This Defense needs Nick Fairley!

Discussion in 'Draft Zone' started by ReturnToGlory, Dec 13, 2010.

  1. ReturnToGlory

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    Have you seen his highlights. Body slamming the QB.
    That attitude is exactly what this defense has needed the past decade.

    Is he a top 10 pick?

    If Newman had his attitude, he would not be watching and leaving alone D. Jackson showboating into the endzone.
  2. baj1dallas

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    Well I don't know about all the dumb parts of the post but I do think Fairley is a good player, but he probably won't be there at 7 or 8 where we pick. If he is, I think he could help us a lot.
  3. CaptainAmerica

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    He's a monster but I gotta say I am concerned about PEDs with that guy. He was an average player last year who blew up this year and plays with an unusual ferocity. If he's clean (or at least can avoid detection like the rest of the league) :) I would love to have him.
  4. ReturnToGlory

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    Hey, look at Clay Matthews.
  5. Gorgeyhopper

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    Obviously we need to lose some games....

    Just kidding

    Well sorta kidding.
  6. Muhast

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    Agreed, I'd take him over Marcel Dareus 10/10 times. I like Dareus, but Fairley looks special.
  7. danielofthesaints

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    Fairley has a Steelers, Ravens type of ferocity to him. If we could have him wear a Cowboys uniform, he would wonders for our run stop and pass rush.
  8. TheCount

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    I want Fairley and this is coming from a guy that thinks it's stupid to spend a high pick on a 3-4 DE.
  9. CoJo JoJo

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    My biggest concern with Fairley is his durability. I'm not talking physically either, I'm talking mentally. A lot of the stuff he gets away with won't fly in the NFL. Watching him in that Georgia game made me sick at my stomach.
  10. GloryDaysRBack

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    you and I are almost always on the same page...nothing new here
  11. CoJo JoJo

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    With that said, he looks to be a dominant player... and drafting him would be worth the risk.
  12. tyke1doe

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    I don't think that's going to be a lingering problem. He seems to have gotten the message.

    I'm on board with Fairley also. I watched the Alabama and South Carolina game and all the guy does it split blocks. It didn't seem as if even two guys could contain him.
  13. BrAinPaiNt

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    If this guy is a dirty player, can not control himself and if he would be a penalty machine in the NFL than no thank you.

    There is a difference between being a hard nosed killer player and being a dirty player who gets penalties.

    I don't know if he can control himself in that area...if not, no thanks. We don't need to give opposing offenses first downs after stopping them on third and long just because this guy decides he wants to hit the QB late or him getting a roughing the passer call against him.
  14. Cogan

    Cogan Well-Known Member

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    I know what you're trying to say, but it's either stupid or it's not. The whole problem with this administration is they have the idea that it's stupid to take a lineman from either side of the LOS. They haven't taken an OL in the first two rds. in six drafts, five drafts for the DL.

    That's why we don't have a running game, and the Giants ran the ball down our throats with over four minutes left in the game.

    In order to be a SB quality team, you MUST draft players in the trenches in the first two rds. In the last seven drafts, the Pats have taken five linemen in the first two rounds, including 2 in the first rd.-a NT (Vince Wilfork) & an OG (Logan Mankins). Both have gone to multiple Pro-Bowls & have been mainstays for their team.

    The reason I mention NE is that they are the best team since the '65-'85 Cowboys in terms of consistency. If we are to even begin to match them, let alone pass them, we need to follow suit.

    I like your first two picks very much. I would take CB Jimmy Smith, CB, Colorado in the third, though.
  15. TheCount

    TheCount Pixel Pusher

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    All of his so called dirty play is questionable, some of them just look like bad decisions or a lack of disciplined technique more than uncontrollable blind rage.

    I don't think it'll be an issue in the NFL. He's just got a mean streak, which is a good thing.
  16. BrAinPaiNt

    BrAinPaiNt Backwoods Sexy Staff Member

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    Mean streak is a good thing...if he can control it.

    Having us stop an opposing team on third down and forcing a punt, turning into a 15 yard penalty and an automatic first down because this guy decides to spear a QB, Hit him late or other things that would qualify as a personal foul/roughing the passer situation...not so good.
  17. ArmyCowboy

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    He's one of the few guys I've seen who can be an impact players as a 3-4 DE.
  18. InmanRoshi

    InmanRoshi Zone Scribe

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    I don't mind Fairley, but only if we're switching to a 4-3. He's strictly a 1 gap, 3 tech. To put him in a 3-4 and battle an offensive tackle head up in a 5 tech negates his best asset, his explosive first step. Look past the height and weight and look at his playing style .. he's a gap penetrator.
  19. divot

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    Is he the next version of Ndomokung Suh? is the question. Watched Suh all year and would kill to have him on my team. He is a ferocious man child with a true dislike for the QB. BUT the magnifying glass is on him already this early in his career after treating Cutler like a rag doll. Now he is flagged for the appearance of a penalty!
    Again I have always admired the borderline ferocity of the Ravens and Steelers defenses
  20. MarionBarberThe4th

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    LSU/Auburn on in a few hours on the CBS Sports channel.

    Ill DVR it, I probably need to warm up to Fairley more than I have

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