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Discussion in 'Fan Zone' started by E-Dog Night, Sep 20, 2005.

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    I knew I was going to have to come over here after the game, win or lose. That's how you do it.

    And after Roy Williams sacked brunell and tossed him backwards like a rag doll, well, I pretty much thought the game was over right there and then.

    I certainly didn't see this coming. The Skins had not demonstrated the ability to comeback in many years and we all saw that 77-0 stat when Parcells leads by 13 points in the 4th quarter.

    There are a lot of sub plots to talk about. I think the refs blew calls for both teams -- a pancake is not holding, and Crayton fumbled on Sean Taylor's hit. there were others but those two stand out.

    The Redskins looked like death warmed over for 55 minutes. I think it's pretty clear that we were outplayed. Funny thing is, I felt that we outplayed the Cowboys in both games last year, and lost them both of course. Go figure.

    I'm really surprised that the same coverage was used on Santana Moss after the intital TD pass. The only explanation for it is that, on first and 10 from their own 30 with over 2 minutes left, nobody expects the Redskins to go for the home run right then and there. On a theroretical third and 15 later in that drive, you don't see that coverage.

    I honestly did not know that Mark Brunell had a 35 yard run in him anymore.

    Anyway, this one will go down as one for the ages.
  2. DBoys

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    Good post E-Dog.

    I can honestly say I know how you guys felt last year with the Crayton catch. I think it is funny all the articles coming out saying that the Skins Boys is not a rivalry sheeesh. No question this will be right up there with all the other classic Skins Boys games.
  3. Qwickdraw

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    I commend your honesty.

    There should be more like you.

    Good game.
  4. Next_years_Champs

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    Good post E-Dog and congratulations on the win.

    I'm what's known as a old veteran Cowboy fan and I knew Joe Gibb's teams would be well coached and wouldn't beat themselves. I saw many posters here who didn't give Coach Gibbs much respect, but I know Joe Gibb's teams will always win their share. So while I'm disappointed I take solice in the fact this team is full of rookies who's best day are ahead of them.......
  5. aikemirv

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    I did not see Craytons catch close enough to tell, but I will tell you this.... This "football move " stuff is ridiculous. If a guy catches the ball and has controll with a foot or two down(like the way it used to be called) it is a catch - plain and simple!!

    This football move crap is ridiculous!
  6. chinch

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    Why is Roy on coverage like that after last year? The guy is NOT a cover safety.

    The game was a pretty pathetic showing, in that even if we made the initial field goal or held off to win, the 'boys did NOT deserve to "win". Their offense was lethargic, mistake ridden and the "prevent" defense was afraid to rip open the jugular at the end. Glover's dumb penalty was an ominous sign wrecking the field position game there and keeping our D on the field and O on the bench. The defense showed spark and emotion but what use is that if they're gonna give up 120 yards in 2 plays. The skins sort of clung on for dear life and then got two late homeruns.

    It's gonna be a long up/down season with all the rookies on defense and teams with better defenses are going to expose us that is for sure. Stop JJ, eliminate our "ball control" then attack our inept Safety coverage deep (if we continue to stop the run)
  7. E-Dog Night

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    Thanks. That monkey was getting very heavy...
  8. vicjagger

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    Agreed. That's one the refs gave us.
  9. SultanOfSix

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    You mean, that's one the refs cost your team.
  10. Maikeru-sama

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    E-Dog, I am not trying to rain on your parade or nothing, but I really do think the Redskins are in deep trouble this year.

    We lost soley on bad play calling and in-excusable bad matchups on the outside.

    You are 2-0 but I would be extremely concerned about the conservative play calling and the lack of production out of your run game.

    - Mike G.
  11. E-Dog Night

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    Understand your points completely, though I could take some issues with your evaluation on a number of things, such as the sole reasons you lost and what we are capable of.

    I watched a pretty pathetic offensive team for most of the game -- watched them do lots of terrible things. Penalties up the wazoo. Bad turnovers. Lousy pass protection for most of the night. And I'm under no illusions that the offense will magically be fixed as a result of two long touchdowns to beat our arch rivals in the clutch on Monday Night.

