Things we wouldn't need if many people weren't jerks....

Discussion in 'Off-topic Zone' started by Juke99, May 13, 2004.

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    So, there I am, walking to pick up my car from the service station (OUCH)...and I noticed a property fenced in with barbed wire....and I realized that the only reason the wire was there was because some dope would hop the fence if it wasn't.

    And the thought occured to me...How many things exist purely because people are either dishonest, or disrespectful...

    So for instance, a photo ID driver's license...wouldn't be necessary if people were honest.

    Interested in seeing how many like items we can list...
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    I work in a retail store and everything is sensored. From shirts to belts to jewlery.

    I was suprised to see a babies store had many things sensored. If people didn't steal we wouldn't have it.
  3. BulletBob

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    I'm doing some consulting work for a trucking company. You wouldn't believe how much they are spending on an enterprise GPS system to keep tabs on all of their trucks. It's now an industry standard.

    Of course, if people were really honest, time punch clocks would not be necessary (much to Campo's chagrin), nor would contracts (a handshake, and/or 1-page agreement would do). And, oh my, we probably wouldn't have too many lawyers roaming the country! :eek:
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    This never fails to crack me up, how quick the layperson is to berate the lawyer, yet when they or one of their loved ones is run over by the wayward truck on the interstate, or wronged by a vengeful spouse, or slips-n-falls on the broken pickle jar at Piggly Wiggly, that SAME "sleaze ball" attorney, suddenly is the prime confidant for all that ails them!!
  5. jamez25

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    those private detectives who film and photgraph insurance fraud fakers. :mad:
  6. BulletBob

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    Lighten up, Francis!

    I was in sales for 10 years or so. Know how many vulture references I had to put up with?

    It was said in jest. :D
  7. mcnuttz

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    How bout computer passwords?
  8. Hostile

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    This poem always kind of said exactly how I feel about it.


    Three monkeys sat in a coconut tree
    Expounding on the things that be.
    One said, "Gather round and listen you,
    There's a rumor rife, that can't be true.
    That man descended from our noble race.
    Why the very idea is a dire disgrace.
    No monkey would Ever steal from you,
    Or drink himself to a stew.
    Starve his baby, or beat his wife,
    Or take some other monkey's life.
    And if I built a fence round this tree
    It would cause you all to steal from me.
    Yes, man descended the ornery cuss,
    but brothers, he didn't descend from us."​

    --Author Unknown​
  9. Juke99

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    A checkbook.
  10. WV Cowboy

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    Good question !

    It could be reworded though, ... "Things we wouldn't need if many people would follow the principles of the Bible."

    no murder,
    no robberies,
    no rape,
    no child abuse,
    no alcohol or drug abuse,
    no spousal abuse,
    no liars,
    no homosexuals,
    no abortion,
    no adultry,
    no divorce,
    no pornography,

    yada yada yada, ... blah, blah, blah, ... on and on !

    I could enjoy living in a place like that. :cool:
  11. Juke99

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    Oh well, I didn't want to get demonational about it...Bible, Koran, Tao, etc...

    My thinking was, that during the course of any given day, we are impeded by things that are purposely put in place to prevent people from being jerks...those of us who aren't (patting myself on the back) are inconvenienced by those who are...

    Last week, I left my wallet home...I had a train to catch and no money for tickets...I wanted to say to the guy, "Hey, I promise I'll be back tomorrow with the money."

    That wasn't going to happen....why? Jerks, that's why.
  12. Hostile

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    On a positive note, there are a lot of good people out there. When I was a teen I was shopping and had very little money left. I made a miscalculation on my groceries and didn't have enough money.

    I apologized to the clerk and told her I was going to have to put something back. A man behind me said, "no need" and handed her the 3 dollars I was short. I told him I didn't mind putting something back. He insisted.

    I asked him if he knew me, he said no. So I asked if I could have his number so I could make arrangements to pay him back. His response changed my life in a lot of ways. He said, "if you want to pay me back just do something nice for someone else and I will be paid back."

    I won't list how over the years I have tried to pay that man back because there isn't time or room.

    Now, I know some people will claim this is just about that country song that inspired the movie Pay It Forward, but it isn't. This really happened and I really do wish I knew who that man was, and I am really glad he chose this way for me to pay him back. I've been far more blessed than anyone I ever helped.
  13. SoTex

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    Good post Hostile. It reminded me of a recent experience. About 2 months ago, the wife and I were vacationing in San Francisco. On Sunday morning I realized I had lost my wallet. Luckily, the wifey had $20 bucks in her pocket. We were to leave that day so I knew we would be ok. The plane tickets were already paid for along with the rental car. We stopped to eat at In and Out burger for lunch. We eached ordered and started to eat. A homeless man came and sat down at the booth next to ours. He asked if he could have what ever we didn't eat. I complied by giving him my fries. We then went to the counter and ordered him a combo meal. I handed the order ticket and my last $5 to him. He said thanks a bunch and we headed to the airport. After arriving at the airport I realized that the departure time was one hour earlier than I though. (Damn I'm dumb sometimes). We had missed our plane. We talked to the lady at the ticket counter about missing our plane. She informed us that the next plane heading to San Antonio does not leave until tomorrow. Plus, it will cost an additional $250 per ticket. I then remembered about losing my wallet and not being able to contact the bank to wire money because it was Sunday. Damn we were screwed. No money, no ticket and no hotel. make a long story short, the wonderful lady at the counter gave us the tickets at no additional charge and put us up in a hotel courtesy of Southwest Airlines.

    Call me what you will, but I honestly believe that woman helped us out because of our actions at the restaraunt with the hungry homeless man. She had no knowledge of our earlier actions, but Karma is a strange thing. Good things happen to good people. Just something to think about. Not saying I'm a great person, but I take pride in helping others out every chance I get.

    sorry for the long back to Football! :D
  14. Hostile

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    No apologies. I could read stuff like that all day and never tire of it.

    When I was in college me and a teammate were driving somewhere and we saw a man on a corner holding up a sign. The sign said, "I am not a bum. Lost my job, no food in the house, 4 kids to feed. Please help." I was watching him when someone going by actually leaned out the window and spit on him.

    I pointed it out to my friend. We went to our apartments and runed up a bunch of food and called around to several teammates as well. We ended up with enough food for his family to eat for 2 weeks or more. We loaded the food into boxes and took it back to the man.

    He literally started to cry. I'm talking about uncontrollable sobs. We watched as he loaded his car and left. He clearly was telling the truth and wanted to get the food home.

    I don't want to say providence smiled on us because of that, but our next game we beat a heavily favored team by a lot of points.
  15. Jon88

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    Great story.

    By the way, how do you think this "karma" thing works?
  16. WV Cowboy

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    In trying to understand your answer, .. is that demon - ational, demo - national, or did you actually mean something like denominational ?

    Denominational means Baptist vs Methodist vs Lutheran vs Catholic, ... not Bible vs Koran vs Tao.
    Not sure what demonational means.

    Just trying to understand.
  17. twa

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    Demonatinal=a area filled with demons,Godless.Usualy found in the vicinity of of politicians.Washington would be a good bet......Hope that helps. Locks keep honest people honest and good fences make for good neighbors!
  18. onetrickpony

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    Anti-virus software
    computer firewalls
    spyware removers
  19. WV Cowboy

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    Couldn't find demonational in my dictionary.

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