. We don't use Harris on passes much and he doesn't have world class speed. However, he is slippery, lets get the ball in his hands and a little space.
    • Randle did a nice job using is body to shield the defender on a tight sideline throw.
    • The Wilcox pass defended in the endzone that was a sure TD.
    • The drive Romo put together after throwing a pick. Went out, got after and punctuated it with a nice bullet score to Williams.
    • The convoy Lee had after his pick. 3 out 4 of the DLine got out ahead of him...on the field awareness, Lee running like and RB. Good stuff.
    • 2 divisional wins in a row.
    • 3-0 in the division.
    • 4-0 in the conference.
    Things I didn't like:
    • Philadelphia.
    • Free and Leary having a billion false starts.
    • No flag on a late hit to Romo already on the ground early in the 1st half. Dude must lead the league for most non calls for hits on QBs.
    • Coverage sacks were great. What drove me nuts...the fact that we were so close about a billion times to sacking Foles who has barely under 5 sec 40 speed.
    • Wilcox had a sure tackle on a 3rd and 8...I thought he wrapped up, I think he thought he did too but Eagles got the 1st down. I slapped a couch pillow across the room on that play.
    • End of 2nd qtr no replay by the refs on the one Dez catch near the sideline which looked good to me and then two plays later no flag for the obvious PI on Dez....and punt.
    • Thought for sure Dez had that hail mary. Not sure what happened there, his hands were there.
    • The refs not counting the interception by Wilcox. Philly receiver you can see the ball hit his hand first clearly before the ground even comes into play. I say this jokingly...NFL has it out for Wilcox. That's the second interception they've taken away from the kid via replay or flag. CAN MY MAN JUST GET HIS FIRST PICK GAME BALL ALREADY!!!!???
    Things on my mind:
    • People liked what Rob Ryan did with our D with all the injuries we had. I like what Rod Marinelli is doing with our DL better.
    • DJax is a drama queen. Guy hurts his foot and takes off his helmet like he's done for the season...back in the game next series. Whatever, glad you did NOTHING all day.
    • I heard wind on the refs mic a few times, it was blowing pretty good depending on where you were on the field.
    • Sequence of the game. The Romo pick (which I now clearly see it was meant for Beasley, Tanner messed up and Romo couldn't pull that ball back at that point), to the Wilcox TD pass denial to the Romo drive for the TD to get it to 17. If Wilcox doesn't save that TD it's 10-7 instead of 10-3. Who knows if the play calling goes differently but Wilcox made the play of the day there.
    Things I heard:

    I have a surround system that I bought at the end of last season and let me tell you, I pick up a ton of sideline, background audio action during games. Well, in my left rear speaker for about 5 minutes straight all I can here is this thumping noise and I figure out it's Bailey practicing kicks into the net. At the same time there is Philly fan just ripping him. "Don't worry Bailey you'll be wide right when they need you....you'll be looking for a job on Monday when you miss..." and about every swear word in the book mixed in between. A few minutes later Bailey drills a 42 yarder down the middle. I didn't hear that Philly fan the rest of the game.

    At the end of the game, same speaker, Barry Church gets his pick. Some brave Dallas fan starts chirping clearly "BYE BYE PHILLY BIRDS, GO HOME, GO HOME, GO HOME." I just started laughing. I hope he had some friends with him.

    I'm pretty excited where we are and where we could be heading.
  2. rocyaice

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    When Wilcox gets his first OFFICIAL pick its going to be monumental lol.
  3. CosmicCowboy

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    good read....;)
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    thanks nice
  5. ufcrules1

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    You left off hiking the ball at zero seconds a million times again.
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  6. Section444

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    Yeah, I really thought we were past that.
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  7. hutch1254

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    Yeah I did forget that. Sorry, got caught up in my other thoughts, but yes we're back to that again?
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    I was thinking the same thing. We had gone several games without doing that and then all the sudden it is back. That could contribute to those pesky false starts too. Hiking the ball with barely any time on the clock gives the defense a jump on the Oline. We even had one time where we either called a timeout or got a delay of game penalty and then the very next snap the clock barely had any time on it.
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    Great post!

