Think twice before you want to bench Bledsoe...

Discussion in 'Fan Zone' started by DBLEDSOE96, Oct 10, 2006.


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    I know alot of you are frustrated and want to bench Bledsoe (even after week 5, go figure) but have you ever thought what would happen if you bench Bledsoe?

    John Czarnecki made a good point in his NFL_Czar's Blog:

    "The bottom line in Dallas is that Parcells knows that if he rushes now to bench Bledsoe, the old quarterback may retire on the spot. I mean pack his bags and retire and with his wife and kids. He doesn’t need the money.

    Bledsoe is a good man and he deserves every opportunity. If he can’t get the job done, he’ll realize it when Parcells does. The fans in Dallas, starting with Terrell Owens, believe Bledsoe has had bad games in the two Dallas defeats."

    Now realize this, Bledsoe said that he isn't planning to go anywhere else after Dallas. What makes you think that if he gets bench, he wouldn't retire on the spot? He wouldn't take the backup QB for the Bills and Pats. What make you think that he will backup for Romo?! He said it before that he is financially set. Good chance is, he'll retire on the spot if he gets bench.

    Who will be the backup QB if Romo start? I know some of you will say that we can find a backup QB in free agency. But who would you pick up and feel comfortable if anything happen to Romo? What happen if Romo starts and fail miserably?

    If you're looking for the future then start Romo. If you're looking for the Cowboys to win this season, start Bledsoe.

    My two cents after reading all the threads on benching Bledsoe!
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    Good point. If parcells knows Bledsoe will retire on the spot, are there any QB;s out there that can be a good backup?
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    Henson just got released. ;)
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    I hear Drew Henson is available...

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    Exactly, who is left in free agency for QBs? If they are looking to trade for a backup QB, the Cowboys better hurry up, the deadline is right around the corner...
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    I don't think Bledsoe is that type of QB. If he was, then I don't want him here anyway. He won't bail on the team if Parcells did decide to bench him at some time.
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  8. Dave_in-NC

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    We would need a good back up.:D
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    It won't happen mid season. Blesoe retiring in mid season would look very bad on him more than the Cowboys. Bledsoe would not want to do that since that would all but seal any chance he might have for the hall.

    A club cannot make decisions while being held ransom by player threats. They have more than one season at stake. Besides, how would Parcells like his type of domineering reputation to be tarnished by a player controlling his decisions. Not going to happen.
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    What makes you think he wants to be here after being bench? He sure ask the Patriots and Bills to release him. After all the bashing from the Media and fans, what is there to play for? Media and fans all want him to be bench, would you want to finish the season knowing that you have no chance of starting again. He knows the Cowboys is the end of his career, why watch the rest of the season from the bench?

    Loyalty goes both way...
  11. Angus

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    Dallas held hostage to the chance that Bledsoe, out of pique, will retire if he is taken out? Whoever considers that a fearful problem and reason to kowtow is apparently ready to surrender like the French and must already have a white flag in their pocket ready to unfurl.
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    So we should put off the future so DB doesn't get his little feelings hurt. It is time to look to the future at the QB position. We are going nowhere with Bledsoe. Romo may or may not be the future but we need to look at him this season so we will know what to do next year. What good does it do us to keep playing Bledsoe with "the best chance to win" crap. Bledsoe will lead us to an early trip home from the playoffs at best. Romo might not get us to the playoffs but he would be getting valuable EXPERIENCE. That experience this year could be the difference next year!!!

    :bang2: :banghead:
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    Is is not being loyal to bench a guy who is not providing quality play? I don't think benching a player who is not performing has anything to do with loyality.

    Drew asked to be traded or released at the end of those seasons' with the Pats and Bills. He didn't throw fits or sulk during the season. He knows the NFL is a business. Dallas may be his last stop, but he won't bail on a team mid-season. He may not like being benched, but he knows it only takes one play for him to be starting again.
  14. DBLEDSOE96

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    As you said "A club cannot make decisions while being held ransom by player threats" Have you missed the whole NFL offseason? Players make threats just as much as club cuts players unfairly. From Branch to Walker, what happened to them? They rather sat out for most of the season then playing for their club. As for the Hall, obviously, I don't think he has a chance to make it if he gets benched. They will remember him has being benched at the end of his career.

    I think the reality in the NFL today is that NFL teams and NFL players have more freedom to make selfish decision. It's not about the team anymore, it's about what's good for the player. We live in a coporate world...
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    F that. If Bledsoe wants to pack up and retire, F him and get the F out of Dallas. We don't need BS like that. F him.
  16. DBLEDSOE96

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    Ouch! I think you are going a little bit ahead here. You need to calm down, he isn't bench and he's not retiring. We are just speculating based on an article.
  17. tecolote

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    Bledsoe is not a good QB, but he is a profesional, I seriously doubt he would do that.
  18. bbgun

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    That's an outrage if true. Is he blackmailing the team? I knew he was slow, but I never knew he was a dick.
  19. Kittymama

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    I think Salisbury had the best take on it, when talking about Bledsoe after the JAX game. Yes, he can be an idiot at times, but he's a former QB & occasionally makes sense.

    His thinking is that Bledsoe gets until Halloween to either improve or get benched. That's a fair amount of time to determine if he & TO can gel, since Bledsoe is already doing well with Terry. It does make sense--he's probably going to have a decent game against the Texans, & the Giants will make for another test. If he passes that, he's probably in. If not (or maybe he gets until the Panthers game), then he's out.

    I'm torn on this. I do think Bledsoe should have a chance, & realistically if he does get demoted, he's not going to become the starter again. Plus, TO's hand is healing, so the two of them have two home games to get better synched. You can't start Romo, see how he does, then bench him--once he starts, he's it for some time to come (even next year). I think Bledsoe is classy enough that he'd stay as the backup out of loyalty to Parcells.

    However, if Romo is going to start at some time this season, the Texans game would be a logical one. A reasonably easy opponent at home in front of a supportive crowd is a good intro. Looking at the schedule after that, I don't see an easy place to make him a starter, except possibly the Arizona game. I seriously doubt anyone wants to see him make his first start either at Carolina or at Washington. (Altho, with the way they've been playing, that might not be as tough a task as it looks right now.) Even at home against Indy--I don't see it. I suppose if Bledsoe does poorly against the Giants & Carolina & Washington, then the season is pretty well tanked anyway, so no harm in starting Romo. Right now, I still think Bledsoe is the better chance in those upcoming games.

    TO may not like it, but he has to take a bit of the blame (not for the underthrows of course) for not getting a lot of throws. He didn't practice all summer, plus he missed most of last year. Does he really think Bledsoe is going to throw to him constantly when Terry can catch anything thrown in his vicinity? He was warned from Day One that he's not going to be the star here--he's one of several good WRs & TEs. He needs to heal his hand, stop dropping the passes that do go his way (as in the Tennessee game), & spend more time synching with Drew. He also needs to realize he's past his prime. He was foolish to blow his chance with McNabb, but this is his reality--he's 33, he wanted money, he's with a team that doesn't pass a lot, he's an aging prima donna that few teams want any more, & he's not going to be treated like a superstar anymore. There's no "TO ratio" for him.
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    Except Ed Werder just raised the exact same possibility on the Galloway show. There's smoke here.

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