This is Funny and Scary at the Same Time

Discussion in 'Political Zone' started by Hostile, Aug 24, 2009.

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    I have a sister-in-law whose father is a 90 year old rancher. Not former rancher, rancher. He still gets up and works every single day.

    He is a very good man, but he is kind of no nonsense. He will tell you exactly what he thinks even if it hurts your feelings. If he doesn't like your clothes, he will tell you. If he thinks something is stupid he will say so. In other words he is not too afraid to say exactly what he thinks even if it causes an uproar.

    He is also a staunch conservative Republican.

    Apparently that is exactly what happened last week. He answered the phone and it was a political survey. Several of the questions had to do with President Obama. Let me just say that he was less than kind about the President. I don't want to go into specifics because it might offend someone.

    The next day twp Secret Service Agents knocked on his door and he was questioned at length for a couple of hours before they determined that this 90 year old man was no threat to the President. He just doesn't like him.

    Be careful how you answer surveys.
  2. JBond

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    Did he make threats or just voice his displeasure with Obama? It would be a sad day if the SS is investigating people just because the believe Obama is an ***.
  3. vta

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    I like him already.

    That's ****ing despicable.
  4. Rackat

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    Agreed on both counts.
  5. zrinkill

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    I am not surprised.

    I have heard some scary things.

    ABQCOWBOY Moderator Staff Member

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    Can't ever happen in America. That's not what this administration is about.

    It's amazing to me how things happen and people seem to look the other way. One day you wake up and before you know it, your living in a brave new world but it can't happen to us. That's not what this is all about.

    The worm has turned.
  7. Sam I Am

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    Thats just like my grandfather. He is 90 and has had Ephazma for 10 years, yet he still ranches and mows every single acre of his land with a tractor, builds / re-builds fences and porches.

    He is a no nonsense guy too, but he is a very hard man and not very nice one at that. I know nothing of his political status, (if he even has one) but I'm sure he doesn't like Obama. No need to even ask that.

    I saw him about a month ago when I was in Dallas to see my other grandfather (much better man) before he passed away. It was the first time I have seen him in 16 years. It took my dad some serious arm twisting to get me to go.
  8. Hostile

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    What he said was interpreted as a threat. I am not sure his exact words, but I am told he was asked what he thought of President Obama, and he replied in some version that he wished Obama would die. He did not say he'd like to kill him or anything like that. It's kind of hard for me to fathom them needing 2 hours to question a 90 year old man as to whether he was a serious threat to the President. He hasn't left his home town to drive more than 30 miles in 5 years.

    Like I said, he minces no words.
  9. arglebargle

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    If you think this hasn't been happening for a while now, you have not been paying attention.

    Not to mention that there are always some real dangers out there, and the Secret Service, by definition, is manned by paranoids....
  10. joseephuss

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    Maybe SS just hung out with him for 2 hours. They have their formal questions that they have to ask, but that doesn't mean they spent the whole 2 hours grilling him. Maybe they all sat around for 2 hours drinking coffee or whiskey.

    I am pretty sure that when you use terms like "I wish he was dead" that it is going to raise some flags. It may just be standard operating procedure that they have to do some sort of follow up. It doesn't matter who is in office, either. I am sure the same things happened when Bush, Clinton, the elder Bush and so on and so on were in office. I remember stories of people being arrested at Bush rallies wearing t-shirts with a line through the W and stories about people being arrested at Clinton rallies while he was in office. It happens.

    It sounds silly and in this specific case it really is silly, but their job is to protect the president. Unless they do some sort of follow up how are they supposed to tell which ones are non threats and which ones may be actual threats.
  11. JBond

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    Good thing Obama does not allow water boarding. I will not be the least surprised if the SS starts visiting people for what they write on the internet. I remember Google was complicit with the Chinese during the crack down before the Olympics. We know how tight Obama and google are.
  12. Wheat

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    You 100% sure he didn't say something that involved killing him? I mean, I don't want to suggest he would mean it. But my Granny is 96. Some of the stuff she says would have been generally accept 50 years ago. But today seems downright racist and really dangerous if she wasn't overall a sweet sweet lady.
  13. TheCount

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    Well there's being honest and there's that, I wonder (but doubt) if it was overheard on the phone line or whether he was "reported" by the people taking surveys.

    ABQCOWBOY Moderator Staff Member

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    Perhaps, but let me just point out that their were no shortage of people who wished death on GW on a daily basis. If you think that their feet were held to the fire, OK. That's fine but I did not see it.

    This man did not make a threat. He was called in his own home and asked what his opinion was. If he said, "I wish he would die.", does it not seem odd that the SS would show up on his door step?
  15. arglebargle

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    Apparantly you missed some of the shenanigans with government detractors getting on the 'no fly' list. And I have heard of people who publicly voiced certain statements getting a visit from the SS twenty years ago.

    I don't disagree that it's a little worrisome, but this sort of thing has gone on for quite a while now. With modern methods of intelligence gathering, it can be done so much more easilly. It's also easier to have something mis-reported as a threat.

    Also, I do agree that the SS probably knew within ten or twenty minutes that this was a wild goose chase, but they had to pad their time numbers for the accountants. I can easilly imagine the rancher in question to be a pretty entertaining guy to interview as well.
  16. Wheat

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    You are 100% sure of that? You checked the transcript and that's all that said.?

    Jeez, again. He's from a few generations ago. Stuff that is said might not seem like a big deal to him, and a lot of others. But if you took away the face and the voice and only looked at the words. You might read something that gets this type of reaction.
  17. BrAinPaiNt

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    I remember the Secret Service came to our town and not only visited with a local, but took the local away for a few days for questioning before letting him go.

    This guy was a Doctor that sent a pretty salty letter to the President and apparently the SS took it very serious.

    This was when W was president.

    Either way, the Secret Service has a job to do and with Ronny getting shot some years ago, with abortion Drs getting killed, with other political situations leading to murder and bombings over the years...I would rather the Secret Service be a little paranoid.

    I would also say that it is not wise to send nasty gram letters (with possibly threats) or take surveys and wish death on someone like the POTUS and expect not to get questioned on it...if they did not question, they would not be doing their jobs.

    Stupid is and Stupid does IMO.

    ABQCOWBOY Moderator Staff Member

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    So, are you saying that because he's old, he probably said something other then what has been outlined in this thread?

    I'm basing this off what Hos has reported. I have never known Hos to tell less then the truth so I am inclinded to believe what he has posted. Could he be in error? Sure, that's always a possability for anyone but it is my opinion that what has been relayed is probably more accurate then not.

    You can say that I'm believing what I want to believe, hearing what I want to hear. It's your judgement to make.

    I have no reason not to believe Hos. I guess it's a matter of perspective. I see things that you are not seeing.
  19. Wheat

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    Its an ugly world out there. That's for sure. Its a world where another old man with a criminal past walked into the holocaust museum downtown and opened fire. I'm sure they would have loved to have stopped him, and not hassled this other gentleman. But, when you have 300 million people. You follow your leads. I am guessing he wasn't arrested, and never had a criminal past either. So, no harm. No foul.
  20. DIAF

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    Yeah, you always hear of 1 or 2 of these stories on national news every year or so no matter who was president. Usually they get on the news because it was either a kid or someone's little old grandma or something. No telling how many times it actually happens. If you just google "Bush threat secret service", you'll find a bunch of similar incidents, including one involving rapper Eminem.

    So yeah, other people did have their feet held to the fire.

    Bottom line: don't be dumb enough to say something like that out loud in public.

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