Things I think we will see on Saturday.

Discussion in 'Draft Zone' started by blindzebra, Apr 18, 2005.

  1. blindzebra

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    SD will trade up to AZ's spot for Merriman.

    Houston does the same with DET for Ware.

    This causes Carolina to contact us for #11 to draft Barron before DET can at #13 we get pick #79 in the third to drop to #14.

    At #14 we take Spears.

    At #20 we trade down with BAL, who wants Clayton before JAX gets a shot, for #124. At #22 we take Roth completing a first round where we get both players that showed so well with Parcells in attendence at the Senior Bowl.

    We end the first round with our RDE, Roth, and future replacement for Glover who will be a strong rotational player on our DL in Spears, plus picks #79 and #124.
  2. The30YardSlant

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    I think you are thinking to much
  3. Jimz31

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    If this are good!
  4. Natedawg44

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    And I will still wonder how will we ever get a pass rush.
  5. RoysAHitta

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    umm, wow.
  6. Tio

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    WHat he said...
  7. k19

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    Just readin it made my head hurt, Nice thinking BZ. I wouldnt mind seeing that happen
  8. dstew60105

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    Houston traded a bunch of picks last year for Jason Babin. He's their rush 3-4 LB. I doubt the do that route two years in a row.
  9. Pointguard01

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    I think Houston will target Alex Barron as they need OL help.

    Also, I'm not a fan of getting two DL with out top 2 picks when we have plenty of other needs. We can find a replacement for Glover/Ferguson next year, and I think getting someone who will have a good chance to start is more likely and a better direction than getting 2 DL's when most likely, only one will start for us this year.
  10. blindzebra

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    Starting is not the issue, getting snaps and contributing is.

    Think back to the early 90's line for Dallas we were talented and deep and that gave us the edge late in games because everyone was fresh.

    As it is right now Glover and Ellis play way too many snaps and it kills us late in games. Spears and Roth...could be Pollack, Cody or Tuck you a solid starting unit with a pass rushing/playmaker at RDE and Spears getting snaps at LDE, DT, RDE and 3-4 DE.

    Which rotation would you prefer? One with a first round talent that can play 4 spots or depending on Carson, Coleman, and Ogbogu?

    Keep in mind that this draft is pretty deep and in this scenario we'd have picks #42, #79, #109, and #124 to address other areas.

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