This Day in Cowboys History: April 19

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    Apr 19 - Signed: Bruce Walton (1973); Acquired: Terrence Flagler & Danny Stubbs from 49ers (1990), 1st rd draft pick from Pats (1991), 1st rd draft pick from Eagles, 3rd & 4th rd draft picks from Lions (1997), 5th rd draft pick from Seattle (1998); Drafted: David LaFleur-1, Dexter Coakley-3, Steve Scifres-3, Kenny Wheaton-3, Antonio Anderson-4, Nicky Sualua-4, Lee Vaughn-6 (1997), Darren Hambrick-5, Oliver Ross-5, Izell Reese-6, Tarik Smith-7 (1998); Lost in free agency: Darrin Smith to Eagles (1997); Re-signed: Michael Myers (2002); Birthdays: Michael Barrow (LB: 2005, b. 1970)

    Trivia: He was an assistant coach on Tom Landry's original staff and his birthday is today; who is he?

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