    BUT - and if you've ever played sports competitively you know this - confidence goes a long way in determining how well you play. Some once said (maybe it was Parcells?) that "first we'll win, then we'll get good". Well, the Skins are 2-0, regardless of how they got there. And coming back from certain defeat to pull this out, while doing it using the one aspect of the offense - the deep passing game - that has been the Achilles heel of this team?

    It's going to help. A lot.

    I will say that the Cowboys have a pretty fierce run defense. I think the Redskins will be able to run well this season against teams that are not as stout. The question is whether Brunell can throw for 250 yards every game. if he can then we are in business, because teams won't be able to put 9 and 10 men near the line of scrimmage to stop the run. There were a few plays yesterday where the Cowboys had all 11 defenders within 5 yards of the LOS with 9 committed to stop Portis. The Bears did the same thing. And we still ran for 164 against them.
  12. poke

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    i sat behind 2 redskins fans last night at the game. they voiced a lot of the same thoughts you did. i agreed with them on most of them. they too said
    brunnell was too old, too weak armed, too slow to run. i told them i wished
    Ramsey was playing because Brunnell always has worried me. we enjoyed
    a casual banter throughout the game. they were polite and seemed to know
    their football. they congratulated me on being right about Brunnell.
    i so wish i had been wrong. and even though we lost i know they left
    Texas with a good impression of Cowboy fans. now the Cowboys have to
    try and break ya'lls heart at FED-EX.
  13. Billy Bullocks

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    The key to this rivalry is playing like ****. That's how you beat the other team.

    Im glad we have another shot at you. We blew it. We outplayed you, I undestand how some you must have felt last year. Big ups to you guys on grinding it out. Im livid. But its early, and there's alot of football left. We can take some positives out of this game at least
  14. New Member

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    ..another Extreme Skinner coming over to say good game.... We were outplayed most of the night. One of the posts on ES I posted earlier - I think I quantified our offense as 95% ineffective.

    We are one of the lowest scoring teams in the NFL....3rd lowest???

    We have two wins under our belt - by a total of 3 points.

    I talked to my mother today and she was gloating. Eagles can gloat. They look amazing. We have eeked by. I'm hoping for good things....but we'll see.

    Hope to beat you guys again in week 15.....hopefully that pass rush will slow down and your QBs will stop teasing our boy Taylor into blown coverages.

    Nice game.
  15. Kilyin

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    I just got back from Dallas, and man am I pissed off. We may as well have giftwrapped that win and presented it to Gibbs, because the team gave that game away. I've never seen so many Cowboys fans with their jaws on the ground in the last two minutes.

    Congratulations on whooping our butts, that was the sloppiest final two minutes of a game I've EVER seen. I was ashamed to be a Cowboy fan when I walked out of Texas Stadium.
  16. AmishCowboy

    AmishCowboy if you ain't first, you're last

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    Give the Skins some credit, they could have rolled over like a dog , but hung around and made plays!. :lmao2: :banghead:
  17. deadrody

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    Yes, and so did our defense. Not so much on the TD plays, but on the two gimme plays that allowed the Skins to convert a first down out of 3rd and 27.
  18. ghst187

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    That was absolutely the most embarrassing loss that I can remember as a Boys fan.
    I really didn't think the skins would get another first down the rest of the game, let alone score two quick tds.
    We made some key penalties that cost us bigtime, they may have been bad calls, but everyone gets them at some point.
    It was really embarrassing because I really felt like we were two teams, old rivals, headed in opposite directions. Your defensive scheme though turned out to be right on the money and I hope to heck Payton finally figures out how to beat it because I'm sure we'll see it over and over. And I hope Zimmer figures out that you should bump a fast WR at the LoS. Have to hand it to your D, it shut us down.
    I think BP's predictability on offense is about tiresome. If we throw on 1st, we run on 2nd and usually the inverse. Wash wasn't hiding the fact that they knew that in the 4th.
    What a great way to honor our triplets, at home, in a year of big expectations!
    Lose to a bad team, blowing a 13 pt lead with only 5 minutes left. (and another WR named "Moss" kicks our a**) Unbearable. I guess its a good gauge though because I certainly can't honestly and unbiasedly say that Wash is a good team. Good d but that's it. But then I have to admit that we must stink too cuz we lost.

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