Thinking way ahead...I don't believe DL will be our first pick next year

Discussion in 'Draft Zone' started by Howboutdemcowboys31, Jun 28, 2014.

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    It's always fun to speculate. By next years draft, my hope is that Romo has played the whole season - and well. That Weeden has gained the whole season to know the playbook, get plenty of reps during the weeks and maybe some mop up duties in a few blow out wins : )
    That would allow us to stick with them both without having to draft a 1st. round QB, for another year.
    Finish up the Defensive makeover - my priorities would look at (but not be limited to) LB or DE - it looks like a good draft for DE's (at this far off point anyway). Maybe a 3tech. if Melton does not work out. Maybe time to finaly take a FS high, but the projections don't look too favorable.
    Whatever happens this year, I think it will be one more good defensive draft and then we should really be ready to contend.
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    Come on Mariota!!!!!
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    I think you're right. It depends on how our current talent shakes out this year.

    As much as people don't want to admit it, this year is also an evaluative year for the DL talent we have. I think you can pencil in Demarcus Lawrence as a future perennial starter unless catastrophe strikes, but the rest of the guys are kind of on "tryout" deals. Hopefully Melton and some of the other guys we've brought in are good players, and we can turn our attention to linebacker in the first round next year.

    I also would not rule out Right Tackle in the first round.
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    agree with the OP,we were ready to pick a LB in the 1st this year even with Sean lee.
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    Do you think Beasley will be there at 32? Most likely we have to trade up from 32 to the teens to get him
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    I wouldn't rule anything out, but the 1-tech thing is very interesting. I don't even think it's just one-tech. Until recently, it was clear to see what we were still chasing the 90's and expecting that dumping money and picks into RB, QB and WR would be enough to win games.

    I've had the same signature for years. Until the franchise starts taking the trenches seriously, we aren't gonna win diddly. We've seen that with the offensive line, now hopefully it continues to the defensive line.

    BPA isn't how the draft works. No one closes their eyes and blindly picks the highest ranked player. If that was how things worked, then Sharrif Floyd would be a Cowboy.

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