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Discussion in 'Fan Zone' started by acis516, Sep 11, 2005.

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    It is pretty sad for the Cowboys that no matter what they do the some people on this board will still flame them. Perfect games are few and far between, but anything less and there is 15 threads on how the sky is falling. The reality of today is the Cowboys beat a team that was in the AFC championship game. A team that has the best RB in the NFL. A team that was favored to win by 4 or 5. We should enjoy the day, and wait for a great night next Monday.
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    I haven't seen anyone flame them...we're all excited as hell about this team. WE're just pointing out the weaknesses that must be addressed and improved, the disappointing areas, while also pointing out the obvious good things.

    Not many of us enjoy posting bland drivel like "yippeee, we won...incredible" without also commenting on the game.

    I feel certain you'll see Parcells do the same thing, be thrilled with the good stuff and the win, but worry about the things that almost cost us a game that we could possibly have won easier.
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    Some of us on this board recognize this game for what it was- one win. I am trying to look at this game as Parcells would and as a result I see a lot of errors that need to be corrected or this team will not go very far. I will say that the defense stopping SD on the last drive was a huge confidence builder for them. If they had lost it would be a crushing blow for some of those young players on defense. I think the defense will come but it needs a lot of work. At least this year we appear to have an offense that can score to keep us in games. It's not being negative, it's calling it like I see it.
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    I agree with the sentiment, but... the Chargers were beat by the Jets last season in the wild card round.
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    Me neither. I see some threads where posters are saying there is room for improvement but "flaming"?............missed that thread(s).
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    Im as stoked as anyone else about our play. Our D stepped up big time. 17 points SD scored came when they had a 50 yard field to work with. We gave them alot. ST coverage is about the only thing that worried me, but alot of that had to do with Sproles. He's a very good return guy
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    Guys bottom line you go on the road aginst a team that won their division and posted 12 wins and the Cowboys won the game that is a big deal. Top it off we did not play a perfect game but this team did show they have some fire power and can win despite making mistakes along the way. Nothing wrong with pointing out some weakness and mistake but no matter how you cut it this was a big victory for this team. Damn proud of this team today, they showed guts and did not choke under pressure
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    i apologize you are right I was thinking of the Steelers when I said the AFC game.

    I will be the first to admit that it was only 1 win, and there is room for improvement . . . there always is.
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    there is one person in particular who was way off base but the way the game ended I doubt we will hear to much from him. This was a huge win on the road against a solid football team, we as Dallas fans should absolutley enjoy this one because I firmly beliieve our defense will get better every week.....

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