Thirteen Years ago we lost our coach

Discussion in 'Fan Zone' started by Cajuncowboy, Feb 11, 2013.

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    I got to do a radio interview with him, we talked more about flying and his then 182 than about football.
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    I got this from Hostile on facebook:

    Tom Landry and Charles Schultz(peanuts/Charlie Brown) passed away on the same day, the following day the DMN ran this:
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    The most iconic person in the history of the NFL, IMO.
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    I was hoping never to hear Tom Landry and Charlie Brown in the same sentence.
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    to quote the crazy but sometimes funny Kat Williams "This picture right here, this picture right here my N-word........just made me cry and realize I dont have long left on this earth"

    Love, Peace and Blessings to you all.
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    I have told this story before but I will do it again because of how great a man he was. When I was about 11 or 12 me and my best friend were coming home from a Ranger game. We were playing the sign game or something and we both noticed the car next to us was being driven by Coach Landry. We both waved at him hoping to get his attention. He smiled back and waved at us and it was as if we had seen God himself. I will never forget that as long as I live. RIP Coach.
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    one of the greatest coaches who ever walked the sidelines. innovative, thinking outside the box and great before and during the games.


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    I was born on February 12th 1978. A piece of me died on February 12th 2000.

    What a man.
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    The Giant's coach of the 50's Jim Lee Howell did note his offensive coordinator (Lombardi) and defensive coordinator (Landry) were brilliant, but it might be more accurate they were "greatest ever"

    Landry is tied with Curly Lambeau of the Packers for longest tenure at a single team (29 years) - twice as long as Reed or Belichick today.

    Landry's Cowboys won 20 consecutive winning seasons - again twice as long as present-day teams like the Colt's or Patriots...made playoffs 18 of those years. Critics might say the game eventually left him, but few were on top of it as many seasons as he was.

    Belichick is considered the brainest of today's coaches...note that what he copied from Landry:
    • Not hang on to veteran players too long
    • Watch player's salaries
    • If a player did not show potential after three years - cut them
    • Demand the team play the system
    • lucky and got another two-minute QB wearing #12 aka "Captain America"

    I remember the detractors ask why Landry did not scream at players like Lombardi or Shula....his discipline was more in-house and executed with "the look." Mike Ditka would scream at any player, any coach except Landry - he never did that.

    One of the things that was so special about the Cowboys/Redskins rivalry in the 70's was from an organizational standpoint, it was ideological - like Communism vs Capitalism. Landry believed if the team wins, then the players will be happy....George Allen believed if you make the players happy first, they will win. Landry: Get players out of college cheap, raise them in your system. Allen: Get veterans and pay whatever it takes. Landry: Don't give opponents posterboard material. Allen: Work up players....hated the Cowboys so much it was always prefaced with profanity the week they played us....gave a player a different name so he would not have to address him as Dallas.

    Not perfect, but as far as sports role models go, about as good as they get. I don't care what Skip Bayless wrote about him.

    I can think of a tribute many of us can make to Tom Landry and his daughter. Go to or the blood bank in your area and make a platlet donation - it's the equivalent of eight pints of whole blood to a leukemia patient.

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