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Discussion in 'NFL Zone' started by Mansta54, Jan 26, 2008.

  1. Mansta54

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    I just left the barbar shop and Foreskin fans are pissed and killing the Midget. That was the talk all morning long, alot of them said they are DONE WITH THE MIDGET AND FORESKINS... It was great!!!!! :lmao2:
  2. bigE79

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    ISNT LIFE GRAND:laugh2:
  3. theebs

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    thats all fine and dandy, as soon as they have a winning record the same guys will be running around telling everyone how great they are..etc...

    I am interested in seeing what they do with the draft. I know cerrato is going to want to trade away a first day pick for something.
  4. Mansta54

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    Yes it is...:lmao2:
  5. Dallas

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    Like an ice cream truck and the retro video game Defender or Chutes and Ladders and maybe (2) Slinkey's?

    Actually, that's not a bad trade.
  6. Biggems

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    One thing I have can deal with poor play....and even bad can deal with losing.

    But fans cannot deal with an owner that has total control of the self destruct button and presses it often. Fans cannot deal with an owner who doesn't show a commitment to winning and trying to improve. Fans cannot deal with a greedy owner.

    Almost every time, it isn't the team or the players that turn the fans isn't the miserable seasons or is the owner.

    Why did Houston stop supporting the Oilers, Bud Adams. Why does Cleveland hate Baltimore, Art Modell. Why does Baltimore hate Indy, Irsay. Why do the Cards and Clippers lack strong local support, Bidwell and Sterling......

    Ever since Snyder bought the Skins, he has turned them into a game of SIMS.....he has treated the lives of his players, coaches, and fans like some stupid, twisted game for his amusement. I am enjoying the suffering from the Capitol, but at the same time it bothers me. He is killing a proud franchise and our greatest rival. He is making a mockery of the team, our division, and the NFL. Somebody needs to off Napolean.......and the best way to do that is for people to stop going to Six Flags and for the Skins fans to completely turn their back on the team until he is gone. Neither will happen, but if they hate him that much, that is what they should do.

    BTW, I would love to see a celebrity death match....Snyder and Cuban vs Jerry and Holt. My money is on Jerry and Holt
  7. BraveHeartFan

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    Don't change anything. I love the fact that Dan is killing the Skins. I'd love to get Al Davis as the owner of the Eagles so that he could kill them off as well.
  8. tunahelper

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    The Skins are a laughing stock with that leadership....

  9. CliffnMesquite

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    Well said. Maybe someone could saw on of the legs of his high chair 3/4 ways through and hope for an accident.
  10. PortisSkins

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    I don't like Dan Snyder, that's true. He has done nothing to change those sentiments these past several weeks either; however, I'm not upset at all that our new offensive coordinator is Jim Zorn, and that our defense should stay relatively intact with the promotion of Greg Blache as our new defensive coordinator. I think this signals that Steve Spagnuolo will be our next head coach. Anyone but Fassel......anyone but him.
  11. theebs

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    I am curious why would steve spagnulo want greg blache running his defense? Dont you think he would want someone from the eagles or the giants running his system.

    It seems all signs point to fassel.
  12. PortisSkins

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    I've read that Fassel now feels "used" by the Redskins, and with the statement that our coaching search will definitely extend pass the Super Bowl I think that Fassel is all but out of the picture. We now have our offensive and defensive coordinators in place, so if Fassel were going to be the guy, then there would be no need to extend the search any longer.
  13. HogsRLegends

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    Spagnolo ****ing sucks we spanked his so called defense. Williams was better.
  14. PortisSkins

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    Really? Did you see how he turned around the Giants defense this year? Whether he is better than Williams is arguable but saying he "****ing sucks" is quite a stretch.
  15. yesfan

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    Feel the love. Lmao:)
  16. gbrittain

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    I have never seen someone make a judgement based on one game more than you.

    You guys stopped Marion in a completely meaningless game and all of a sudden he is not jack.

    Last year we beat the Colts and they won the SuperBowl. I guess the Colts weren't jack either.
  17. odog422

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    I do think the earlier poster nailed it, however. Why would Spagnuolo come to a team with a D and scheme that is not his?

    Of course, with Snyder, there is always the green factor and since he regularly paints himself into a corner with his decisions, he'll do what he always has done to get out - pay a huge salary. If nothing else, he'll have to because who else would want the job? Remember he has sell to you guys too, no offense.

    Seems to me the Super Coordinater plan (Williams, Saunders) didn't work out. So, he has to get some sort of "name" and clearly Fassel seems to be all that's left. Unless he kicks the huge green backs to Spagnuolo.
  18. StylisticS

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    Hey. I went to the barber shop too in Alexandria and all the Skins' fans said the same thing. They either said I'm through or I'm a free agent when it comes to fans now. All the Cowboy fans in the barber shop was laughing as they were saying this. I don't blame them at all.:laugh2:
  19. silverbear

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    This is just further proof that God hates the DC-Baltimore Metro area... not only did he curse them with Peter Angelos, he sent them the Mad Midget as well...

    I guess he couldn't find enough locusts for a good plague... but I think the inhabitants of the Metro area would think seriously about trading both owners for a wave of boils... :D

    If they weren't such a cheap group of bastidges over on the Orioles' newsgroup, I could have had Angelos killed a couple-three years back... but all they could come up with when I passed the hat was a little under 300 bucks, which would have only been enough to get Angelos' leg broken...

    I was THIS close to rescuing my favorite baseball team...
  20. superpunk

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    Good post.

    To many Redskins/Orioles fans, this is Peter Angelos - Davey Johnson all over again. They've already abandoned the O-ree-o's....

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