This is not Bill Callahan's offense

Discussion in 'Fan Zone' started by Bungarian, Oct 28, 2013.

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    Anyone remember Callahan's offense from the Raiders? That is not he offense being called here at Dallas. The offense Callahan is calling here is Garrett's offense. Can anyone really tell any difference between last years offense and this year? Why get a offensive coordinator and have him call plays if he cannot call his own plays. It is not fair to the team. Plus it really screws Callahan because he may get fired for calling some other person's offense.
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  2. fifaguy

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    same thing diff year
  3. Idgit

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    The offense is quite a bit different from last years. And it's not reasonable to expect us to be playing the same offense Callahan played in 1998 or whenever it was. The personnel are different, the offense was established when he got here, and the head coach is different.

    I can't figure out why all you guys are pointing fingers at the offensive system and the play calling today. Our defense did a wonderful job taking the ball away, and a horrible job defending the pass. When you can still pass more effectively than the team you're playing after turning the ball over 5 times, that ought to tell you what the problem is. Either way, it's on the head coach, but the problem with this team has been the pass defense, the turnover differential, and the red zone offense for years now. We've managed to address two of those three effectively this year. The third has become a gut wound that we can't overcome against good QBs.

    It's going to happen again against the Saints, and again against the Packers, so get ready for it. We'll handle teams with lesser QBs in the interim, until we get to the playoffs, where it's going to take a game from Romo like we got against the Broncos to even give us a shot.

    This isn't rocket science. It isn't inconsistency. We've been remarkably consistent in this regard for years now, but for whatever reason, we as fans talk about dumb things like the play calling on a run-the-clock-out series and avoid the gaping wound of our pass defense over and over. Then percy, or somebody else, makes a great, illuminating post re: the scope of the actual problem, and, for whatever reason, the import of it never really sinks in. I don't understand it.
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    I agree to an extent, but we had less than 100 total yards on offense in the first half (6 possessions). A good offense can help a bad defense by eating up clock (moving the ball), or scoring points. We fail to do both.
  5. Idgit

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    Yeah, yesterdays' game was bizarre in a lot of ways. We were even in it in the fourth quarter because the defense did such a great job taking the ball away. It's hard to blame them for the collapse, entirely. DET was moving it on them the whole game, but it was in the 4th quarter when the yardage kept getting rolled up and the turnovers didn't happen when we needed them that we lost it.

    The offense was moribund the first three quarters, I agree. The two are definitely related, and with the takeaways, had the offense played better, earlier, we might have won despite the inability to defend against the pass.

    But, at a macro level, the porous pass defense has killed us the last couple of years. And it's killed us in big games this season. It's pretty hard to look the other way on a 600 yard game and a WR putting up 300+ on you at this point.

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    I don't understand why this team keeps calling plays for Randle to run up the middle, Also why are there not any play action screens being run to this kid. He is a better outside runner and yet we act like he is a bruising style of running back. Complete BS.
  7. visionary

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    the game was bizarre only to Garrett fan boys, this offense remains unimaginative and predictable
    to have moved the ball 95 yards in the first half after multiple turnovers by the other team, against a poor secondary is criminal (but of course we have a convenient patsy now, callahan, so he will get the blame)

    these are the same people who remain perplexed by our poor pass defense despite having expended a lot of resources to get great CBs

    the answer of course will be to get 2 CBs and a TE with the first 3 picks in next years draft or spend all 3 of them to move up to the top 10 to pick up the next deion sanders
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  8. Doc50

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    Where is the offensive wizardry that we envisioned after getting rid of our DC/HC and hiring the Princeton QB/genius?

    We continue to accumulate offensive weaponry, and were supposed to be much more difficult to defend this year, considering our 12 and 13 packages with multiple TE's, and the pass-catching abilities of our RB's, and improved production from the OL.

    We had too many injuries on defense yesterday, and our young-un's got schooled.

    There is no such excuse for the offense. Blame goes to JG and Callahan.........I sometimes wonder if they talk much.
  9. theranchsucks

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    Only the zone run plays are different
  10. JohnsKey19

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    I don't know about that. We let one player beat us, as great as Calvin may be. To let a guy go off for 330 yards receiving is foolishness. That's like watching Kobe go off for 100 points and barely double-teaming him.
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  11. HowAboutThemCowboys

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    I see very few differences in the offense this year. Almost every passing play is outside the hash marks with the receiver running towards the sidelines or towards the end zones. Slants towards the middle of the field are few and far between.
  12. VThokie7

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    In many of our losses (the Broncos excluded) the offense has failed to effectively move the ball. Whether you want to blame the scheme, the play calling, effort, or even execution it is a common theme. Our offense has far too much talent to have so many duds year in and year out. There has to be some reason we struggle so mightily to put the ball in the hands of our best offensive playmaker. And even in a few wins this season the offense has not been that great.

    Against the Giants we forced six turnovers and still had a chance to give away the game. Beyond that we only scored 2 offensive touchdowns.

    Against the Redskins we put up 213 total yards of offense. Sure we scored 31 points, but getting the ball on the 15 twice, the 3 once, and a special teams touchdown certainly helped.

    Against the Eagles another defense who were ranked in the 30's before we played them we moved the ball better but still only put up two offensive touchdowns.

    After the game Charean Williams pointed out the Eagles, Skins, and Lions were all ranked either #31 or #32 in defense prior to the Dallas game. And yet each defense for the most part silenced our offense. It has been a common theme for a number of years.
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  13. 17yearsandcounting

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    I dont care whose offense it is.

    Callahan is a hack just like the guy that hired him.
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  14. dart

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    I don't understand that no slants - hell run them that 5 easy yards - Beasley - Dez - Will - Austin run all of them in there

    one other thing that is different how many seam passes have you seen to Witten this year
  15. panchucko

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    You don't see a different offense because you want to blame Garrett
  16. JPostSam

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    idgit, these ideas are not mutually exclusive. our pass defense and our offensive playcalling are *both* bad.

  17. big dog cowboy

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    We have made poor defenses look good several times this year and it has to stop.
  18. BAT

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    I hate to tell you this, but the offense Callahan ran in Oakland wasn't his either. That offense was devised by Gruden. When Gruden left he just continued to run it. He changed nothing, Bucs said they knew the offense better than the Raiders did.
  19. Pessimist_cowboy

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    I'm so done with this offense . Please give me someone that will sling it to dez 15 times a game and give us a legit RB
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  20. Zman5

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    Get rid of this offense and bring in the offense he used in Oakland regardless of who created it. That offense made 35 year old Rich Gannon, a career backup before, a perennial pro bowler.

    Perfect example of a how a coach and a scheme can make an average backup player in to a probowl level player.
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