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Discussion in 'NFL Zone' started by 40yrpatsfan, Aug 12, 2017 at 3:33 PM.

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    Patriots fan here, scarred veteran of Deflategate. Sorry about Elliott, another fiasco. Justice is not Goodell's goal. His kangaroo court is predisposed to finding guilt, to please the press and/or other owners. Once they find any evidence whatsoever of a misdeed, no matter how weak, it all quickly turns from an inquiry into an all out prosecution. They want you to believe they're an impartial judge, and will lie & mislead to the moon about that, but Roger is just a rabid DA. They exaggerate the negatives, hide/omit any evidence that's in the player's favor, and shamelessly use the press to further their case. Their process is fundamentally unfair, and there is no judge in their model.
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    Then I expect a 4 game suspension for Manning. Wait, who am I kidding? That will never happen so I will not hold my breath.
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    He's turning the NFL into a reality show and a bad one at that.
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    I have a new found appreciation for Brady. The NFL is an authoritarian regime where players and coaches are treated as subjects with no rights.
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    The next CBA will undoubtedly prevent the commissioner from having this power but will give up a lot to get it weakening the players union even more.. It is why Goodell is just wielding it with such force.
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    I wanted Brady to get it but you know what goes around comes around. The players make the league. Nobody is turning on the TV to watch Roger and 32 billionaire owners.
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    I think (and hope) that there will be another players strike.
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    I never thought I'd hear fans call for a strike. How's that for you Rogers? lol
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    From your lips to God's ears. The only thing that might shake up the NFL castle is if all the players would get incensed over this treatment and walk out on strike against the league. If they stay out long enough and the Advertisers cancel their money pit to Owners, something wonderful might actually happen. Here's hoping.
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    If watching a bunch of back-ups play for half a season results in the curbing of this current dog and pony show, I'm all for it.
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    Somebody did deflate the balls. It didn't seem like they had proof of who, but somebody definitey deflated the balls.

    It was actually good for Pats fans that Goodell accused Brady; otherwise, the other owners would have insisted on MAJOR ramifications to the team as in SMU death penalty major.

    Many believe Goodell intentionally botched things to allow Brady to win in court.

    Leaks from NFL Headquarter indicate Goodell didn't want to appeal the original decision that over-turned the suspension but the other owners insisted.

    The Pats got an extra year to prepare for Brady to miss 4 games, IIRC.

    Shouldn't the Brady suspension either have been zero games OR waaaay more than 4 games?

    Deflating balls interferes with the fabric and competitive balance of the game. Off-field transgressions do not.
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  12. Curmudgeon

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    Owners have deeper pockets and longer careers than players. That isn't going to change.
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    I have to ask though, who even cared about this Zeke case? It was never in the news until the NFL creeped in and said there may be a suspension. Hardly any fans discussed it, it was dropped and out of mind.

    Now with this long investigation and suspension - it's everywhere. It's like Goodell wants to bring negative press. It's just really weird to me.
  14. The Quest for Six

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    Tell me is the league better off if a number of their star players are suspended, how exactly does that help the league???? All the negative press of constant suspensions doesn't help the league, or TV ratings or sponsors..... If Goodell's job is to help the league(he works for the owners, so his job is to protect the shield and the money they get from from the TV contracts, advertisers and sponsors) wouldn't he want to make it all go away, sweeping it under the rug like the league did for decades and say nothing happened, nothing to see here, carry on...oh right, they tried that with Ray Rice and how did that work out!!! .I'm sorry but Your logic escapes common sense..
  15. mattjames2010

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    That wouldn't really matter if they can't get quality players on the field.

    But it's a dream at this point - getting enough players, most who probably agree with Goodell on this, to walk would be hard.
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  16. LittleD

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    I agree they do but, Owners might get fed up with Goodell and use him as a scapegoat to get the players back. We can wish can't we...
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    Even the name Goodell raises the hair on the back of my neck. That Rice incident when Goodell only gave him a two game suspension after PROOF on video showing Rice punching his fiance'. REALLY Goodell, 2 games? The media was all over Goodell and he couldn't take the heat so he finally did what he should of in the beginning which was to suspend Rice indefinitely from the NFL. Goodell has daughters, how would he of liked it had the shoe been on the other foot and someone else was the commish and only gave Rice a two game suspension? The man makes $40 Million a year. Makes one scratch their head. Zeke was never charge by the police, nor anyone else. ONLY by Goodell. P.S- Beat those Raiders!
    [​IMG] [​IMG]
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  18. The Quest for Six

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    The video of the incident with Rice came out after the 2 game suspension was announced, the league didn't have access to the video, when the video came out and every NEWS network showed it nationwide, the proverbial crap hit the fan, women's groups were outraged, advertisers were outraged, Congress had hearings and the league had to start taking domestic violence more seriously, when for decades they swept it under the rug..
  19. SultanOfSix

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    Exactly. The whole Goodell/Kraft rift is a facade, played up only in public eye and via shills through the media. Behind the scenes there is a tight relationship there. Has anything Goodell ever done that hurt the Pats when it mattered? Nope. Every so-called "punishment" has been skillfully contrived not to impact the Pats too much. He even destroyed the evidence of Spygate. The Pats have been involved with multiple integrity violations in the game, yet they've been to seven Super Bowls in sixteen years, winning five of them (losing only to Mara's Giants). The Goodell/Kraft family relationship goes back a generation. Goodell even went to Israel of all places to show his support for Kraft. It makes me smirk when people think Brady/Kraft "handed" it to Goodell last year. There is a mutually beneficial underlying deception there if you look beneath the superficiality.
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    Maybe when Goodell has a spat with Mara and it ends up as a DV incident he'll suspend himself.

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