    Things I like/dislike in a nutshell:

    • Like the offensive line jelling into a solid unit.
    • Dislike the fact that too many players have suffered minor injuries under the supervision of supposedly the greatest S&C coach in the NFL.
    • Like the depth at WR.
    • Dislike the depth at LB.
    • Like the offensive play calling.
    • Dislike the lack of use of the TEs.
    • Like the play of the safeties even though they are not great versus the pass.
    • Dislike the lack of a true fullback.
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  10. cowboys1981

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    Between this year and last year, there is a major difference as far as defenders flocking to the ball and players not looking confused pre snap.
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  11. hutch1254

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    I'm ok with the TE usage right now. It's probably been a few weeks since we've heard something like "Tony is always looking for Witten even on a 5 yarder when we need 9." However, what I think needs to happen is there needs to be a group of plays for Escobar exclusively in the red zone. The guy has hands. Large ones. There was a play in week 1 or 2 where they threw a fade to him in the endzone like we do with Dez. I think the pass may have been poor but I really liked the idea. Escobar may not be able to help us between the 20s right now but I think he could have 2 or 3 plays designed for him right in the red zone. This may boost his confidence while buying time to get a season under his belt and more time in the system. He's never going to be a great blocker, lets feature his route running and his hands.
  12. ufcrules1

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    Amen to that. Philly even did the hurry up a few times and our defense was crisp and ready to go. Last year there was always major confusion out there pre snap.
  13. hutch1254

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    One thing I do like... Waters is vocal at the line, real vocal. Dude has his stuff together and a smart guy like T. Frex I guarantee is absorbing that like a sponge.
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  14. ufcrules1

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    Amen to that. Completely agree with you.
  15. Ntegrase96

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    That's funny. I watched the game in basically a private home theater (not mine: I make a very average salary for a twentysomething) and I got the same thing.

    Back left speaker was filled with trash talk for the first half of the game from Philly fans. Holy crap was it foul. I wonder if higher-ups in the NFL and I suppose the FCC know about this-- what surround sound picks up is incredible. More F Bombs than Bad Boys II.

    I even heard some guys trying to heckle Troy.
  16. reddyuta

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    The oline had one of its worst games,we still have trouble with stunts and blitzes.
  17. Phoenix

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    I also like that our special teams continues to be pretty brilliant overall.
  18. jrumann59

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    This is one game that stunts really seemed confusing. After the Waters signing this OL has handled stuff that has been thrown at them. In a 16 game season you will inevitably get match ups that just make you look bad its the NFL and the guys across the line get paid too. There is a reason you do not see college football scores in the NFL.
  19. hutch1254

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    Yeah there was a lot of hash being slung that day. Me...I enjoy it. I'm not scared of the book of curses. Found most of it hilarious. Stay classy Philly fan.
  20. jobberone

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    You can either play hurry up which is for the most part designed to keep a certain defense on the field. It also tries to catch the defense moving or not moving properly. The problem with keeping the same defense on the field is that the officials won't allow you to snap the ball until they are ready and the D has had some time to sub. I think you should snap the ball early some but waiting until the last minute allows the QB extra time to make all his reads, the other players to make their reads esp the receivers but also the OL, and makes the D show exactly what they intend to do. If you're going to blitz a safety or even a CB they need to be somewhere near the LOS at the time of the snap. The Mike will be where he's supposed to be at the snap so the line can make its reads as well. And Romo hopefully knows what the LBs and DBs are doing so he can run the right play called in the huddle and NOT throw the ball into the strength of the defense.

    Many seem to have climbed aboard this don't late snap the ball without knowing the reasons for and against it. You may not like Romo or Garrett but they do know what they're doing even if they can't always do the right thing. They are snapping it late because they want to. It may be that Romo is just more comfortable and alas more successful running the offense that way. And please don't say that's the problem without rebutting the arguments above.

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