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This election is about History

Discussion in 'Political Zone' started by REDVOLUTION, Mar 18, 2008.


    REDVOLUTION Return to Dominance

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    and only history.

    • 1st Black man as President or VP
    • 1st Woman as President or VP
    • 1st Dead Guy as President
    No good can come of this election.

    Broken Government.
    Failed policies and blame games.
    No talk of realistic solutions in sight - just talk.

    Reminds me of that 80's song by Phil Collins "Land of Confusion"
  2. heavyg

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    Well your last 1st actually is not a first :lmao2: Unfortunately the last one is most worrying. IF Obama is elected you can bet Secrete Service will have to be on high alert the entire time. There are still some idiots in this country that would lose their mind if Obama is the President based solely on his race. Its sad

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